Thuận-Phát Vietnamese Sandwiches

3020 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 889-3966

Recent Reviews

Anna Yan

These sandos are sooo good. The bread is soft crunchy- will not rip your lips apart. And the pate is so on point.

Daniel Weintraub

My friend! I miss you! Best sandwich in Santa Rosa.

Rachelle A.

The best in Santa Rosa to get any kind of Vietnamese sandwich. My kids and I love it here. So warm and fresh. Awesome and nice customer service.

Bryan T.

Pretty decent banh mi but the cucumber is a lil thick and the meat isn't ok flavorful. Cheap though and quick for a good sandwich.


Love this place!! I always get the #5.

A Google User

Good place for quality vietnamese food. Great location to meet with friends. Next time I'll be back with my coworkers.

Neil Barton

Good place for quality vietnamese food. Great location to meet with friends. Next time I'll be back with my coworkers.

Nyny T.

This place makes legit Vietnamese sandwiches at a great price! It reminds me of my days in the Bay Area. The #4 sandwich is my favorite. Every time I come here I have to order for a sandwich for all my family and relatives. Make sure to call ahead of time because they may have run out and be close for the day.

George S.

Very good and an amazing value too!! It's an unusual space with decorative items for sale and odd atmosphere. But it's our go to take out yummy lunch place!

Madhuri K.

Banh mi (pork and chicken) were all delicious, cheap and made quickly. Sesame balls were bad and would not recommend. Place is aesthetically weird - felt like we walked into a thrift shop. So order your sandwiches to go and enjoy.

Ross Kirkpatrick

Friendly Owners, great tasting sandwiches BUT I do wish the bread was Fresh....Far too dry !!!

Mae W.

Delicious sandwiches for the area!!! It's hard to find good Asian food! The bread is definitely crispy. The meat isn't much but just enough. I love the peppered meats and the pate. The veggies are well seasoned and the jalapeños is definitely spicy. I would definitely come back for more sandwiches.


Best sandwiches ever! Fast service, cheap prices, can’t find a better place than this!

McCabe Huntley

Place is a Hidden gem. Best Bread made fresh daily, and the pork and tofu sandwiches are amazing, ( i hate tofu most the time but there sauce is so saucy) . Weekly lunch spot fursur.

Anna Y.

These sandos are sooo good. The bread is soft crunchy- will not rip your lips apart. And the pate is so on point. I was super missing me some Viet food, being a transplant from Los Angeles. I'm so happy I found this place. Flavors are delicious and authentic, and you really can't beat the price.

Tiffany H.

SO GOOD. Baguette was on point. Meat was yums and flavorful. I got the #2 grilled pork sammich, and every bite felt like a festival in my mouth. Pretty cheap price as well!

Maria R.

What can I say?! They have amazing sandwiches! My husband never used to be a fan of banh mi sandwiches until he tried these ones! Everything is delicious! From the Vietnamese iced coffee and sandwiches. You can tell a lot of people love it her too because they're always selling out!

Arthur M.

I live really close and never even noticed this place. So discrete! Don't be fooled! This small hole in the wall is a small hole of gold and delicious, fresh, and mouthwatering sandwiches. 10/10 would go again. Ps: you can't beat $4 sandwiches...

Daryl R.

If your looking for a good Sandwich. They make the best. For only 4 bucks. They are closed WED

Kenneth S.

the bread is light and crisp, the pork is very flavorful. the pickled carrots and daikon are the same amount, not just carrots like most places i tried, best of all, its just 3.99

Jesse K.

If you are looking for a quick bite on a budget. This place will not disappoint. Best vietnamese sandwiches in town!!

Chris Hanson

My friend! Ther best

Yara Goldreyer

Super yummy sandwiches! This is one of my favorite places to eat in Santa Rosa.

Alley R.

I would give this place zero stars if I could. They are closed from July until the end of August. We drove here for breakfast after a long morning of packing up camp from Sugarloaf. So rude not to put a notice on any site that they are closed. We are going without breakfast to San Francisco. This is the second disappointment of the day.

Lynne P.

