Mary's Pizza Shack

535 Summerfield Rd, Santa Rosa
(707) 538-1888

Recent Reviews

Sophiaya C.

Thank you Sabrina for taking my order while my crazy 4 year old son was yelling at me to order him cheese pizza!! Lol everything was amazing as always and our little babe got to try the amazing ranch for the first time and was all smiles!!!

ariadna botello

We came in for lunch. It was pretty busy and I was getting impatient waiting for my food and having to return back to work on time. Manager came to me and apologized for the delayed. He made it right. I was also very impressed that as a manager he was cleaning tables, helping out, very hands on. Great customer service.

Bonnie S.

Ok virus alert! Went in for my pick up order. Clerk took my card rang it up and walked away. I'm standing there waiting and waiting while watching another young woman standing at the front counter WITHOUT gloves scoop butter into little cups one by one using the individual cups- hand in deep container, sleeve in the container each time, at the front counter next to payment terminal. No gloves,no mask, no scoop, people waiting and standing right there Disgusting! My order was finally given to me after two other clerks asked if they could help me and the original clerk decided to end her conversation with the oven guys and take the box off the top of oven. And you people wonder why we don't tip on pickup orders!

Casey W.

Got a take out meal- they said 20 minutes on the phone showed up in 30 (because 20 minutes seemed too good to be true, and I would rather be a couple minutes late then sitting there waiting) when I showed up she took my payment and put my receipt down and didn't say another word. I walked to sit down because I figured she was done. She then called the next person up and too their info. I sat waiting there for 15 minutes and I finally asked when our order was going to be ready. Turns out she lost our ticket so the other lady had to go print it back out. She checked the pizzas (like she should have done in the first place) then grabs the pizza that has been sitting done since I walked through the door. Our pizza was warm at best. I know the girl was overwhelmed and stressed but the fact that she couldn't even take 30 seconds to look for my order when I got there is not good customer service. We live in a Door Dash world now, so bottom line is they need to dedicate more hands and customer service to their to go orders. This place is going down hill and it very disappointing. The last few times we have eaten in we have had not so great experiences. I miss the quality customer service they used to make a priority..

Ed Teixeira

I thought that there Salad was Good but the Pizza was Very Disappointing. Obviously not owned by the Mary's Pizza Family any longer, Very few Toppings, Greasy, poor Quality dough. I wouldn't Recommend this Restaurant

Richard D.

Close family style food. One of our favorite places to go eat. Tasty selections to fit everyone taste and pleasures. Great helpful stafff.

Shannon Kennedy

Was able to taste my favorite pizza once again. Clam, garlic and parsley on a cheese topping. Very delicious with Blue Moon beer.

Jason R.

The servers here are always prompt, friendly, and helpful. The food is hit or miss. None of it is disgusting but just not the best. Some things, though, like the Italian BLTA sandwich are great. It's not too hard to get a seat without a reservation which is nice, and their prices are reasonable. One issue is sometimes there is a lack of parking out back.

Taj Cirillo

Aside from being a staple in Sonoma County, Mary's has a great menu, a family friendly ambiance and doesn't break the bank to fill up the family.

Eliza C.

We ordered the current special which is a medium two topping pizza with two small side salads , we order from Mary's at least once a month. The pizza was pepperoni with mushrooms, when it arrived my daughter pulls a strange clump off and places In my hand. After further examination it was a clump of burnt brown hair that was likely mixed in wIth the mushrooms. I am so disgusted and disappointed that one of our go to places would send that out. We will be exploring other pizza options in the future.

Donald G.

I usually enjoy Marys Pizza but ever since they have door Dash deliver their pizzas everything has been unacceptable I do not recommend them to anybody if you want good Marys Pizza you have to go order yourself and make sure you check in the box because DoorDash screwed up so Marys manager delivered my pizza late and soggy Free pizza or not I'd rather go not sorry Marys Don G out

Jeff Thompson

Very disappointed. As a local business owner, we spend more than $500/mo bringing in Mary’s for our team. Tonight I spent more than 15 minutes on hold trying to order food to go and finally just gave up! Good customer service would have been to check in, let me know you are busy, let me know what to expect. Instead, two calls straight to hold and hung up on, and one call answered, asked to hold, and then left there indefinitely. Not good. Summerfield location needs some training in how to treat customers! I would have even been fine with “we are crazy busy and it will be a long wait”... but ignored is just unacceptable.

Ta Dang

Reasonable price and friendly service. Great pizza.

Montoya Barton

The manager Junior went above and beyond today to deliver my client's food. You're kindness is appreciated. Thank you

Danny G.

We love going to Mary's Pizza Shack especially my granddaughter she loves the spaghetti and meatball and usually eats the whole plate herself. The staff are so nice to us and go out of the way to make sure little Lucy is happy with her experience. Would definitely recommend to all Santa Rosa residents Come check this place out.

Yolanda C.

I am sitting here with my family table of 8 people. I wait for you Sabrina came and got our order. Two large pizzas. We ordered drinks. 45 minutes past no food no one came to acknowledge our table. I had to wave down another waitress to get refill on or drinks finally spoke to another waiter. And ask for a food he tells me that there was a big order and we were delayed. Another 30 minutes went by I asked for a food again only to find out that the waitress had forgot to put our order in. So disappointed. I took an hour and 25 minutes just to get two pizzas. Will not be coming back here again.

