Carl's Jr.

1000 Farmers Ln, Santa Rosa
(707) 571-2001

Recent Reviews

Lauren B

Fine location for delicious cheap food. Service is always super even when they have a full house. I will probably become a regular. It has a cool feel to it.

Carl H

cheap food, so delicious. went there on a saturday. i had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here.

Steve Essig

Can't go wrong with the double west

Lisa Brown

It was pretty good. C asher was exceptional.

Pamela Pennington

Had a 2 for price of 1 coupon and did't feel like fixing dinner. My husband and I enjoyed a really good burger with fries and the staff was friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Ed Teixeira

The staff was very friendly and the Hamburger was Delicious. I used a coupon to BOGO and it was handled professionally

Tabatha Andrade

I was so upset when Carl's Jr took away there veggie burgers

Christina M.

Don't waste your money or your time. Way overpriced and understaffed and the food was as not that great !

Harry J Duke

So this Carl?s Jr. is one block from the school at which I work. I pop in for quick lunch once a week when time is tight. They usually have a movie playing on the TV?s in the dining area. It?s usually movies like ?Spider Man? and the like.

Thom Shelton

Still just a Carl's Jr., but now offering Beyond Meat burgers, which are really great. I can now go to a burger joint with my spouse and order a guilt-free burger and enjoy it. Not to be confused with the old type of veggie burgers, these are the same as the real thing. Try it soon...

Jeffrey Zemrak

Food was good and hot but my order was wrong

clean cyclist

It's ok when you are really hungry. Pretty bad Mexican food.

ricardo olvera

They have good deals but the place is not the best anymore they hire too many young people and no one seems to be In Charge 100%

jm jasko

Pretty fast and friendly service. My favorite CJr in our area.

Dustin B.

Me and my lady are sick for a few days after eating here. Not sure what exactly but was done but it had to be this. Seems like from all the other reviews there may be some mishandling of food. I missed a day of work for this.

Suzie Nichols

It's better the In N Out.

John Archbold

Oily food, tough chicken... only good thing.. the chocolate frosties! Very good

Marcus Oakes

Dont come in the diner half an hour before closing just go through the drive thru

some guy

Drive thru guy was very rude. Rushing us and speaking in very annoyed attitude like a teen going through puberty. He probably was judging by the acne.


Love the dance music here!! Hubby had the vegan burger.

Adrianna Starr

Always seen to take long even if your the only one still always good

Brookie - B.

There was only one young worker and I had to wait forever. I ordered 3 milkshakes and 3 fries and it was $21! They are way too expensive and slow. The milkshake was filled half way full with no whip. I asked for money back and they tried to talk me into staying so I told them they took forever and we went to mc Donald's which was way more efficient.

Mel Basilio

It's CARLS! stupid Long line on to FARMERS for drive thru. No more Green Burrito. Drive thru menus Very Confusing.

Brandi Covington

Always love Carl's Jr wish they had not closed the one by my house though!

Apl Jaxz

I love sitting and watching a movie while eating a quick bite!

Shane Lewis

I enjoy thier food

Theresa Furia

The biscuits and gravy for breakfast was really good the biscuit had a great taste to it wasn't hard and it was easy to cut

Miss Dream Chas3arts

Okay. Serious took forever and the food wasnt that great..

Dana H.

The Carl's Jr. on Santa Rosa Avenue closed down a couple of months ago. It was never busy since they raised their prices dramatically. Last night, I wanted to cook my own burger but the meat from a well known market which I won't name here went bad before the use by date. So off to Carl's Jr. Farmer's Lane location even though I said in my previous review I wouldn't go back. I wanted to give them a 2nd try. There were hardly customers there and it was 5:30 pm on a Saturday. I was shocked by the inflated prices. A $6 burger is now $7.19 plus tax. A Beyond Burger combo with onion rings and small drink is $9.19 plus tax. Total with tax for both meals was $19.10! See receipt that I uploaded. The Beyond burger was "just ok". Asked for mayo and they put nothing on it so it was dry. The $6 burger was dry and there was hardly any sauce on it. For that kind of money, I could have gone to 5 Guys, Habit Burger, Super Burger, or Phyllis' Giant Burgers for much better food. This time around was worse than the last visit with their prices and food quality.

Daryl H.

