Goji Kitchen

1965 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 523-3888

Recent Reviews

Tristan M

Asian food, mmm, delicious. The service here is friendly. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I liked.

Virginia Hodges

Asian food and the feeling at this place is great. I was super full. The staff was friendly and sociable. Bring your appetite because portions are large.

Antonio Campos Jr

Amazing Service! From start to finish the staff were friendly and check on us regularly. Perfect spot for some amazing Pho especially while it was cold and raining outside. Both my kids enjoyed their meals as well. Can?t wait to try something different next time. A Must Try for Santa Rosa

Nicole Lopez

Extremely delicious food. Even my picky eater loved what he got there. Although they were very busy we were promptly seated and served.

Brian Daly

Every dish we ordered was AMAZING! Impressive wait staff. Absolutely will be a regular family dinner spot

Danny A.

My wife and I came here on a Tuesday right at noon and had a horrible customer service experience. The place was full which was a good sign and were seated in 10 minutes, not a problem. We didn't get menus until 15 minutes later and that was only after flagging down one of the three waitstaff and asking for menus. We were ignored for another ten minutes and placed our orders only after flagging down a different waiter. My wife ordered the vegan pho and I ordered the medium rare and brisket pho. 25 minutes later my wife's food arrived and mine five minutes later both without the accompanying dish of fresh sprouts, basil, etc. we again had to flag someone down just to get those. Our food was just ok. This wouldn't be so bad if we didn't witness several parties that were seated after us ordering, eating and paying their checks before we even got to add the sprouts to our soup. The table next to us had their sprouts before us and they didn't even have their pho yet. The thing about us that was different from the the patrons that were seated after us is we are Asian and they all appeared Caucasian. Take that for what it's worth. The wait staff was rude, unapologetic, and had no customer service skills what so ever. We will never go back.

Donald J.

What a laughable experience. Ordered through grub hub at 5:38 and estimated time of delivery at 6:20-6:30. Now on my 3rd text update and order says it MAY arrive at 7:40. Tried to call restaurant and received voicemail box which was full as app would not allow cancellation of order, even though not in route. Food is marginal at best.

A. T.

A Sonoma County healthy eater used to the world's freshest organics will taste the yucky, obviously canned, cheapest bulk ingredients in every bite. The dishes with some sort of sweet sauce are especially gross and reveal the clientele they are targeting. Healthy eaters should stay away but if you still frequent chains and fast food places like it doesn't matter you'll like that they do a reasonable job with the lowest quality ingredients possible - low quality produce can still be 'fresh'.

Rylee Lester

Asian food and the setting here is above par. I was so stuffed. The staff was very helpful and observant. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

Meredith Ortiz

Asian food and service at this place is super good. I can say this place does it for me. The service was very sociable and kind.

Joshua Kouma

Most things especially presentation were good. Food however, has too much sugar, especially if you lived outside the US for a minute.

Adrian Snyder

Asian food and service at this place is super good. Came in on a Thurs. Bring your hunger - portions are large.

Eric O.

One of the best asian restaurants I have ever been to. Most of the dishes I have tried there are close to perfection. I don't only give this place five stars for one visit. I have been a patron of this restaraunt for years and I applaud their consistency.

E W.

Goji has a nice enough vibe but their food is unbelievably bland. Veggies with ginger and garlic have absolutely neither ginger nor garlic. Chicken with cashews arrives in a sauce that can only be described by its color: brown. No flavor components apparent at all. Portions are generous but flavors are lacking.

Elliot K.

This place is a fantastic little gem in Santa Rosa. Easily the best Chinese food in town. All their ingredients are fresh and delicious and they make all their food "clean" so it is not what your typical "American Chinese food" is usually like. It is not greasy or heavy like many other places, everything is just perfect. My wife and in-laws introduced me to this place about 5 years ago and it is the only Chinese food we will eat now. We are always satisfied and full when we leave, but we don't leave feeling like we just ate a Boulder, the way most places with greasy food do. They have some Americanized Chinese staples you would expect to find, but I highly recommend branching out of your comfort zone to try their amazing concoctions and be surprised how something can be so good! The staff is always welcoming and I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Yum!

Ellery D.

Ok, Goji Kitchen, I finally see why everyone is so obsessed with you. I'm impressed. Was less than 100 percent enthused on previous visits, but that lemongrass tofu is something else. HUGE portion. Large meaty, crispy slabs of tofu in an amazing tangy sauce. Couldn't find fault with it. Price was high, but it was organic after all. Service was excellent too.

Laurel G.

We love Goji! Especially the potstickers and the clay pot with tofu. The servers are kind and we feel well taken care of whenever we visit. Thank you for a wonderful restaurant right in our neighborhood!

Audrey Haglund

The most delicious meal I have had in a long time.

Mimi H.

This place is a hidden gem. Came here for lunch while traveling that day. The staff was extremely friendly as soon as we walked in. We ordered and had our food fairly quickly. My prawn salad was so delicious. Full of flavor, amazing dressing and extremely light. My coworker ordered the garlic noodles with chicken and it looked and smelled delicious. Can't wait to go back to Santa Rosa soon because I still dream of that salad.


This was my first experience with Vietnamese food and I enjoyed it. The staff was helpful in explaining how you are supposed to eat the food. Portions were enormous and could easily be split with multiple people. It was decently priced for how much you get. Iâ??d recommend it to other people. It seems like itâ??s pretty popular to get takeout there.

Jean K.