Hailey V

Pizza and the scene here is better than most. Came here on a Friday I think. Prices are decent for the quality. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

Casey Sluys

Pizza seemed as though it was left out too long, real tough crust, needed my pocket knife to cut it. Canadian bacon was added AFTER pizza went through the oven. I'll drive to Boyes Hot Springs next time.

Darlene Diotte

Too spicey for me good but to much hot spicey

Bridget Pollock

Great food. Great service. Great prices.

Luis M

pizza, yeah, excellent. The service was friendly and sociable.

Sean Pardue

Ahh the best minestrone soup ive ever had . Thank you mary..

Keaton Green

Always a good eat. Everything on their menu is delicious

Stephen E.

Tried to phone last night (11/12/19). Got music, a long annoying advertisement and then a busy signal. This happened twice so I gave up that. Then I tried to order online, but there appeared to be no option for pickup, only delivery. Used Union Hotel instead. I suggest that if the line is busy that should be the first thing that happens on a call, not the last. I go to Mary's a lot (at least once a week), but if this keeps happening I will change to another pizza place.

Malachi S

My fav place for delicious pizza. Arrived at five, it wasn't busy. Next time I'll be back with my relatives.

Caitlen S.

This Mary's I've had several issues with; hair in food, poor service, not receiving items, etc. I LOVE Mary's though, so I keep coming and this establishment is far better than the 4th street one because of staff. Alexandria is hands down the BEST waitress I've ever had! She makes the experience phenomenal with her courteous nature, fast service and personable attitude. I am so happy when I am seated in her section because it makes the bad experiences here worthwhile!

carlos sepas

Extremely expensive, stamped out corporation food. Was good 10 years ago. Not anymore.

Dianna Smaltz Uyehara

Best meatball I have ever eaten!!!great service!!

Crystal Alexander

Great service. Plenty of tables. Wings were tasty, pizza fresh, hot, timely, delicious. Grandkids liked watching pizza dough being made by cooks up front. No bar only down side. Was surprised about that. Mary's usually has excellent cocktails and great bar staff. Overall great place for dining for all ages and family. Really appreciated the bench outside in the shade for waiting parties to arrive. Cool breeze on a hot day, in shade on a bench great. Would have loved a glass of water though.

Jake M.

A group of my friends and I went here for a reunion dinner and our waitress..."ALISA" was rude, and like not social at all. Not even that she forgot some orders and when we asked for more beers she said "for who" and are you sure.... like so fucking rude.

Jake S.

We love this Mary's location and often get food to go that we can eat at the nearby pool on a hot day. While sometimes busy during the dinner rush, the staff is welcoming and the food is delicious. Last night Manager Dylan went above and beyond to help us with our order. This place will continue to be one of our frequent destinations with the kids.

Nancy Hayssen

Delicious pizza, salads and appetizers! Our family loved all the food we got. I loved my BBQ Chicken pizza. We were delighted by an amazing server who took great care of us. 😊

sarah lohner

Great quality food! Good service. Takes a little while to get your order but it's hot and delicious. 3 stars because it's a little pricy without offering and meal type deals. All salad etc is separate.

Giant Veg

Loved this place. great service and food

katrina thomas

The food here is consistently good, but really the thing I most like is the wonderful service.

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Delicious pizza, salads and appetizers! Our family loved all the food we got. I loved my BBQ Chicken pizza. We were delighted by an amazing server who took great care of us. ?

Claire P.

Our server was a bit sassy and had an attitude. Seating outside was nice but way too many wasps. Inside seating is nice but can fill up quick on a weekend night, and is a little crowded. The Food was decent, as usual. Their pizza is good but nothing killer. I do have to say that the bread is delicious. I really just come here nowadays because it's a local classic

magic Emerald

Great quality food! Good service. Takes a little while to get your order but it's hot and delicious. 3 stars because it's a little pricy without offering and meal type deals. All salad etc is separate.

Marty P.

Just awful lunch and service Got to Mary's on Summerfield at 12:45 left at 2 pm Our waitress was only responsible for one table out of the five outside. The other two waitresses were seen often ours came out one time with her drinks and one time with her food we didn't see her for 20 minutes after we ate The other two waitresses were seen often ours came out one time with her drinks and one time with her food we didn't see her for 20 minutes after we ate So I'm not sure if she was busy inside? But when I went inside to pay swiping down tables. Let me back up We asked for two waters and a beer 10 minutes later we received one water and one beer. We ordered s salad and sandwich to split. 20 minutes later we got our chicken sandwich which was awful !!! It had no flavor at all !!! Just a plain boring chicken sandwich (Little chunks of overcooked chicken) with no flavor at all If it didn't have a piece of bacon on it that's the only flavor it had The Focaccia bread was totally dry and overcooked (Like a cracker) way too long in the oven You know the story ...,,after waiting for so long and you're hungry you just eat it to fill the void .....but we never saw our waitress again, until I went inside to get our bill to pay and get out of there. this is not typical for this Mary's But it's obviously this girl was No I didn't have proper training.

Dave Sanders

I sure missed the Mary’s Special Combo. Pizza. YUM