China Legend

500 Mission Blvd suite e, Santa Rosa
(707) 538-8698

Recent Reviews

megan janet

Food portions are generous and attractive. Would have liked to have chopsticks offered. Like the lazy susan tables that make sharing at the table very easy. Good size area for dining. Prices are reasonable. Would go back.

Harrison W

This site is my number one place. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this restaurant. Whenever I I need a delicious supper, this is the place that comes first to my head. outstanding and food and a rich menu.well mannered staff, and great ambience. And very important, the tariff is reasonable. I sent my friends to this spot with pleasure.

Catie Fletcher

Very good food. Nice staff too!

Lindsay Holmes

We get delivery usually and they are always quick and friendly. The food is the pretty good too. We enjoy this place.

Bruno Pugh

This place simply knows how to serve their clients. Always with a kind attitude. The food is reasonably priced, constantly delightful and neat.

Junk Mail

Both of our chow mein was, in our opinion, extremely bland - as in no flavor at all. The crab rangoon had a miniscule amount of filling. It was all crispy shell with no filling to speak of. I do appreciate that you can order orange chicken with sauce on the side. The chicken was crispy but the orange sauce was again, very bland in my opinion. I ended up reheating it with a little red pepper flake trying to jush it up. We ordered this for New year's Eve and frankly we were a bit disappointed. Friendly service delivered quickly -those are some wonderful qualities but for the price, in our opinion, it's just not worth it. Bland is the word of the day in our opinion.

Martin Gadea Jr.

Food was good, service was friendly and fast.

Kate Mason

Great spot for quality chinese food. It was so delicious. It has a good interior. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I loved.

Pamela Whitehead

I spent $75 on a delivery order, the food was tasteless, the egg rolls were more like spring rolls and hardly any taste at all in the filling, the same with the crab ragoon, hardly any filling at all!!! The sauce for the organge chicken was extremely sweet and the human chicken was so spicy I couldn't eat it. I read many reviews saying how good the food was, but we didn't think so and I will not waste my money ordering from them again!

Liz Livingston

I love this place and their food is great. It's just so expensive! Its easily $80 to feed my family of 4.

Roxy V.

It's a go to in Asian food on mission. Nothing fancy, yet always Swift and efficient. Behind the Starbucks and the liquor store. Decent Chinese cuisine at a good price.

Nikki M.

I used to order here very often, until last night I got food poisoning from the "oscean three" off their menu, which I've gotten many times before (it's usually amazing) It was made differently this time and was boxed up differently than the norm. Abalone had a funky taste and the mushrooms were way undercooked...Took the rest in this morning explaining what had happened and they at least gave $30 back. The total price was $70 for two people. I have vomited at least 10 times today. I'm not going back, theres plenty of other more affordable, fresh choices for Chinese in the Bay Area.

alena ragueneau

This food is delicious there are a few servers that could be warmer to families with young children but very good food.

Ron A.

Have eaten here for a few years and it has never disappointing us. The food is always fresh and very flavorful. Service is great and the place is always very clean.

Ryan Cooper

Traditional Chinese options, with high quality ingredients. Reliable and speedy take out. A meal here is not complete without the pine nut prawn + chicken lettuce wrap! (And a fortune cookie)

Sophia N.

This is a solid Chinese food place. We live nearby and it's the perfect takeout/delivery place on a long day. We like the fried rice, combination chow mein, honey walnut prawns, and cashew chicken. The fried rice has the bbq pork we love and the prawns are always a large size. The chow mein isn't greasy like some places can be. My favorite dish that I've had there that isn't offered everywhere is the steamed fish. It has the right amount of ginger and is very flavorful. It's light and easy on the stomach for days I'm sick. The food is pretty fast for takeout and delivery. I can't speak on eating at the restaurant, but I think the food is great!

Damon Hill

Food is good. Prices are very reasonable.

Sunshine Creators

Check your bill carefully. My bill was padded $2 extra. When I brought it up to the waiter/?manager, I was told the extra charge was for "different mushrooms." (The mushrooms were as stated on the menu--not "different.") I told him I wanted to pay the menu price and that I didn't order "different mushrooms" and should not be charged extra. He continued to argue with me and finally, begrudgingly tossed a dollar bill at me. My card had already been charged at that point, so he still shorted me a dollar. Dishonest business.

Sujon Kumar

great food great staff. 5 stars

andrew a.

Great Chinese food. Fast delivery. Very impressed. Ten of us ordered a variety of food, and everyone was happy.

Quazee M.

I had a bad experience with my bill being padded an extra 2 dollars. So as a word of caution, check your bill against the menu price. I was told my order had "extra things" and that's why my bill was higher than the menu price. (There were no "extra things" -- I ordered straight off the menu) They begrudgingly gave me my money back. Too bad, I like their food, but I like ethical practices better.

Bob K.

Went here with my family - 9 of us. We had the family for 7 dinner since we had a 3 and 5 year old. Everything was good, but I thought dishes were missing some flavor - soy sauce needed. The Moo Shoo Pork was an exception - very good. Our waiter was a character and made the evening more fun.

