4776 Sonoma Hwy, Santa Rosa
(707) 539-0260

Recent Reviews

Valeska Granados-Dickopp

Delicious food and wine! Stopped by very late for a slice of pizza and wine and it was amazing!


Good fresh food! Perfect for date night.

Lindsay L.

I've come here twice for dinner and enjoyed every minute. The first time I got the clams with linguine , the second I got the carbonara. Both delicious, don't know which one I could say I enjoyed more. Accompanied by a few Moscow mules, the bar also does no disappoint. Great ambiance. Down to earth staff. Recommend.

Lisa M.

Good food and great people! Great Italian restaurant in Rincon valley. Nice menu options, staff was very good and attentive. Nice neighborhood restaurant

Sherry K.

Our first visit last night & it was exceptional! The service was excellent and the food superb! Looking forward to our next visit!

Zee A.

I ordered the Penne Rustica, ugh the chicken was so bland and the whole thing was dry! They need to add some flavor to this! Definitely not authentic Italian! giving this a 3 star because of the Mediaglione di bue con salsa tartufata, now that was delicious, the both of us had to eat this because i couldnt have another bite of the Penne Rustica. Also they were out of the Gnocchi, what a bummer..

Loraine V.

The only good thing about this restaurant is that it was quiet due to it being almost empty. I went there for a friend's birthday celebration last night and it was definitely a night to remember. It started out badly when the bus boy spilled a full glass of ice water in my 83 year old friend's lap. Of course he tried mopping it up and we used towels under her clothes so her shirt wouldn't stick to her. Still not good to be sitting all damp. The food was mediocre and three of us had the brick chicken. To be honest it reminded me of a grocery store broasted chicken and there was nothing great about the meal. Since it was a birthday celebration the waitress/ bar tender did bring out desert with a candle for the birthday girl. She totally forgot that I had brought desert to be served and didn't bring it until I reminded her. The final straw was that when we go the bill there was nothing taken off the cost acknowledging the spill. When I went and talked to the waitress she said she didn't know what happened with the water and who spilled it. I told her she should have known and they needed to take her meal off the bill. She said she couldn't do that but did take off corkage. This is the second time I've been there and now I've been bitten twice. If you want truly good food and great experience go to La Cocos.

Mark V.

Great evening with my Mom eating authentic Italian food. Will go back in a heartbeat!!

Dominic Gallagher

I had the Fettuccine with shrimp

Breck Beatie

Spectacular dinner! Gorgonzola gnocchi was wonderful. Saltimbocca was one of the best dishes I have ever enjoyed. My semifreddo was delicious. Service was quick and efficient while still friendly. Definitely a keeper.

Deena Timko

Great food, ambiance and service!

Sharon R.

I have been coming to this restaurant since it was Robertos 17 years ago. The food was always excellent, but tonight I was totally disappointed. Not only was my steak not cooked correctly, but we were told that the chef was not happy with me for saying so. He sent out another steak that was disgraceful. He seared it and served it practically raw inside - and without the sauce it was supposed to have. I was embarrassed and humiliated by the fuss surrounding the entire experience. The only positive I took away from tonight was the excellent basil martini made by Mitchell the bartender. That's why I gave it 2 stars.

Julie Cade

Nice atmosphere, great helpful wait staff. Pork in gorgonzola was 6 out of 10 because pork was not otherwise seasoned. Gnocchi in gorgonzola was a hit.

Chris Barker

Expert server and fine Italian food

don mercer

My fav location for quality italian food. i wanted to post a food pic but it looked so good i couldn't stop. i had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. it has an awesome feel to it. feeling here is like a restaurant in fort worth i liked.

K J Nelson

A favorite spot for delicious Italian food. Stopped in on a Monday I think. The staff was very friendly and kind. The bill was fair for the quality of the food. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

cooper garcia

A favorite location for Italian food. I love going here. Looking forward to returning with my relatives. This place has a good feel to it.

Debbie Beecher

Delicious! Every bit as good as Robertos, and that was a great restaurant! Great service too!

Kellie M.

This place has some amazing food and is a super romantic atmosphere. The bruschetta and gnocchi are to absolute die for. The male bartender who also serves tables has absolute great service, however there is a female who serves there who is extremely condescending and just a plain bitch. Always ask for the bartender, he gives you honest feedback about the menu and is kind!

Jordan Borell

Don't let the outside of the restaurant fool you, the inside of Basilico offers 5 star service, and the atmosphere combined with the menu options is the pinacle of Italian cuisine. The food is organically delicious and the wine only tastes better in the conditions of your setting. Very romantic. The price is not McDonalds, but go anywhere else in Santa Rosa and this place beats it for the quality received. This is my wife and mine new favourite restaurant. We will be back, always.

