4776 Sonoma Hwy, Santa Rosa
(707) 539-0260

Recent Reviews

Tom Babb

Excellent food tonight. The staff here is outstanding!


Very quaint little spot but very good food and even gluten free pasta for me! This was a great spot for Italian dining. We all ordered many different pastas off of the menu and if our fridges weren't too small in the hotel we all would have taken our leftovers home with us! Perfect spot with great food!


Nice restaurant with great wait staff, and melt in your mouth Pollo Parmigiana! A little too noisy in the bar area for me, but we would go back in a heartbeat.

Russ Bowden

I had a beef medallion with truffle. Tasty but I wondered if they salted the beef before cooking. Could have been +++++

elizabeth meyer

I love this place. It's my neighborhood bar. I don't go there extremely often but when I do, staff is always very welcoming. Baby dim the lights after 7, I would I appreciate that.

H Nili

Service was great and the staff were very friendly and attentive.


We met friends here for a nice dinner and were happy with the atmosphere, the food and the service. It was quite easy to drive to and what was even nicer is we could actually 'talk' during dinner (not a big noisy room where we have to scream across the table). I would definitely go here again

Amy Costantino

The host sat us in the worst spot in the restaurant. We had a reservation and he said all the good tables were booked. 5 minutes later he sat a table of 4 in the middle of the restaurant and where everyone was. They didn’t have a reservation. The food was okay. Our waiter was great. But very disappointed with the host.

Bernard L

I came with a group of 16 and we were treated like valued customers from beginning to end. The server was awesome. The food was delicious! We were also permitted to bring our own wine with no corkage charge. All of us will be back.

Caitlen S.

Awesome food! Have been going to this location for a long as I can remember... though I miss the older restaurant I used to go to, I think this place is still very much worth going to! A good place for 2 on a date. Wine selection is good, bread and food is great, and desserts are obviously delicious. Went here for a few birthdays as well as Valentine's Day where they handed out red long stemmed roses to all the ladies! A place that clearly goes the extra mile and added touches like that show.

Joni Goshorn

Place came here to celebrate a birthday on Saturday and were not disappointed! Everything was delicious and even though there was a prom party in the back the service was excellent! It is a bit pricey, but if you are looking for a special place to celebrate, this is it!

Susan W.

Authentic Italian good. I had the angel hair pasta with marinara, fresh tomatoes and basil and it hit the spot. My companion had the veal with mushrooms (Marsala) and it was good, but maybe a little too much sauce. Spinach salad with shrimp was beautiful. There is a full bar and we did notice people bring in their own wine. The frozen vanilla dessert and tiramisu were a nice end to a good meal. Not cheap, but worth it. It does get very loud, so do be prepared for that. The bar is long and nice. Parking is plentiful.

Allison K.

Delicious Italian food in wine country! Gluten free pasta and soups!! Service was knowledgeable, quick and accommodating.


We went to this restaurant for a birthday celebration. It is located close to Santa Rosa city center on Hwy 12... busy street in front. It was a Sat. night and many cars in front. The servers were friendly and our drinks came out right away. The bread was pathetic (though in all fairness, Tuscany is not known for its bread). My starter of ravioli was in a strange mix of sauce.. mostly butter (fine), but then a plop of red sauce on top. My steak entre was cooked fine. They graciously served the birthday pie we brought w/ us, with (not a fan) soft ice cream. So what's to complain? There was nothing that zinged ... no special touches that made this restaurant stand out ... no personal server attention ... no food that stays in your memory banks. While nothing to complain about, I certainly would rate this restaurant as 'checked of, and now on to another to try.'

Shannon P.

This place is super loud and if you're a party of 2, you'll share your date night with some strangers. I asked to be seated elsewhere and they put us downstairs which was much better. Our drinks were amazing, as well as the tiramisu. But, that's about all they have going for themselves. The chicken Parmesan was chewy; I didn't even take my leftovers home. My husband's pasta was okay, but he said he's had way better. I'm glad I'm not wondering about this place anymore...won't be back.

Ralph M.

My experience was similar to that of Joe K. I also had pollo alla parmigiana and was very disappointed. Both the chicken and the vegetables seemed to have been boiled and were essentially tasteless. The sauce was both excessive and overwhelming in flavor. While I found the calamari appetizer fine, I was surprised at the high price of a glass of average wine. Overall, an expensive dinner that was a sad event. Raffaele M

Brittany Barnes

One word: Rigatoni! Lovely local restaurant, I've heard that's been around for many years. Casual elegant atmosphere.

E Starkey

Really good food. Good service.

Hugh Whelan

Both staff and food are great!!

Thom Shelton

Great Italian restaurant with a varied menu and daily specials. Service has always been outstanding with no rush but very attentive.