Justyn D.

This place is okay! Some of their entrees are really good, some are pretty poor. They use pretty good ingredients and have really good, clean water (odd thing to say, but it kinda stood out for some reason). I used to always get green bean chicken to go and I always loved it. One day, I had a really, really bad order of it and haven't been back since. I'd go again though.

Jordan Lund

Got a to go order of chow main and found a hair in one of the fried prawns. I threw it away other than that it was good. Also the lady who brought us our food was very friendly and attentive.

Kim Howes

My Boyfriend said this place is good so we went, really enjoyed the food.

Michael Alcocer

Food was amazingly good and service was great too. I recommend any of the family meals. Well worth the price.

paul lynch jr.

It's good and fast deliver, but sometimes it don't taste the same as last week.

Emily W.

This is our favorite Chinese restaurant. Everything we good and the sauces are not too heavy. The Wor Wonton soup is delicious. We often order this to go, it comes in two containers. You need to mix them together for all the flavors. The pork buns are light and have good flavor. Service is good and they do deliver.

Ron B.

Pretty boring, bland food. For $46 I got Beef Broccoli, House Fried Rice, Garlic Chicken and pot stickers. Just plain boring. No flavors of any of the ingredients. Beef chewy, but gummy on the outside. Rice, just a hodgepodge of ingredients with nothing that stood out, pot stickers had very thick dough and the filling was blah. Finally, the garlic chicken tasted like......nothing! No garlic flavor at all. Sorry guys, gotta do more to earn my $$.


Ordered the chicken chowmein, you'd hert your eyes looking for the chicken. Otherwise okay chop chop.

Sabrina VanArdale

I just got Egg Rolls, but it was very good.

L. B.

We have eaten here over the years. Friendly service, good prices and we like many of the dishes. For the last meal we had Wor Wonton soup, BBQ pork fried rice, and Mongolian chicken (spices). Excellent and good portions.

Annette A.

The reason for the one stars was not because of the food ( was very good) it was the waiter. The waiter who served us smelled like cigarette smoke and he was very rude to me and my family. After the meal was done he brought us the bill and we tipped him ( reminder that tipping is optional NOT mandatory) he runs back to our table and practically yells at us for not tipping him a higher amount! The way he treated us, he was lucky that we tipped him at all! We have been long time customers with this restaurant even when they changed their names but I am sorry. Due to that waiter we will never be returning again

Rosemary Small

Americanized Chinese, fairly greasy. Food was not piping hot. It was a Friday night, good amount of help, but only 1/3 full at prime time 6-7:30pm. Ten people, eight dishes was plenty.

D.Orman Cummings

Not bad at all..fifth star to be added..soon!

Cecile D.

Daughters baby had surgery in SF and she and hubby arrived home late. As we both live in Rincon Valley, I thought it fastest to pick up Chinese from China Legend. Had been disappointing in the past, but I wanted one more try for the convenience. We ordered orange chicken, sweet and sour pork and chow mein for her, and chicken prawn lettuce wrap, prawns with walnuts, and house fried rice for us. My daughter said hers was delicious, and ours was outstanding. Even after waiting in my car for 30 minutes while I delivered food, my shrimp were crispy with no aftertaste of too much cornstarch. The sauce creamy and delicious. Rice was packed w shrimp and vegetables, and our lettuce prawn wraps were very good also. Will save myself the drive to Bennet Valley now, and keep with my "neighborhood " spot. Am recommending China Legend again

Scott B.

I moved to Santa Rosa from the South Bay area several years ago. Having been used to a wide variety of ethnics foods in the south bay, I was very disappointed to the very limited ethnic food choices in Santa Rosa. And even more disappointed in finding a Chinese restaurant serving real authentic food rather than the same old Americanized Chinese food menus you see in almost every Chinese restaurant up here. I was quite surprised to recently discovering a pretty good Chinese restaurant -- China Legend. Their menu has a great deal more food options than most and the food is authentic. I like their menu selections much better than Kirin restaurant and they even have duck and fish! This is my go to place for Chinese food in Santa Rosa, and take it from me, a Chinese fellow who is very particular about food, it rivals restaurants in the South Bay.

Brianna S.

Ordered take out on a Friday night. The app is convenient and it was ready when it said it would be. The dining atmosphere seems nice and the staff was friendly. Here's what we got and though about each one. Pork fried rice- just ok. We go to a place on farmers that is stellar so it's hard to impress me Veggie chow mein- again just ok. The noodles are soft but not a ton of flavor General chicken- pretty good flavor. Was my favorite of our dishes but the portion was extremely small. Sweet and sour pork- soggy and not as flavorful as I'm used to. I will try more things since it's the closest Chinese to us but I wasn't over all impressed for $45

J.S. Smith

Clean, quiet, greeted and seated quickly. Wide variety of dishes on menu. Reasonable prices. Good music playing. Staff was friendly and attentive. Food arrived swiftly.

scott mcC

The food is really good best i have had yet since moving from the east coast. Easy to order on line delivery guys are nice