Ceres Community Project

2447 Summerfield Rd, Santa Rosa
(707) 829-5833

Recent Reviews

Melissa Van Teslaar

Support the aspiring youth of the future

Paco Nathan

What an amazing program. I used to eat lunch in their garden, directly behind my old office. Such nice folks.

Leslianne Lee

Great sourcing of delicious food with friendly service and atmosphere! Will def be back and recommend for simple tasty healthy affordable food while contributing to supporting a noble cause.

Ann L.

This is a wonderful non profit program that creates and prepares organic healthy food for cancer patients free of charge. I am sorry that they closed to the public,,but their mission remains strong.

Liz Klaproth

I had my first delivery yesterday and was overjoyed with happiness tears. I am forever grateful to have the help, nutrition, and encouragement with the meals. When your single and alone and don’t have the energy or strength to chop and dice but wish you could and realize your nutrition habits have diminished because you can’t do what you used to anymore and are too sick to go shopping or be in he public and are feeling at an all time low . CERES came to my rescue when I really needed them but didn’t want to admit it. our community is amazing. Thank you.!

Robyn Berliner

The food is organic and fantastic. The staff is so sweet. The cause cannot be beat! Your money goes to the best non profit around

Isaiah Girard

Awesome organization. I volunteer for them too. Very good cause to support.

G. T.

Very delicious! Had the beet burger wrap and even though I'm not a big fan of beets....it was amazing and tasty. I would like the option of a side (like chips) and was told they are considering making their own. Great idea!

Robin B.

My first visit here at lunch during a long break from jury duty - the vibes at Ceres cafe balance out the weird vibes at the court house. I have been a huge fan of Ceres ever since I learned who and what they are, how they help sick patients and their business model to incorporate teens and teach them about nutrition and cooking and Community. I have been lucky enough to volunteer in their garden as well as some time on my computer helping to organize and prep the weekly meal plans/Patient preferences. They also delivered to my late father for months. I had an "African Stew" special over brown rice with chicken and a cup of hearty mushroom soup which came with bread and butter (the soup even had some roasted maitake mushrooms to garnish and enhance this satiating soup). I also broke my caffeine cut off time to indulge in a mocha- no regrets there either! And an unsweetened hibiscus tea to go (no straws please people of yelp). Please go and partake (learn about them online too and get involved! Even if only for 6 months... it is important work that is appreciated by everyone involved.

mike clementi

The Ceres Cafe serves only the best and healthiest food on the east side of Santa Rosa.. The breakfast is excellent and the lunch specials are not to be missed..

Solful P.

Love the place, love the cause, love the staff, love the new cookbook I bought. I go here all of the time. I wish the beet burger wasn't so good, so I could have the awesome chicken panini more often. Will keep supporting your cafe and cause, because you rock!

Marco M.

I like the concept that they are trying to achieve here, but this is honestly the most underwhelming meal I've had all year, and its November. 1) Service was excellent. The 2nd star is for that alone. 2) Beet burger. Beet patty by itself has a decent flavor, that sandwich as a whole is severely lacking. Two dry pieces of bread, a few greens, and the beet patty. For the same price elsewhere I get a side salad, chips, fries, a pickle, or at the very least mayo. No flavor, dry, and small sandwich. 3) Soup of the day (quinoa mushroom). Decent, but a little on the sour side. For the price I feel like I could have gotten twice as much food elsewhere and more satisfaction of flavor. Will not eat here again.

Robyn Prusky

The food is organic and fantastic. The staff is so sweet. The cause cannot be beat! Your money goes to the best non profit around

Adrian Padilla

Food was very fresh and yummy

Robyn B

The food is organic and fantastic. The staff is so sweet. The cause cannot be beat! Your money goes to the best non profit around

Shana V.

Excellent food. Very friendly service. Slightly long wait but the place is new so cut them a little slack. Healthy, organic ingredients. Very close to where I work and close to Annadel state park so I'll be back for business and pleasure often!

Marc P.

Great healthy food prepared by volunteers. Chicken & kale panini, beet burger, salad sampler all delicious.

H H.

Not only is the food delicious, locally sourced and mostly organic, but it's also a community outreach program. Good food, good people. *Ample vegetarian options too!

Joanna Rebelgale

My husband and I are so grateful for this program. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis has so many challenges and Ceres is one of the gifts that helps make life easier. The cafe is wonderful too. We love you all and hope to give back at some point down the road.

Vanessa M.

This is one of my go to places for a healthy tasty salad or lunch. Food's great! And it feels good supporting these awesome kids and do-gooders!

Katrina T.

This sweet cafe provides amazing, delicious, lovingly-made food at great prices. I love everything they make and serve - but I must recommend the Sunny Beet Burger sandwich above any deli sandwich I've ever had. The soups are fabulous. All the good is fresh and locally sourced. The staff are fabulous and love taking good care of their customers. It's a MUST TRY kind of place.

Yellow C.

Absolutely the best sandwich I've ever eaten (sunny beet sandwich). Their homemade granola bar was fantastic, too. I don't think I'll ever want to eat anyplace else in Santa Rosa. Nice picnic tables to eat outside.

Sandy T.

I love Ceres Cafe'. Love the beet burger, the chicken sandwich and the frittata.


An important community resource for those in need

Maribeth LeValley

Ceres Food has helped us with nutritious and tasty foods as my husband goes thru cancer. Not only that, but I am disabled, and my husband used to do the shopping and cooking, so Ceres is kind enough to supply food for me! Their foods are delicious, and while we ate pretty healthily before, we will definitely be using their cookbook, and changing our eating style, as "regular" food isn't even appealing after eating their " Polenta with Vegetable and kidney bean ragout, and wilted greens". Or their "Baked Chicken legs with Moroccan BBQ sauce, mashed yams, and braised cabbage". Delicious! Thank you everyone at Ceres!


Lunch here is a chance to eat good healthy food and contribute to the success of a non-profit that puts young people to work helping provide healthy meals to local folks with serious illness. The organic food is prepared by volunteers or staff of the Ceres project in cooperation with Social Advocates for Youth. It tastes good and you feel good.

Tina G.

I love eating at the Ceres Cafe. My favorite is the chicken with kale pesto sandwich -- it is amazing. Chicken, kale pesto, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, greens on incredibly delicious Red Bird Bakery bread. I truly can't get it down fast enough, its so good. I also love the cashew cardamom balls for dessert - healthy & delicious! The Bella Rosa coffee is always perfect as well. Their cold case is filled with drinks that are not loaded with sugar, and most of them are probiotic! They also have lots of salads to go - my favorite is the curried chicken salad. The service has always been great, and I love how it supports the Ceres meal program powered by the teens in our community and serving community members with life-threatening illness. Its a Win-Win-Win!!! Its part of the Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) Dream Center on Hoen & Summerfield. Right next to the SAY main entrance.

Mike C.

If you like delicious, nutritious food the ceres Cafe is the place to go.. Beet burgers! Who would have thought!! Great breakfast and lunch.. All organic and locally sourced.. Plus delicious Bella Rosa (local) coffee .. Check it out!

J Ridley

Bless the people who make the Ceres community Project possible.