2700 Yulupa Ave Ste 11, Santa Rosa
(707) 526-3931

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Dee G.

Normally I love this store and have been many times. Today, at 2pm, even though the store was supposed to be open(as per website and signs in business) it was not open. There was a sign on the door that said be back soon and showed them returning in 5 minutes. We waited and could see a person working inside. Finally we knocked and asked when they would open. The surly young man was pretty rude and said they were getting new "stuff" and he couldn't open up because"nothing was working" and because their pre-packed ice cream freezer was open he could not have customers in the store. He said it would be open in an hour, to come back then. My friend and I got coffee at another shop and then saw people coming out of the store with ice cream 10 minutes later. The open sign was out! I asked why he was selling ice cream when "nothing" was working and the freezer was open. He said he opened "because of demand" but still wasn't supposed to have anyone in the store. We sat and watched a parade of people get ice cream even though we couldn't when we asked. Someone needs to have a talk with this young man about good business practices.

Robbin K.

Went to this place tonight at 9:30 pm sign on door says they are open til 10 pm on Saturday nights, we open the door to go in to girls were in there behind the counter and told us they were closed when we said that the sign says you were open till 10 they said well we closed early and we said well then you should put up a sign and maybe lock the door and they were very rude told us that they were closed and that was that and slammed the door and locked it I will never go back to this place again usually we have a good experience at Baskin-Robbins but I do not recommend the one on Yulpa Avenue in Santa Rosa

Daz T

Customer service lacks in this location! I went in 8/5/21 at 9pm and was asked by a female employee what I wanted. I asked for 2 scoops of rainbow sherbet and she said we don’t have that. I told my daughter that makes me sad and the employee immediately rolled her eyes at me. So I asked for something else for me and my daughter. She put the our order on the counter and walked away and a gentleman working their rang us up. No thank you for coming, have a good night nothing. What bothered me most is Ice cream is such a treat and will lighten anyone’s day and having unpleasant customer service is such a bummer! I will definitely not go back.

Cindy W.

Another botched DoorDash order. Ordered 2 quarts of ice cream and only received one. When I called baskin and Robbins the clerk was not only rude but lies and said he tried to call me because they were out of the ice cream I ordered (how about update DoorDash?). When I called him out on his lie as I had no missed calls, he said whatever and hung up. I am so over bad customer service and incorrect DoorDash orders, they get it wrong about 90% of the time. I will not order from here again and canceling DoorDash.

Russell Ponce

Great service, clean store.

Bob R.

I've visited this Baskin Robbins several times. Recently changed ownership. With new owners it seems like they're struggling, most of the time they don't even have vanilla ice cream. Went there today, no vanilla ice cream. They are always missing some type of mix or ice cream or something to make a drink. I just can't recommend this place, there are two others in town that are better.

Kellie M.

I would love the opportunity to speak with the owner as I went tonight to place an order for my daughters birthday's ice cream cake 10-15 minutes before closing and the doors are locked.... Then to top it off the two young kids inside refused to come to the door to even hear us out and wouldn't even acknowledge that we were outside as we pulled in the door and knocked. Never will I ever support a business like this! I'd rather go to the one in Rincon Valley where they treat their customers with respect.

Eric Bennet

My kids love this place and the super nice young adults who work here. Our family appreciates you and all the smiles you bring. Thanks!

Larry Wentz

Great ice cream. Really nice young folks. My granddaughter loves this place. Highly recommend

Cathryn P.

A special thank you to Samantha for making my sons birthday cake! I initially reached out to her based on the rave reviews on the Petaluma Foodies Facebook page for my husbands birthday cake in Nov which is going to be absolutely hilarious btw! As for my kiddos cake, it was also a funny spoof on his top ramen obsession. He loved it! His face when he saw it was so perfect! She knocked it out of the park!

Maricel Valdiviezo

Cakes are amazing! I can't get enough of their ice cream. Now all the birthday cakes I buy are from them. My family and friends love then too. They are great as birhtday gifts. All love them! Thanks!

Char R.

The staff is rude. Prices are high and the scoops are smaller. Make sure never to get delivery. My family did that twice and the orders (both times) were wrong. It was almost $18 for a three scoop sundae and there was hardly and fudge or ice cream in the cup. We will be taking our business to YT.

I H Johnston

got there about two, it was not packed. there was quick and friendly service. it has a nice atmosphere.

Carl Cummings

Arrived at five, it wasn't busy. Service is typically good. It has an awesome feel to it.

Tasha Garrison

I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

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