Hands down. I don't care what anyone says. Best Banh Mi in Sonoma County. The patè, crispy flaky bread, and fresh pickled veggies seals the deal. The owners are always so sweet and friendly. The only thing that kinda throws people off is the location and how they have other items like statues and stuff for sale inside as well. Also, hours varies. But the food is so so delicious! AND CHEAPs They have other Vietnamese quick specialties as well.

Shawn Gregorio

Best hole in wall sandwich shop. Get the #2, with extra meat!

Jon Wheeldin

Very authentic flavor, manageable portion sizes, and an excellent price. The staff is very friendly too

Jen R.

We had heard from different people how good their sandwiches we're. Finally made in today...we we're not disappointed. Delicious sandwiches and the prices are great. $16 fed our family of four. We'll definitely be back for more. The gentleman who waited on us was super friendly. There's plenty of seating if you want to eat there too. Highly recommend them. The #2 & #8 are what we had. They do have the more exotic sandwich, if you want something different, like ear & tongue. We stuck with chicken & pork. But, again, highly recommended for sure.

Jen L.

This place is THEE hidden gem! The best bahn mi around and guess what...$4!!! It's insane! This is a literal hole in the wall, no frills type of place with like 6 options. But it's all you need! So so fresh, so delish, AND they are super kind. I have yet to explore the more adventurous options, one day!You're welcome in advance! :)

Robert A.

Very nice people, really appreciate this place, it's always hard just ordering one, next time I'm getting another to take back home.

Susan B.

Decent Bahn Mi. Very cheap. Skimp on the meat. Decent bread. Good for a fast cheap lunch.


Great Bahn Mi, great coffee, and the owner is an awesome dude. Cash only.

Mia Dupard

The man running this place has such an inviting manner to all customers and he gets his orders out quick with a big smile! The sandwiches are very affordable, just $3.50 or $3.95. The banh mi bread is warm, soft and flaky and crumbles all over. Delicious. I could eat here for breakfast lunch and dinner to be honest. 10/10 coming back as often as I can!

Dave Smilie

The place is small and funky. The menu is limited. Neither of those matter. I'm always greeted with a hearty "hello, my friend," as is everyone else. The bahn mi is outstanding and the prices are reasonable.

Brooke D.

This is the most authentic banh mi restaurant I've been to in the north bay. They really hit it on the head, plus it's super affordable at $4 a sandwich that's a steal. If you get there early enough they will have other Vietnamese goodies for sale as well. I love their steamed flat noodles! This is definitely a place for take out. Downside- the wait is kinda long and it's cash only.

KandS S.

Awesome banh mi sandwich. Super flavorful. Really enjoyed the spice. Good price. Friendly service. Definitely going back.

Karen S.

I'm so thankful this place exists. The banh mi here is legit. Ok firstly they have meats like headcheese, pig ear, and (probably pig) tongue, which I think some people might be afraid of. What do I care though, they're SO GOOD. Secondly, they're $4 before tax. It's cheap, authentic, delicious, and the owner is super friendly. I think the store sells other random stuff like vietnamese coffee filters, dried fruits, statues, ceramic pots, and canes with those funky cool designs that gangster kings or suave rich old guys would own. Fun to look around. The owner has that credit card reader thing for the phone (square?) now. I think there is an extra fee per transaction since credit card transactions at small places usually come with a fee. So if y'all wanna be cheap like me just keep bringing cash if you can remember to bring it.

dominic ligotti

This place has the best bah me sandwich I have ever had and the best price to.

Richard L.

This place is hands down the best banh mi restaurant in Santa Rosa and quite possibly the best banh mi I've EVER had. It's a smaller establishment but it was clean, the young lady that took our order(#1 and #2) was very sweet and friendly. I will most certainly be back and in greater numbers. I wish I could give Thuan Phat 10 stars. Everything about my banh mi was perfect, from the bread to the veggies to the pork, it was excellent in every way and super cheap at under $4 bucks per banh mi... What a steal!

Matty C.

One of the best Bahn Mi sandwiches I've had. I had the #2-pork and the #5-pig ears and tongue. I liked the #2 better but both were fantastic. The price is insane! $3.95 for this delicious sandwich! A "fusion" restaurant would be selling gear for $12+. This place is a steal. I will be back. Cash only!

Thuận-Phát Vietnamese Sandwiches

3020 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 889-3966