2446 Patio Ct, Santa Rosa
(707) 542-8282

Recent Reviews

Mathew Betton

Best in town. Gary is very creative and always welcoming when we come in

Emery M

Japanese food and the scene at this location is excellent. Very appetizing. The service here is friendly. This place has a nice design. Food and feeling reminds me of Kansas City.

Kathleen Casey

japanese food and the atmosphere at this location is excellent. Service is always timely even when they have a full house. Service is typically good. Prices are fair I would say. This place has many good reviews for a reason.

Jody Bruce

Outstanding spot for delicious japanese food. Very savory. The service was helpful and kind. I can see why they have a lot of good reviews.

Larry C

One of my preferred places for Japanese food. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. It has an awesome atmosphere. Like a restaurant in Washington I liked.

R A Juarez

Fine spot for delicious japanese food. entered near ten, it was not crowded. i'll return with my friends. prices were good for how much you get.

Aaliyah Leach

japanese food and the atmosphere at this location is super good. Looking forward to coming back with my relatives. Prices are fair.

Arian Ali

I celebrated my nomination earlier this evening in this great place. happy to tell that we enjoyed a superb evening and the place was absolutely one of the reasons for this successful celebration. The crew contributed in a graceful manner, the cuisine was great and my friends were so happy. We shall surely come back again for more events. Thank you very much.


Came with family (adults) for dinner. Sushi was fresh as always. Shrimp martini is a great appetiser. Good service and friendly staff.

Ebony Walker

Just came from lunch here and had to post. Sooo good! They have all kinds of sushi reasonably priced. And Japanese meals. (Their tempura is light and not greasy. ) bento boxes are great. And they have Chinese food too! And a full bar. Perfect. Good food. Fast and friendly service. Reasonable prices. Don?t miss. Actually kind of hard to find. It?s on the street just south of Montgomery Village and behind the fast food place.

Janis Tanner

Delicious as always...tey Wakitaki sake!

Vince A.

A very busy restaurant waiter was efficient food came quick and all of it was delicious my wife and I will definitely be back for another round of sushi

devin w.

Awesome sushi and a great dining experience! This is my go to place! I always go for the Otoro sashimi and martini prawns!

Jordan Hume

Favorite sushi place!! Employees are very nice and super helpful. The atmosphere at the bar is high energy and so much fun! Highly recommend!

cami courtright

Very good sushi and nice atmosphere. It is definitely one of the best sushi restaurants in Sonoma County, I'm often disappointed when I go elsewhere. Good service as well.

Otis Orsburn

Awesome menu and Chef Gary Chu!

kelly e.

Osake is the best spot for sushi is SoCo! I've been coming here for years with my friends and family! My fav spot to sit is at the sushi bar chatting with Gary and other patrons! The must get Rolls are The Spicy Kelly, Marilyn, Lisa and Carburetor!

Meggan Y.

Great restaurant! Excellent food, excellent service! Everything I tried was delicious and fresh. Waiter was helpful and pleasant. Fun environment for a date night


Gary Chuâ??s venture into Japanese food has been a success for many years . He personally serves you at the sushi bar and the food is excellent. There are even a few Chinese dishes to remind you of Garyâ??s old Chinese restaurant. Service can be spotty some times but overall a great place for dinner .

Chris Carter

Gary Chu and his team create the best of Japanese dining experiences. We usually sit at the bar and enjoy special rolls and other suggested delights of Garyâ??s choosing. We have been coming here for years and are disappointed when we go anywhere else. Thank you Gary for your hospitality!!

Carolyn Jansen

Rolls are too loose, fall apart easily, used to be better


Very relaxed, quiet dining atmosphere. The service was friendly and attentive. The Martini prawns are nice starter, so good. The rolls are fresh and very flavorful. Veggie tempura was very lightly coated. A very enjoyable meal with family.


Very relaxed, quiet dining atmosphere. The service was friendly and attentive. The Martini prawns are nice starter, so good. The rolls are fresh and very flavorful. Veggie tempura was very lightly coated. A very enjoyable meal with family.

doug schuler

Great Tempura.Martini Prawns.and my favorite roll..the Marilyn Monroll

Micheal Millsaps

This place has a really sterling reputation with a Zagat rating. This was my first time dining here. Although the food was very good, I don't think it warrants 5 stars. The ambiance is fairly muted an appealing sparseness... low key and muted. I ordered the Tempura B. These were the high point of my meal. I also had the Lemon Chicken and was kind of disappointed. The chicken itself was a flat, breaded chicken cutlet, with an average, lemon, cornstarch thickened sauce. It was just, "run of the mill", at best. Also, like nearly every restaurant in this entire viticulture crazy area, the wine list is pretty extensive and the bar offers a ton of mixed drinks. I know that I'll be eating here in the not too distant future, so I'm hoping that different entrees bring dishes that I can rave about.

keith armistead

Great atmosphere and awesome food first time here definitely will be coming back

Scott R.

