Mary's Pizza Shack

3084 Marlow Rd, Santa Rosa
(707) 573-1100

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Honestly as a doordasher I can't help but see them as prejudiced against doordash delivery drivers. Every single time I go there they are always incredibly late every single time and I am sick of it! I just went there to pick up a double order and the first order they completed late of course but the second order which was simply just one item they couldn't get done. I was waiting there for several more minutes and just decide screw it I'd rather keep my ratings high by delivering the first order and not waste my time waiting for an order that will take forever to be done because they just don't care when I could deliver this one order and pick up an order from another restaurant that would actually try to get it done on time.Not only are they the worst Mary's Pizza shack in Santa Rosa but they are the worst in all of Sonoma county.

john logan

Two medium pizza’s, one with two toppings and one with three toppings (sparingly applied, $61.00. The pizza is simple not that good. Good bye to this joint.

Sarah Wright

My friend and I went here for lunch today. It was super good. I had the Mary’s salad and some pesto cheese ravioli. It was delicious. She got the minestrone soup and pesto rigatoni. I am obsessed with there raspberry iced tea. It just is so refreshing and make me happy. I love going here with all the variety of foods and it’s fun to mix it up each time. I will always come back here no matter what.

Sopa Gyurme

I had the chicken fettuccine lunch special that came with a Mary's salad. The salad was very fresh and the fettuccine was very good. This restaurant went off the rails during the pandemic but seems have gotten back to their former glory.

Tracy Elliott

My 9 year old son got food poisoning he had a Bambino Pizza he was fine all day the after he ate it started not feeling good he gets home and his stomache hurts and he has diarreha. I will never go here again sounds like salmonella to me.

Fil Fil

So I ordered online after leaving Petaluma, it said my order would be ready in 30mins. When I arrived I was rudely helped by a young female at the register. It took her 10 minutes to let me know one of my pizza’s was not made. Here I am expecting to pick them up, not wait for my pizza to be made. She said it would be 8 more minutes. I came back 10 minutes later and asked the same cashier if my pizza was ready, she then replied “that I didn’t have to keep asking and that she would let me know when my pizza was ready.” WOW. After waiting an hour for a pizza, realizing that the front staff is terrible, good pizza is not enough to put up with this.

Charlene Hartwig

Service was fantastic!I asked for a wedge and even though it was no longer on the menu, the chef was able to make me a wedge and it was absolutely delicious!

Suzzanne Vigil

Only one waitress on staff and she was nice. It did take long to pay in the front at register she was busy. We get it.

Brenda Salazar

We ordered a customized pizza and it was perfect! We love how the pizza was overloaded with pepperoni. Best pepperoni ever, has a bit of a spicy kick to it which just makes me love it even more.

Gary Greenwood

After a brief misunderstandingOn my original order,I filled outA customer surveyMarriage find out I thought they may be over the improved in that one area.I was pleasantly surprised when I received a phone call from the general managerDo allMary'sRestaurantsI explain to him how much I love their foodAnd customer serviceSo you may be able to prove in one areaAppreciated the input when he said he was going to do all he could.The next day I received a complimentary lunch delivered to my workVery nice to seeVery nice to see theseVery nice to see these daysVery nice to see these days there's peopleVery nice to see these days there's people out

Herb Hood

Always good. On the expensive side so I don't eat here often. Spent over twenty bucks last time for a salad and garlic bread

Devin Vega

The pizza is good, the staff is friendly, and the service is reasonably timely. Be on the lookout for the sauces you request. The marinara may not be served hot, and if you aren't careful, they may give you ranch instead of marinara. Quite a shock if you aren't familiar with the locals' predilection for mangling cheese sticks.

Karen Cusolito

The pizza here is glorious, I'm a thin crust fan so I cannot comment on any other style. The Sonoma Spinach Salad with tamari dressing is just out of this world!!!I would give Mary's a five star review, but they still use plastic takeout containers.☹️☹️☹️

Daniel Kofman

I’ve tried just about every pizza restaurant in Santa Rosa, and this one is by far the worst. Our pizzas ALWAYS come out burned, including the garlic pesto sticks. They always come crunchy, even though they’re not supposed to. I’ve had maybe 1 good experience here out of hundreds of pizzas over the years. The turnover rate is super high for the employees there, and the back of the kitchen is very unsanitary. I know because I used to work there a long time ago.


The chicken alfredo is not it. At all. I should’ve just bought the store alfredo sauce since this was non existent. I don’t even like Olive Garden but, at least their alfredo has flavor in the slightest bit.

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