Marty P.

So we had homecoming dinner last night 30 kids from Macgomery high school. $35 each for a tiny plate of pasta and a glass of water. Oh and a piece of bread. The reason I'm upset about this as a few kids told me that they tried to overcharge them as they were six kids shy of The original count. Which is not correct The kids had to tell them to do a recount so they wouldn't have to pay the extra $35 a person for six kids they did recount figured out they were OK So you can't help to feel like the kids were trying to be taken advantage of a bunch of freshmen. first thing this morning three boys said it was such a small portion of pasta, less than half a box of mac & cheese to buy from the store and they said it wasn't even good. A few mire kids said the portions were tiny and could've done better in their own microwave. Anyway definitely not a place to take a group of kids just FYI

Raffy Castro

It has the best aspects of chains: squeaky clean furnishings, snappy service; while avoiding their downfalls: generic, normie food. We sat at the bar area.Our food came out quickly.Portions were large, fresh, and delicious.You usually only get to pick two of those, not three.

Ebony Walker

My favorite is the Pappardelle Bolognese. My friend and I like to support local restaurants if they are good and this place is excellent! The wait staff is very professional - very similar to Europe. We eat at least three or four times a month here because we always walk away satisfied with a meal I know I can not duplicate and I love to cook. They bought an expensive pasta maker that makes perfect paper thin papparadelle noodles.

MONICA Moeckel

Great true Italian pasta and wonderful Happy Hour!

Linda Green

Delicious food. Top tier Italian

Allison D.

We were visiting in the area and found this place on yelp. 15 minute from our hotel we decided to make a stop. It's really not bad, the Burrata and bread they serve at appetizers were great and the dessert was good. We were not impressed by the main course. We got the bolognese which was very good, and then the chicken parm which was underwhelming. Service was extremely slow. I would come back here if it was on the way but definitely not go out of my way to visit again.

Sophia N.

It's easy to tell when a place has freshly made pasta and I think this place definitely has it. Even though I love so many of the dishes like the carbonara or the seafood linguine, my go to dish is the plain parpadelle bolognese. It's flavorful and the perfect chewiness of the noodles can't be compared with any other place. The focaccia bread is fluffy, but the best part is the dipping sauce of balsamic and fresh roasted garlic. The wine choices are pretty good too!

Tom Babb

Excellent food tonight. The staff here is outstanding!


Very quaint little spot but very good food and even gluten free pasta for me! This was a great spot for Italian dining. We all ordered many different pastas off of the menu and if our fridges weren't too small in the hotel we all would have taken our leftovers home with us! Perfect spot with great food!


Nice restaurant with great wait staff, and melt in your mouth Pollo Parmigiana! A little too noisy in the bar area for me, but we would go back in a heartbeat.

Jenn P.

Had a wonderful experience here. Very nice wine list with excellent prices. The Caesar salad was done exceptionally well for such a simple dish. The meal was great. All in all, a solid choice for dinner in this part of Santa Rosa.

Al Scardino

When it is a fine dining evening; always Basilico or Cucina Paradiso for me...

Russ Bowden

I had a beef medallion with truffle. Tasty but I wondered if they salted the beef before cooking. Could have been +++++

elizabeth meyer

I love this place. It's my neighborhood bar. I don't go there extremely often but when I do, staff is always very welcoming. Baby dim the lights after 7, I would I appreciate that.

H Nili

Service was great and the staff were very friendly and attentive.


We met friends here for a nice dinner and were happy with the atmosphere, the food and the service. It was quite easy to drive to and what was even nicer is we could actually 'talk' during dinner (not a big noisy room where we have to scream across the table). I would definitely go here again

Amy Costantino

The host sat us in the worst spot in the restaurant. We had a reservation and he said all the good tables were booked. 5 minutes later he sat a table of 4 in the middle of the restaurant and where everyone was. They didn’t have a reservation. The food was okay. Our waiter was great. But very disappointed with the host.

Bernard L

I came with a group of 16 and we were treated like valued customers from beginning to end. The server was awesome. The food was delicious! We were also permitted to bring our own wine with no corkage charge. All of us will be back.

Caitlen S.

Awesome food! Have been going to this location for a long as I can remember... though I miss the older restaurant I used to go to, I think this place is still very much worth going to! A good place for 2 on a date. Wine selection is good, bread and food is great, and desserts are obviously delicious. Went here for a few birthdays as well as Valentine's Day where they handed out red long stemmed roses to all the ladies! A place that clearly goes the extra mile and added touches like that show.

Joni Goshorn

Place came here to celebrate a birthday on Saturday and were not disappointed! Everything was delicious and even though there was a prom party in the back the service was excellent! It is a bit pricey, but if you are looking for a special place to celebrate, this is it!