Where's Carl's jr. I've ever been to they totally didn't get my order right and when I brought it to their attention all they did was argue with me I asked for my money back and the gentleman Jorge told me I wasn't getting s*** I left without getting my money back or food never go here ever absolutely disgusting environment

Anonee M.

HORRIBLE AND DANGEROUS!!! I went here and ordered a Beyond Burger since I loved the one at Clearlake, CA. I am normally NOT a fast food eater but am now do to the Beyond Burger. When I ate it it tasted like raw meat but I just thought the plant-based burger was under-cooked. Later when I got sick I realized that they put a RAW meat burger on my sandwich instead of the plant-based one and I had diarrhea for two days! I will NOT return to this store as its management has clearly not set up procedures to keep the meat from the non-meat burgers from being near each other or has not trained their employees! Due to this, every other Carl's Jr. I go to I share this story and tell them to be sure to use the plant-based burger! BEWARE AND AVOID THIS LOCATION!

Tom P.

Save your money for a local eatery. All i got was a burger, fries and a drink- it was over $13. For the pretty lousy quality you do better elsewhere for your dollar. This isn't cheap and not that great either.

Jessica H.

I'm a patient person... but when there is one car in front of me and I have to wait just shy of HALF AN HOUR to get through the drive through... literally yelled while stuck in the drive through, 5/8/19 at 5:35 pm TO ULTIMATELY RECEIVE NO F- ing FOOD! They "messed up on my order"?! I'm sorry but chicken strips and fries isn't brain surgery. I really just wanted fries to hold kiddo over til we got home. First off, drive through should be for disabled people and people with children only. Not fat ass lazy people. Park your car and go inside America. No apology for the long wait. Insane. (Well he said sorry we um messed up on your order etc... ). And I couldn't get out of the line (with a screaming child in the backseat) to go elsewhere when I realized it was taking far too long. The purpose of a drive through is convenience. This was not at all convenient. Never again will I attempt to eat at a Carl's.

Margaret Phenicie

Had a spicy chicken sandwich combo. Came with a cookie! ð?ªð???

lysergic squid

the food is good, I love their hand breaded chicken strips but I'm always slightly shocked at how much more expensive Carl's Jr. is than the rest of the fast food chains.

John Lindsay

Fast service good food was in general very happy with the place compared to alot of other fast food restaurants

OG 17 Exclusive

Nasty as simple as that, when Mexicans used to work there the hamburgers were better now they have lazy teenagers working there, they treat you like if they were gonna give you the hamburgers for free

Jeff Thompson

My note to corporate today: Re: Carl's Jr. 1000 Farmers Ln. Santa Rosa, CA Time: 4:30pm Date: 12/09/2018. Number of employees: 3

Tom S.

It must have been my lucky day here, given all the really critical negative reviews by others. A Wednesday afternoon mid November 2018. I used the drive up window. I ordered a green burrito with chicken meat. $8.27 with tax. Seemed kind'a pricey for a Carl's. Waited at the window about 3 minutes. Bag given to me, feels like it weighed about 3 pounds. Well, I got my money's worth in weight. Open the box and was surprised at how good the wet burrito looked. The salsa with chunky small onions, peppers and tomatoes was actually on par or better than most taquerias on Sebastopol road. Looked appetizing. Pulled into a parking space and began to devour. The contents of the soft flour tortilla were shockingly good. Used a fork to eat it, too wet to hold in hands. Rice and beans portion was actually quite small. Chicken chunks were the main feature. And the flesh was moist and flavorful. The salsa had a bright chili bite without a burn. Honestly, I'm usually a real critic of mediocre food. I almost never eat at Korporate Krap (TM) chains. I wouldn't eat MacDonalds if it was served in prison where I was doing hard time. This burrito was quite satisfying. I'm writing this review 4 hours after swallowing. I feel fine, no upset stomach, no carbo hangover. Whoever made my burrito has talent. S/he'd be an asset in any Mexican restaurant kitchen in this town. If you're reading this in complete disbelief please note than I was not high on alcohol nor weed. I ate the burrito while completely sober. I'm almost as shocked as you may be that I had a good meal at a Carl's Jr. Who'd a thunk?

Ed Parra

Staff was polite and helpful. Sliders are good and filling. Price great.