Carl's Jr.

1000 Farmers Ln, Santa Rosa
(707) 571-2001

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Victoria Sabitini

I ordered a Beyond Veggie Burger on 7-22-2020 restaurant located on stoney point road in S.R. I live in Sebastopol. It was 745pm, i get home, my family and I sit down to eat dinner and the Beyond Veggie Burger was instead a Real Meat Burger. I already had the meat in my mouth, they even had a sticker on the wrapper holding the veggie burger together. I spit it out. I was just going to throw it away and not say anything about it. But then I thought about it and called Carl's Jr to let them know what happened. PLEASE !! EMPLOYEES !! BE MORE FOCUSED ON THE JOB. IT'S NOT FUN WHEN SOMEONE PAYS AND EXPECTS ONE THING AND GET ANOTHER. Thanks. Victoria Customer

George Niemi jr

Like all restaurants, COVID-19 does not allow in store dining. But as take out the food was excellent, hot and fresh, I sat in my vehicle to dine.

banon hagemann

Some of the most solid working people at any fast food establishment. But just a word in hand, you get what you give.

Luis G

It has such bad customer service. They charged me a higher price than it should have been and it took too long. They also have bad quality fries.

Danica Golden

They over charge for soda, the food isnt that great but better then McDonalds

Britteny Rose;

So we got 5 drinks... the girl at the window literally put them all in the same tray you put the cards or cash into.. mind you we have 2 large drinks, 1 medium, 2 smalls... Didnt even offer a drink carrier. And was pretty rude all around. I work in fast food and i just dont think id ever treat anyone the way she did. Oh well. Now i know to never come back to this Carls Jr.

Lizanne Whitlow

The best fast food of all the fast foods. I wish they had not discontinued their good grass fed burger.

Elisa A.

My coworker and I went to this spot for lunch. Got the order 12. paid expensive as f for a fast food burger lol anywho I was eating it and when I bit into it, last bites of it was rubbery feeling. You know when chicken ain't cooked alll the way?? Like how does that even happened when it's already premade. Anyways I called this "manager" & he said I neeeded to bring it the chicken sandwich... ok? I told him that it looks fine outside of it but when you bite into it it was feeling of chewing into something rubbery. He started to get loud & started to repeat himself. How the f you gone ask to see the burger ?! When you can't see it to taste the rubbery part. Classless unprofessional tramp of a manager

Elian Hale

Would certainly recommend trying out this place. Great vibes, delightful dishes, awesome customer service. Great work.

Bianca Wolfe

a little on the pricey side but their fries and burgers are awesome!

Lynnette F.

Very bad service, filthy bathroom (wishing I'd have gone in there FIRST, as I wouldn't have eaten here) We'd taken a long drive to a comedy show in the wine country and were hopeful there'd be some place to stop on the way to eat; but we found nothing. Upon leaving the show, we decided to cut over to Santa Rosa and grab a late night bite; and this is where we found ourselves. The burgers were cold, and sloppily put together - Carl's Jr. gives new meaning to fast food!! Thankfully , I can say without a shadow of a doubt that we will not be returning.

Doug M.

This location is not open 24 hours despite the listings on Yelp and Google. your food will be very slow to arrive and it will be cold. I have yet to get hot food out of this location. Go to Stony point for good food

Sunshine Hearn

Cold burgers, filthy bathrooms.

Lucy Eun Lee

My mother(77years old) bought the foods here $27.81. There is a lady, she applied senior discount 10% for her, but it was come out 76 cents. And I complained she just said tell manager. That's it!!!!! No good customer care. SHE DIDN'T GET THE REST. SO BAD.


Temporary detour from fresh organic. But still pricey with a mediocre chocolate milk shake.

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