1199 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 527-4040

Recent Reviews

Alan Moreno

They close the lids to keep everything fresh

Elias Kerr

Dropped in on Mon I think. It has a great interior.

Tiffany K.

The girl who helped me was nice but felt bad that she was all alone. Once the other girl came in to help her she decide to talk badly about my son and I in front of us to the other girl, not thinking if we would understand her. Won't be going back there!

Sophie Golvani

Great subs and love their soup. Would come more often but the service is slow!

Pleaze Wilson

Always over priced fast food that aint even really helathy for you. I dont know why they act like it is good for you.

Atilio J.

I ordered a simple sandwich via DoorDash and I've tried to call six times to try to confirm the order because I wasn't sent a confirmation I'm not sure if you're reading this if you use DoorDash before but they always confirm your order before they make it in fact they tell you step-by-step what's going on and I called because there was no confirmation I live five minutes away on the drive and walking is about 25 minutes which is all fine and dandy but there's a reason I'm paying for the delivery fee. What's upsetting is I've been there plenty of times and I've seen them pick up phone calls so I'm not sure why they are ignoring my phone calls but it was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago and literally as I am writing This review I checked the app. They literally just sent me a confirmation and readjusted the time to another 27 minutes. Im not surprised they only have one star... Don't waste your time ordering from here or you're better off just showing up in person or simply going to a different location.

Anthony MacIntyre

Food is good but the poor girl is all by herself making sandwiches and there are a ton of people here in such a small store. Sending good vibs to her. 3 stars for poor management

Will S.

Only one guy works there, and though he is nice I have NEVER seen him wash his hands. He also gets the paper out before putting his gloves on, even if he has been touching his clothes/face beforehand. They need to have someone else working with him to tell him about basic hygiene. Would highly recommend you find a different location if you want a subway, it will be worth taking a longer drive.

Maria Blancas

Very good


Great sandwich

LaMont Anthony Wright

Very nice service.. located in a place that is "unfriendly" to lowered cars.. (hill in parking lot)

Iccy Marroon

The guy seemed extremley intoxicated and when I asked for bbq sauce he grabbed a bright red sauce and poured it all over my sandwich I said "is that bbq sauce?" He said"ya" and it said ASK US ABOUT THIS FLAVOR on it and I did he said it was bbq sauce it wasnt he didnt even bother to check it it tasted terrible he put hot sayce on my sandwich dont go here!

Tim Gonzalez-Martin

Much better staff for lunch than before. Occasionally runs out of fountain drinks. Small somewhat unwelcoming dine in area. Best to grab and go. To eat in use the Calistoga road Subway. Best in the area!

Kayla Meredith

Slow. only one person working in front doing everything.

Beverly Bowman

Great costumer service

Matt M.

Used the Subway App to order the veggie sandwich for the first time. The App was nothing special and needs more specials. I walk in to pick up my sandwich because the app has me use my debit card to preorder & prepay. The computers are down, can't order or pick up anything from store. I already paid for my sandwich. Now what? They have a phone number on the App... I called the number... no one picked up! Paid for sandwich, drove to pick-up, could not get anything, walked out empty handed and I paid. I called subway and they have no answering service??? GTFO. I went back the location two hours later. I got my sandwich that I already paid for and received 3 dollars back. You can make your own judgment if they made up for a major mistake.

Kellie Michelle

unbelievably untrained company... they couldn't figure out how to take my subway egift card. not even the customer service help line. pathetic company


I dont have to words to describe the service ive received here... Fire Everyone and start from scratch.


A regular Subway sandwich shop.Clean fresh veggies employee always wear new gloves when fixing the sandwichesFast and polite service

Ariella Zepeda

I literally just walked out of this subway. The employee was to out of to make my sandwich he had also just walked out of the bathroom and didn't wash his hands before he began to make my food. The man seemed extremely high and possibly drunk. Don't go here!

Nicolas Hernandez

The dude working sucks!! He seemed high

kelli Mcgourty

Staff could be a bit friendlier with customers

Mansoor Safi

I drove here on June 17, 2017 around 7:45pm and it was locked, with one guy in the store shaking his head "no" at every customer that would try to come in to order some food. The sign says store hours are until 9pm, and there was no explanation for why no one was allowed to come in. It makes a customer like me think twice about driving over here again. Other than that...I don't have too much of a problem...the place is short staffed, and it seems current management doesn't know how to efficiently deal with retention and turn over...or something...and it shows.

Mar G

By far the worst service I have recieved at a food service establishment. I walk in and there is a woman sitting at one of the tables telling the boy stocking the cooler what to do (im assuming she is a manager because she mentioned watching the employees on camara when she is at home). I ordered a sandwich and they didnt have the meat i wanted, instead of saying that they were out she yells to the lady sitting down that a employee told her he had done it yesterday she then walked away and vame back and said "we dont have any". While i ordered a different sandwich they all talked horribly about the employee that apparently didnt prep what he said he prepped. The "manager" said "ugh i dont want to close with angel" i find it rude to talk about fellow employees like that in front of a customer. I work near here and will just bot be getting subway for lunch.