Kathy Kitt

Enjoyed the best capellini dish I have ever tasted, truly unsurpassed flavor and pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente. The salad was also delicious - the Gustavo - best meal I have ever had!

Jesse Massey

Italian food... excellent. There was quick and friendly service. This place has a good feel to it.

Jerry Shafer

Parking can be tight, staff was very helpful and attentive, meals were very good, large selection of wines, full bar, planning on our next visit.

David D.

Wow What an awesome Italian restaurant experience. Such attentive and genuine service in a pleasant ambiance. We've been twice so far and we haven't tried a dish that wasn't sublime. Their gnocchi are melt in your mouth delicious- never any leftovers. The burrata was absolutely incredible. Can't recommend this restaurant highly enough.

Janet D

This used to be Roberto's Restaurant. It got a face lift with the new owner. We were very happy with everything. They make their own pasta! Ingredients were fresh and yummy. Service was outstanding. All the employees were very welcoming. Absolutely outstanding experience!

Kier K.

Great place to meet strangers, really awkward if you don't want to. The food looks great but for whatever reason the hostess sat my girlfriend and I right in the middle of the entire restaurant, surrounded by 20-30 people. We could barely here each other. And on top of that, there was already two people sitting at our table! We felt like we were intruding on the other couples' dinner. There were clearly many open tables in the back and around the sides of the restaurant, but i guess they must've been reserved ? All in all: very loud and uncomfortable, but the food looked and smelled nice.

Scott R.

Went here last Saturday nite, this place had a great vibe the servers were on point and very helpful, they seem to have a regular following of patrons who frequent here often...I had the homemade gnochi in a white cream sauce that was delicious and my wife had the pasta in a light butter and garlic oil sauce, it was really good too!!!! My only drawback was the fried calamari was over cooked and very tough and chewy however the sides of cocktail and tarter were delicious ..... I'm going back again soon and try some other homemade food here from scratch I just don't think I will do the calamari again, all in all a nice place for dinner

Madalyn B.

Took my mom here on a Friday night. No reservation, no problem. Was promptly sat, my mother was in the mood for veal, that is exactly what she ordered and loved. The caprese salad was fresh and delicious! We will return. Oh yes and the waiter was a gentleman! :)

Chip Smith

Excellent service by polite attentive staff. We had a large group, but disruptions were held to a minimum and everyone was served in timely fashion. Excellent Old World Italian cuisine, with just a touch of home. Fabulous sauces, excellent entrees, delightful antipasti and salads. This is one of the best Italian eateries I have ever been to, bar none. Do yourself a favor, give yourself plenty of time and take a friend and/or loved one. You won't be sorry!

Dennis Merritt

Service top italian food ive ever had

Julie T.

Came here for our Anniversary! Great choice. An undiscovered or unknown Happy Hour! Great drinks, Great Bartender, small plates. We had the Burrata which was to die for! Then the Carpaccio! Wow is all we could say. Great ambience, great place.

Stephanie T.

Wow - I called the usual Italian place for take out and the children working there were overwhelmed and incapable of offering any sort of customer service! I had eaten here at Basilico a few weeks ago and remembered the food was fabulous. I called for an order to go; I was tired and had a hungry family. My order was placed by phone and ready in 20 minutes. It was FABULOUS! The hostess was so kind and generous. I can't tell you how lovely it was to have such hearty, delicious food with great service and excellent value - especially when I was so tired. This is def. my go-to place from now on.

Joe K.

I would give this a solid 3.5 stars. We made reservations on OpenTable but ended up seating at the bar. Food: The initial bread & butter was sad. Cold bread and super hard butter isn't all that yummy. I was hoping for some warm sourdough bread. The caesar salad was pretty good and was good enough of a size to share with another person. Kudos for that. I ordered the Chicken Parmesan which was just okay. I found the chicken to be rather small, probably about 4-5 ounces. It was covered in marinara sauce (as it should) but I felt it was a little overwhelming. Also, the last time I checked, it's generally served with a small scoop of spaghetti noodles right? My uncle had the veal and found that his veal was a hair underdone. No formal complaints, but it should have been cooked a little more. I sit on 3.5 stars to say that the food was good but I was expecting a little more. Service: Overall was pretty good, the bartender was attentive and friendly. Always nice to see that.

Jen L.