4.5 - this is a very high-value restaurant. Portions are large. It is not Chinese; it is Vietnamese Chinese which is a distinct subset. Come here for a restaurant cuisine which isn't often found in the SFBA. Am including the menu #s, below: S17 - Potstickers with sesame soy ginger garlic sauce. MASSIVE portion; 1 dumpling is a starter but the portion size has 8. Classic Northern Chinese filling in huge overstuffed dumplings. These are the true kuo tieh, but super-sized! More like a meat pie, very substantial. A4 - Clay Pot Rice: (Com Tay Cam) A very large rice casserole with mixed meats and veggies. Think fried rice, but much tastier and less oily. We gave the leftovers to our friends and they absolutely flipped over this dish! Five stars on this one, it serves a crowd of at least 6-8. S7 - Grilled Beef or Grilled Pork rolls, nuoc cham. We picked beef, but should have picked pork. The beef is overcooked altho flavor is very good. Best eaten fresh, can't be refrigerated as a leftover. S10 - Steamed flat rice rolls with grilled pork. This is the very rare and difficult to make Banh Cuon noodle roll: so thin it's almost transparent, with the slightly resilient texture of mochi. Excellent; pork is delicious. P11 - Won Ton Soup (Hoanh Thanh). Complex flavorful broth; full of tasty tidbits. Goji is very different than Ramen Gaijin: more neighborhood, casual/family focused, but stands out from the 'value crowd' with good quality and skilled execution. Most importantly, the sugar is kept within bounds rather than always being the most overwhelming flavor. Vietnamese and Chinese food has gotten much too sweet over the last twenty years, to the detriment of both cuisines. We enjoyed our meal here, and would have no hesitation in returning next time we visit the area.

Steven Elliott Miller

Terrifically fresh food, well prepared. Attentive service too in a serene atmosphere. A good experience... We'll definitely be back.

Jerry Koshi

Everything was full of flavor. Great service and friendly. Price is right. My favorite was the stuffed chicken wings.


Love this place ?? had chicken curry, n my dining companion had chow fun. Both were awesome!

Breck Beatie

Wait staff was very capable and friendly. My spicy Kung Pao combination was absolutely delicious. My wife's coconut curry with tofu was, "great"


Enjoyable good food with excellent staff. Would recommend brisket & flank pho, grilled chicken with vermicelli, and pork/prawn roll with vermicelli.

Jessica H.

Love goji kitchen! They use clean organic ingredients and everything we've ordered there over the years has been great. Pho is legit. High recommend

Megan S.

I am diabetic and have some food allergies. Goji Kitchen's flexibility has be able to allow me to enjoy Chinese food once again.

Kate Halpin

Amazing food and attention to detail. Will be returning for sure. The Bun with bbq pork and imperial rolls were perfect.

Hilary Avalon

So delicious! Reminds me of another place in Santa Rosa I used to love - China Room. Super glad to stumble in here!

Bridget P.

First time here, went with a friend who recommended it. She being vegetarian ordered a garlic eggplant dish. I ordered the kung pao chicken. We also sheared vegetarian egg rolls and ordered some brown rice to split. I have really never had kung pao chicken like this. It consisted of huge chunks of chicken , a few peanuts and a couple of chili peppers. The sauce was very thick, almost like a gravy. No vegetables such as celery, red bell pepper or green onions. Unfortunately I would not be able to recommend this dish. My friend said her egg plant dish was very good

Ada M.

Soup is very good and pho is very authentic. We arrived around 9:10pm and we are lucky to be able to dine in. High recommended if you want some hot soup.

Anthony G.

Took my pops here for Father's day, it was really busy and even though I made a reservation we still waited 15 minutes to be seated. After being seated the server didnt seem to know the menu when we asked questions, they gave us the wrong appitizer. They gave us a beef roll even though we asked for pork. Bit besides that the food was great, and was definitely worth the wait. I would definitely come again when its less busy. So overall the service only costed it 1 star from the 5 star

Nasnin V.

Such a great place! Beautiful flavors! I always order the chicken pho or Mongolian beef!

Jerine Bott

Really good food and HUGE portions!! The service was great and the space is comfortable. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Alison Willets

My favorite restaurant in Santa Rosa. Freshly made with organic locally sourced ingredients and no MSG, Goji Kitchen's food always leaves me feeling nourished and energized. Yum!

Ash Govind

Great flavorful cuisine, good ambiance

Mike C.

I wanted some Chinese food for lunch and decided to stop here for lunch. First off the lunch prices were kinda high. Every entree was in the $12 to $16 range for rice plates which seems kinda high compared to most Asia lunch spots in area. I ordered the combination Kung Pao plate which came with a mixed green salad with very bland dressing, I threw some sriracha and soy sauce to make up for it. My entrees was served the beef taste weird the shrimp not good chicken ok. The sauce was terrible worst Kung pao I've ever had, ' I'm pretty familiar with Asian food it is my favorite from thai to Vietnamese to Korean to Chinese 'It taste like it had some kind bbq sauce in it. On another note had pho spring rolls and walnut prawns here another time and they were good


Goji Kitchen is a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant serving authentic ethnic food including Pho, Bun, Tofu, Vermicelli with beef, pork. Seafood etc. There is an enormous menu itemizing an extensive list of dishes as well as wine and beer.

Colin Ebben

My Wife and I were regulars at Goji Kitchen from the time that they opened. The food there was always fresh, well prepared and awesomely tasty. We stopped going there for no apparent reason. ANYWAY...I went back there today, and the meal was just as awesome as it was back in the early days. I thought to myself that I have been missing out on some outstanding Goji dishes, and I could kick myself for not continuing to be a regular. Please treat yourselves to a delectable meal at Goji Kitchen. You Will Not Regret It I Guarantee!