Round Table Pizza

550 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa
(707) 538-1777

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Ordered online pizza was supposed to be ready at 5:45pm got to the restaurant at 5:55pm My order tag was hanging on the tab thing but no pizza???He’s like, “it’s gonna be 20 min or we can give your money back” no sorry no can I get you a soft drink on the house while you wait nothing!! I have people waiting for this pizza of course I need you to make my f-in pizza!! Ugh just sooo disappointed!! ??

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 4

Service: 1


Not really sure why people complain, EVEN after knowing they are understaffed... If you know someone who needs work how about suggest that? just a thought:)

Ben G.

Worst service I have seen. Good luckWorst place you could ever go. Don't do it. Never pick up there phone. So under staffed.

Luis R.

Pick up the phone just to say they closed 2 minutes ago and hang up what kind of service do they serve here and who taught them their manners

jim b

This specific Round Table Pizza, when we visited (as out of towers) really was a mess. We ordered 3 beer pitcher's for 8 adults, 2 salads, some twisty bread sticks and chicken wings. First the food was about a 3 star the service was a 4 only for the server, the manager was less than a 1 star. And here is why: the beer was bad, all head, instead of trying to fix or replace the kegs he gave us 3 half kegs and only charged us for 2. I didn't know this until after we went to our fist winery later in the day. That didn't make sense. The salad bar temperature was not calibrated. Lettuce was frozen, other products were warm. One of our party took a plate for ranch dressing and the guy asked "did you leave any?" Note the sarcasm.... I think that if that 1 person was replaced and someone was there to appreciate the customer, the employee and took time to check on things it would easily be a 4 star.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 3

Service: 2

Recommended dishes:

Tila B.

I was shocked by the reviews when I pulled up this location I visited yesterday but I myself had a completely greater experience. I came in to order a pizza to go and a salad for here so I could eat while I waited for my order. I have to compliment the young brunette behind the counter that helped me. Her customer service was above and beyond. She even offered me a water and extra napkins. It's the little things like this that don't go unnoticed and are appreciated by someone. I personally was not having the best of day but the way I was treated here it's hard to find customer service that is sincere. I felt welcomed. Thank you, and my pizza was made quick yummy and I ate it the whole drive home. Thank you! Keep doing the little things to make people smile whoever you were, I'll definitely be back and miss coming to Roundtable. It's a childhood fave for me!!!

Elisa O.

We have been going to Round Table Pizza for years. We recently moved to Santa Rosa. This is a very convenient location, next to Oliver's Market. There is plenty of parking. The staff are friendly and helpful. I was surprised to see this location had such a low rating so I felt compelled to write a review.We have gone to this location on multiple occasions. The staff have been helpful (although they do try to up-sell - every time I call). John is polite and friendly. The ingredients seem as fresh as they can be at any chain restaurant. It's clean but we usually order and pick it up. Convenient, tasty, good ingredients, great crust, consistent. We like to make our own so we choose the toppings as well as the Maui Zaui pizza.It's a little pricey but that's just a sign of the times...

Lydia Gravelyn

My order was incorrect several times. After the 3rd time in a row, I decided to call the location to discuss. The manager not only yelled at me. provided me with made up manager names and were incredibly unprofessional. Horrible customer service. When I asked who the owner of this location was, she hung up on me. .. classy.

Victoria A.

The food was beyond expensive for what we ordered. Just a simple medium sized vegetable pizza. That's it. With tip, delivery charge and tax it came to OVER $55.00. Then it was probably the WORST pizza I have EVER had. I used to love Round Table. NO MORE. I will NEVER order or visit this location (Montecito, next to Olivers) again. It was so bad, my husband who eats anything wouldn't finish his and I had one slice. We had to throw the rest away. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! But I won't get it. No one at Round Table cares that I had this experience.

Andrea Salinas Vasquez

You should have a line for pickup orders. Makes no sense to stand in like & wait 10-20 minutes for others to order when I've prepaid & my pizza is literally waiting behind the counter.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 4

J L.

Made an order over the phone for pick up. When I arrived they said they never got the order. It was because it was near closing and they just didn't want to do it. This location has steadily declined over the past two years. This regular customer is switching over to Mountain Mikes. Too bad. Its been a go-to for many years for my family and youth sports teams.

Ella oop

It was good service tho It did take awhile to get our food, we got it in I good amount of time definitely going back!

Wendy B.

I work in food service and am fully aware of the lack of employees, the lack of supplies, and the lack of customer service these days in general. I appreciate that employees show up. However, if you show up, do your best. You are still being paid to be here. You should still provide customer service. If you can't manage that, move on. Ordered a pizza was told 25-30 min. 35-40 minutes later and they just put it in the oven. Came out undercooked and cold. I would understand if it was busy but there were only 4 customers in the place. The toppings were raw and there were uncooked dough throughout. Now I have to wait again for another 30 minutes to get my dinner done correctly because the pizza place that only does pizza couldn't get it right the first time. This place has been declining since before Covid. Will nit get another pizza here again. Would not recommend this Round Table to anyone.

Josh C.

We went here on a whim...we messed up. We stood at the counter being ignored for over 5 minutes waiting to order. When someone finally took our order, he was robotic and rude. It was some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. When we asked for a supervisor, the rude employee gestured to an empty table, then finally had someone call up the manager. She hid in the back for 10 minutes. When we asked a second employee for the manager she as short and sarcastic as well. Horrendous

Sylvia D.

Next time you order a pizza ask them where they are at guarantee they are at the Philippines that is what I was told when I ordered a pizza because she did not know if she was in Santa Rosa or not... I asked her simple questions of the location and she had no idea... She said that they are outsourced to help the pizza companies... I will not order or eat here again they are taking the jobs away from the people living in Santa Rosa who need jobs.... What the h***

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