The food was delicious while their service was great at times and then not. They were really attentive off and on, checking on us to make sure we ordered drinks, checking that we had ordered our food and wine, and ensuring we had ordered dessert, but then they fell short on getting us the correct dessert, filling our water, giving us smaller portions of wine than other tables and not checking on if we wanted nore drinks. The manager was really friendly and came by a few times to check on us early on during our dinner. Too bad she wasn't there to greet us when we arrived, or notice the couple jumped ahead of us for a table. Instead of going to the couple who decided to step in front, she should've checked to see who had arrived first, or the two different servers I spoke to should've informed her that I was waiting first. We had reservations for two but had to be sat at a four top table because they were full after seating the couple. As for the food, we enjoyed the Carpaccio starter. It was fresh and had good flavors with the arugula, capers, and olives. I liked the spiral gluten free pasta in the Rustica with big chunks of chicken, tomato sauce, and broccoli. The dish was light and very tasty. My husband had the Pappardelle with Meat Sauce which he thought was delicious. The portions were the right size. Their Tiramisu was good, with the right balance of coffee and chocolate, though we were looking forward to the Profiteroles. After we were done, the server came by and said "Oh you ordered profiteroles!" while holding a plate of then. I said "Yes, but it's OK." I saw the plate in his hands and thought he'd bring me just one profiteroles after he sat the plate down at the other table but nope. He didn't even say sorry for giving us the wrong item. Oh wells. Good food tonight nonetheless and friendly service.

Harrie D.

What a great time we had a Basilico Cucina Italiana last Friday. I haven't tried the restaurant since it opened after Roberto's closed, but reading what Yelpers had to say, I thought we needed to check it out being close to home. We started with a Tullamore Dew over the rocks from their extensive bar. Homemade bread and olive oil based sauce started us out for food. We then had the Butternut soup special that was very creamy and delicious. For the main course I opted the Linguine clams in a white sauce that was great, the only problem was my impatience while clearing my clam shells of their inner delights. There were so many clams in the dish that I just salivated while cleaning the clams smelling the aroma of the dish. Top drawer! Sue had the Fettuccine shrimp pasta in a light red sauce that reviewers raved about, it to was great. Homemade Fettuccine cooked to perfection. Desert was Tiramisu that we shared that was so perfect, flavorful and light. We highly recommend. The majority of the reviews talked about the service, and our experience echoes those comments. We came in at 7:00 on a Friday night, with reservations, were immediately seated by our hostess, Roxsanna. The restaurant was very busy, all hands on deck. Roxsanna didn't miss a beat and became our waitress, making sure we were helped orders taken and served by her, constantly checking with us. Just an absolutely impressive display of how to take care of your customers. She made such an impression on both of us that I asked as we were close to leaving if she was an owner, that's how attentive her service was. She laughed and said she wasn't, but WOW, talk about an employee that has your business interests at heart! Wonderful dining experience, highly recommended.

Jennifer W.

I have eaten here when it's busy, when it's slow, weekends and weeknights. The service has always been phenomenal. They pay attention to detail. The wine selection is great. So is the bar. The food has always been spot-on: fresh, tasty, well-seasoned and always the right temperature.

Linda D.

Such excellent authentic Italian food in a homey atmosphere! Everyone is so friendly and service is excellent! It's so reasonable for good quality and nice presentation! Good for special occasions or any time!

Sean Thorniley

Nice place, decent atmosphere and food. Ful Bar with decent cocktails and happy hour menus. Tends to be just the local and older crowd, but that means it also is not to noisy, or a "meat market" ;~>

Teresa S

This was the first time I have tried this restaurant. I figured from the name it was Italian food. What I didn't expect was the cheerful nature of everyone, including some of the guests that were leaving. This place is popular, therefore busy! Always make a reservation by Open Table a few days ahead. I hear it is best. They served our food at our pace. Wonderful wine list, even a non-alcoholic beer for me! Corkage fee if you bring your own wine Full bar. Happy Hour 4-6pm We were a party of 3 celebrating a birthday, and my expectations were met with friendly service at a good pace. Appetizer for two was enough to satisfy all three of us! Corkage fee if you bring your own wine...Choose from a standard menu and a daily menu. Doors open at 4:00 and close is about 9pm They are closed on Mondays. Dinner for the 3 of us including drinks, dessert and appetizer was under $120.00 Parking provided. It is best to drive to the Basilico on Hwy 12 going from Farmers Lane towards Middle Rincon Road.

Paul D.

We found this nice Italian gem off of Highway 12. There were not many people eating dinner but the bar was full of patrons having s good time. My wife and I were having a late night dinner. I ordered the Fettuccine Con Gamberi e Rucola Pasta with rock shrimp arugula garlic and fresh tomatoes in white wine sauce. The entree was delicious. The flavors were mouthwatering. The portion size was fabulous which allowed me to take some home to share with my son. The bread and olive oil chopped olives dip was another favorite . We unfortunately did not get to try their dessert since it was getting late. We look forward in trying different dishes and dessert. The wait staff was friendly and always made sure everything was okay and consistently refilled our water .