Goji Kitchen

1965 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 523-3888

Recent Reviews

Steph F.

I just finished my take-out and it was AMAZING! It was my first time trying and it didn't disappoint. The man that helped me was so sweet as well! Will definitely be back...next weekend!

Haley W.

Their potstickers are AMAZING! Everything I've had here is fantastic, but the potstickers are hands down my favorite. Goji Kitchen has friendly quick service and great food.

Desire' R.

I had done a group order for my law firm on Grubhub yesterday which did not work out well since one person did not put their order in until today but when I tried to look at who hasn't got there order in all the orders were gone. I had to enter in orders myself. Besides all of that the Delivery and food was awesome. We have about 10 people in our office during the shelter in place. I did not get pictures of anyones food but the packaging and labels were perfect. I orderd the homemade pot stickers and omg they are freaking huge and a lot of them. I ordered the grilled pork, prawns imperial rolls with Rice Vermicelli. The pot stickers are amazing and the portions are really big which is good lol. I definitely recommend and will be returning soon to try other items on the menu.

Nicole C.

Whilst in quarantine, we have tried 2 Chinese food places because our first choice is closed. This. One. Is. Magic. We ordered veggie rolls, orange peel chicken, sweet and sour pork, combo chow mein, Mongolian beef, and bok choy salad, and oh man. What a combination of greasy spoon meets authentic!! We loved it. They even have HOMEMADE mustard sauce!! The other places we went had pre-packed packets... ew. Super nice service, friendly and kind, unfortunately no delivery service, but well worth a drive if in the are. So sooo recommended.

George H.

We placed an order through Grubhub. Called the restaurant to confirm and they said we were good to go. Two hours later we cancelled our order. Two hours later. On Mother's Day. No thanks.

Amy A.

I normally am pretty happy with this place, but tonight was a disaster. Placed an order at 6:15 pm, told it was going to be an hour and twenty minutes until pickup. Okay, fine. Get there around 7:45pm, wait in line for 20 minutes to pay, and am told 10 more minutes until the food is ready, and that they will bring it to the car. Over half an hour passes, and I go in to check on my order. They called my name just as I entered, and I saw that they clearly had no intention to bring me my food despite saying that they would. The imperial rolls I ordered were soft and cold, rather than hot and crunchy because my entrees were obviously not cooked at remotely the same time. When you have an experience this poor, it absolutely ruins the dining experience. Either hire more people or get better communication in your staff. If you cant do takeout properly, then don't offer it. Otherwise, you're just wasting everyone's time.

Amanda M.

I'm not a huge fan of Asian fusion, but this is a nice little restaurant on Mendocino ave. They have a very detailed menu that highlights many traditional dishes. My wife ordered the clay pot rice bowl and a roll sampler to go and loved them. The Thai tea was exceptional. I cant wait to dine in.

Olivia L.

Still one of my favorite Asian fusion restaurants! I always order Vegan spring rolls, and the vegetable chow fun. The food is consistent and delicious everytime! My son likes the chicken chow main!

Nicole S.

I love this place!!! Super great food and friendly staff. I have never been disappointed. During this crazy pandemic they were open late which was great!!! Thank you!!!

Erica O.

Got delivery- chicken curry with squash and chicken with broccoli. The delivery went well- especially notable during the shelter-in-place order. The curry was only OK- pretty bland and too sweet for me. We ended up basically mixing it in the same bowl with our chicken and broccoli, and the bites with that were the best - really packed with garlic flavor. I personally like a couple other thai places in the area much better. But during this time of quarantine I may try a couple of their other dishes since they deliver.

Shea F.

Dispite overhearing parton about a catastrophic software issue with there billing network as she grabbed us an out door table and I went wash up and inform the less preoccupied employee of our presence. Our waiter Michael was great and gracious the food was not only vegan friendly but deliciouly priced well. We'll be back again.

Vincent Helper

Good food. But I didn't care for the service, the waitress especially who kept saying "that will cost more." she got on my last nerve


We have been here a few times and always enjoyed the food.

Nicoletta K.

Our last review was years ago, but we come here whenever we're in the area. It never disappoints. This place always has great food and service consistently. You can always count on it. We had beef vermicelli. I asked for the chow fun noodles instead and they accommodated, and their sweet prawns with rice. The thai tea is heavenly. It was all soooo...good.

Kimberly T.

The food here is mediocre and pricey compared to other local Vietnamese restaurants. The service isn't consistent. There has been a few times when it was just 3 other tables and I'd have to wave them down for things like water refills. They just stand there and chat amongst each other. I use to enjoy their spicy beef noodle soup but the last couple of times I went it was overly fishy and salty. I've been so disappointed my last few visits that I havnt returned.

Veronica B.

The food was ok . It is very expensive. Will not be returning. The girl that took my order in the restaurant was lovely I wish I remembered her name she is the bright stare in that restaurant.