Took my wife to be here on our first date over 10 years ago, it was AMAZING back then I made a great 1st impression with my restaurant choice on that nite...... been coming to Osaka's ever since but not in the last year we don't get many date nites these days with a young child and until last nite it had been over a year since our last adult nite out so we chose Osaka's, first off service was 5 star, martini prawns were good but I thought the sushi rolls we ordered 4 different selections were just ok the best being the fresh eel roll, Unfortunately one of the patrons last nite decided to bring their SICK child with them to dinner, so it was very difficult to carry on o conversation with my wife with all the deep Loud coughing going on 2 tables away it was disappointing to say the least, overall service amazing food ok and ambiance a big fat 0 for the distractions going on around us, We will go again just cause this was always the go to spot I just hope next time is better on are once a year date nite out

Terie H.

This place was pretty good, but I wasn't sure if I was going to give it three stars or four. It was pretty packed and the service was good, but I found it to be a little pricey. I ordered a tempura shrimp roll and it tasted good but it was really small and not as crispy as I like it. The edamame was delicious and the house salad was not too bad. But believe it or not they really had good cheesecake.

Michael Leet

Very very expensive sushi but wow. Amazing. If they would be more reasonable with they're prices I would eat there more often.

Dan Flowers

Always been a reliable source of quality Sushi in the Montgomery village area. Very comfortable with a friendly staff and a very authentic feel..

Andrew L.

Just OK. I'd been hearing some good things about Osake and I left disappointed. For the price (which I'll get to in a minute) I expected much better. The service was friendly, we were seated promptly during a busy dinner, and our sushi came quickly. We ordered yellowtail and salmon nigiri, as well as an Alaska roll and spider roll. The fish was very tasty! Definitely fresh. However, the soft shell crab was lackluster. Both rolls fell apart like they'd been rolled by amateur chefs. The rice was undercooked on the rolls to the point it was unpleasant and crunchy. The damage for everything you see? $37 plus tip. I'll pass, and instead recommend: Yireh Sushi, Sushiko, and Sushi Hana for the times where utmost quality is your goal.

Dana A. Glei

This is our favorite sushi place in Sonoma County. When you walk in the door, the chef/ owner, Gary Chu, welcomes you from his station at the sushi bar where he seems to be every Saturday night. The food is excellent, and the service is impeccable.

Teri F.

I have been coming here for years - like 15 years. My kids were raised on this sushi! Gary is always behind the counter and ready for a chat. The sushi is great and they are always willing to make you what you would like. Even if it doesn't exist. He will listen and create you something. There are even great off menu items he makes. Just ask. There are reviews on here where the people are not happy with service or food. You just need to take a minute and speak to Gary or his wife - they will make it right. You can always compare this to other sushi restaurants and say they are better or this is better...It is a matter of preference. I bounce between this restaurant and another one and it all depends on the special rolls I am in the mood for! Gary also had at one time a Chinese food restaurant downtown - it was very good too, but is now closed. There are some Chinese food items on the menu which are very good. I opted for that sometimes when I wasn't in the mood for sushi and husband was! I am thankful for the options!

Rob M.

Liked Osake alot. Seems like Yelpsters go all in 4/5 reviews or all out 1/2 stars on Osake. I don't have an explanation for that but will agree with the upper end of the scale. Dined with a large group, service was terrific and found everything to be very tasty. Especially enjoyed a corn soup starter and the mushroom medallions over rice with vegetables. Very good indeed. The super Veg/Vegan friendly menu had lots of choices for everyone. Might be a Dr. McDougall influence in the area but the menu also highlighted "oil free" entrees and offerings.

L S.

This place is overpriced and nothing has flavor. I'm willing to spend money at a Japanese restaurant, I know they are usually on the more expensive side. However, I'm ok with paying if the food is actually good! Again, nothing had flavor, everything was average and did not seem fresh at all. Worst sushi we've had around here. Do not waste your money here, so many better Japanese restaurants to go to!!

Chris M.

One of my favorite sushi restaurants in the Bay Area. I am in the food service business which has me dining out often and I know and appreciate quality when I see it. Gary has done nothing but impress every time we have dined. Recently we had the Omakase and it was phenomenal. One of the best meals I've had. Each plate was well thought out, balanced and delicious. The Alaskan crab and Kobe beef were the standouts for me. I do wish that there were some sashimi dishes, but I'll get those next time. Well done Gary!

Candie N.

I have been going to this place for a long time. I always find it so endearing that Gary and his wife and his daughter work the restaurant. His food is fresh clean and good but the service has a lot to be desired. We had a waiter last night that was so cold and rude and disconnected it made me not want to go back.

Kaylee Tanner

Japanese food and the atmosphere at this place is excellent. Visited on a Thursday. The staff was friendly and observant. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Atlanta.

Krista Lang

Fine place for Japanese food. Everyone at our table was very satisfied. Prices were fair for the quality of the food.

glory kennemer

Excellent service, pleasant atmosphere, and delightful sushi.