Leslie Levy

Wonderful food! Gigantic pot stickers, probably the best I've ever had. Staff was prompt and courteous, boxed leftovers neatly, and my to go order for my son was timed just right. Broad menu, no msg and organic veggies and tofu. I went mid-afternoon just as the lunch crowd was filtering out. Excellent experience. This will be one of my go-to's from now on.

Xiaoyu R.

Their food is so delicious and healthy! They promised that all tofu is organic, all chicken is free-rage, no MSG for all dishes. Good place for kids! My son loved five spices chicken. This dish taste really good, not too salty. They steam the chicken, chicken is very soft. We will definitely go to this place again!!

Lisa B.

Love this place. Been taking family here for almost six years. Good service and excellent food.

Susan Fries

Amazing food every time! Delicious and they are very good at accommodating for food allergies!

Wendy Simone

Really great food. I feel bad for the staff. There are not enough staff and the service suffers for it. The staff are very nice once they can get to you.

David L.

Worst Resturant BEWARE! I ordered on GrubHub. The order took over two hours. They lied and stated that I called them to "pick up the order" I think they lied to cover there [email protected]# on GrubHub. When I asked them for a refund they refused and stated they would not deliver, but I could pick it up 2hours later. Best kicker I have the flu.. Never again....

Tom M.

Do not get the hype at all!!!! We have tried this place twice. It's just not very good. Food was mediocre at best. They say the ingredients are all fresh but the vegetables had a strange taste.

Ah-da Loyang

Service was awesome and food was superb...would recommend this place to my family and friends. Everything we ordered was delicious!!!

Wes Stevenson

Best pot stickers I've ever had! Delicious big bowl of pho. Great service.

Sharyn Limp

I met a good friend for lunch today. I am so happy we decided to meet at Goji Kitchen. We both had the 5 spice chicken with Jasmine rice and salad. Absolutely delicious. Great menu. I cannot wait to go back. A real treat.

Lila Hunt

Good location for quality asian food. I should have took a photo of the food but it was too good to interrupt. Had a friend come into town and asked me to take him here again. Mood here reminds me of Colorado Springs area.

kaiden mcbride

asian food, awesome. service is awesome even when they are busy. the service here is friendly. the place has an awesome atmosphere.

Tristan M

Asian food, mmm, delicious. The service here is friendly. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I liked.

Virginia Hodges

Asian food and the feeling at this place is great. I was super full. The staff was friendly and sociable. Bring your appetite because portions are large.

Antonio Campos Jr

Amazing Service! From start to finish the staff were friendly and check on us regularly. Perfect spot for some amazing Pho especially while it was cold and raining outside. Both my kids enjoyed their meals as well. Can’t wait to try something different next time. A Must Try for Santa Rosa

Nicole Lopez

Extremely delicious food. Even my picky eater loved what he got there. Although they were very busy we were promptly seated and served.

Brian Daly

Every dish we ordered was AMAZING! Impressive wait staff. Absolutely will be a regular family dinner spot

Danny A.

My wife and I came here on a Tuesday right at noon and had a horrible customer service experience. The place was full which was a good sign and were seated in 10 minutes, not a problem. We didn't get menus until 15 minutes later and that was only after flagging down one of the three waitstaff and asking for menus. We were ignored for another ten minutes and placed our orders only after flagging down a different waiter. My wife ordered the vegan pho and I ordered the medium rare and brisket pho. 25 minutes later my wife's food arrived and mine five minutes later both without the accompanying dish of fresh sprouts, basil, etc. we again had to flag someone down just to get those. Our food was just ok. This wouldn't be so bad if we didn't witness several parties that were seated after us ordering, eating and paying their checks before we even got to add the sprouts to our soup. The table next to us had their sprouts before us and they didn't even have their pho yet. The thing about us that was different from the the patrons that were seated after us is we are Asian and they all appeared Caucasian. Take that for what it's worth. The wait staff was rude, unapologetic, and had no customer service skills what so ever. We will never go back.

Donald J.

What a laughable experience. Ordered through grub hub at 5:38 and estimated time of delivery at 6:20-6:30. Now on my 3rd text update and order says it MAY arrive at 7:40. Tried to call restaurant and received voicemail box which was full as app would not allow cancellation of order, even though not in route. Food is marginal at best.

A. T.

A Sonoma County healthy eater used to the world's freshest organics will taste the yucky, obviously canned, cheapest bulk ingredients in every bite. The dishes with some sort of sweet sauce are especially gross and reveal the clientele they are targeting. Healthy eaters should stay away but if you still frequent chains and fast food places like it doesn't matter you'll like that they do a reasonable job with the lowest quality ingredients possible - low quality produce can still be 'fresh'.

Rylee Lester

Asian food and the setting here is above par. I was so stuffed. The staff was very helpful and observant. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

Meredith Ortiz

Asian food and service at this place is super good. I can say this place does it for me. The service was very sociable and kind.

Joshua Kouma

Most things especially presentation were good. Food however, has too much sugar, especially if you lived outside the US for a minute.

Adrian Snyder

Asian food and service at this place is super good. Came in on a Thurs. Bring your hunger - portions are large.