Korea House- Orient Express Restaurant

1884 Fremont Blvd, Seaside
(831) 394-9494

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Wes Kelley

45 minutes after taking our order we are still waiting for our food: tempura shrimp, miso soup and a noodle dish. Seriously, how long can that take. Tea is flavorless and side dishes unimaginative. Upon arrival, the miso soup is tepid, the broth flavorless, with too many green onions ànd tofu that is old and not tender. Our appetizer, shrimp tempura, has still not arrived. I guess they had to take a boat into the bay and cast a net. Our Korean bowl is a mixture of too hot and stone cold, with white rice stuck to the bottom of the crock potWould you eat here?

Kong Vang

First time here and I got to say the service was bad. The food was great but the waitress gave me and my family really really bad service. Meaning while we was ordering our food she told us that why we ordering so much food and didn't let us finish ordering our food. When we told her can we add more she straight up said no. As she keep serving us so kept harassing my family made us feel uncomfortable and didn't feel welcomed so we just left. I gotta say this that I will never come back here again

Aboud Yaqub

Nice Korean spot with good Kimchee Jigae (came out sizzling). Staff was also very nice and welcoming.Food: 4/5

Daryl Pioquinto

Food is very good and the service is excellent


We returned for dinner and we enjoyed every bite! I had the mackerel and wife had the kalbi with assorted kimchi. Everything was delicious.

Linda Y.

We got to go since my son didn't feel well. This is my first time eating here. I am quite impress considering where we are at. This isn't exactly SF, I didn't expect the food to be legit, like SF Korean food. I got the galbi tang soup for my son, since his stomach wasn't feeling right. The broth was a clear beef bone broth. He enjoyed it for sure. We ate the vegetables and short ribs with it. It was so soft the beef short ribs. It was so delicious. We got the chapchae, La galbi, and spicy chicken dinner bento box too. Unfortunately I have no picture of the spicy chicken bento box. My husband finished it before I had a chance to take a photo of it. That should tell you how great it was. I believe you can see a photo from another Yelper. The beef short ribs (La Galbi) was so tender and perfectly marinated. We even got some side dishes of pickled vegetables like banchan in the Korean restaurant. That was a surprise for sure, since we got to go. The next time we come back to Monterey I will definitely come here again.

Paul DeRouen

Hunting around for good Tofu Soup in the Monterey Bay are and was happy to find this spot. Of the places I have tried this is the best for tofu soup.

Tasia Stockstill

Our server (probably the owner) was the sweetest lady. She made recommendations and checked on us repeatedly. She even congratulated us on being such great eaters. The food was excellent. Great portion sizes. If we didn't all live out of state, we'd be back.Food: 5/5

Teresita Smith

Excellent service, food and ambience. Great authentic Korean dishes.Coming back again, for sure!Parking: Parking no problem.Wheelchair accessibility: Easy in and out, no steps.

Anne V.

One of my favorite restaurant, staff are very accommodating they always greet you with a smile. You can invite friends for karaoke night. Food so appetizing

Dave S.

Wow! It's been nine years since my last review of Orient Express which is now Korea House-Orient Express. Some new owners, new signage, new paint job but not new menus. Must of kept the cooks. Stopped in for lunch on a Sunday with my wife, seated quickly. Not another person in the whole place that didn't work there. The nice lady that waited on us was new to us and quick to take our orders. She was "kinda " in a hurry, I'm thinking her own lunch was getting cold at another table. Okay. We both ordered our usual lunches of one soup and a broiled mackerel with some sides, rice and tea. All were as we remembered, filling us up without waddling out. Last words...yea sure.

Tori E.

One of the best Korean spots in Monterey! All of the meats are well flavored and come out hot and fresh. The banchan and kimchi are also good. If you're looking for a Korean restaurant in the area, I highly recommend this place.

Tough-Critic O.

This restaurant is really good and I have been here several times since the new owners took over. They have been working hard on cleaning up the the food and portions are much better. Jay the owner has remarkable hospitality and he even goes around the restaurant checking on customers. I'm also glad he kept the older waitress who's been here for years. My only reason I don't come here as often is because of the location and the homeless people lurking around the parking lot. I unfortunately don't feel safe parking my car in their parking lot. I also need to mention that the parking lot is in deplorable condition with huge potholes that can severely damage a car. If you read this and decide to eat here just be careful of the homeless lurking around and lock your vehicle. The spicy chicken or spicy pork is definitely worth ordering.

Alisa Tsenko

The food was delicious but the waitress forgot about request not to add meat. She brought a dish that contained meat. Nevertheless, it was a lovely placeFood: 5/5


Spicy food. Properly cooked. Presentation was pretty. Me. Chopsticks were provided. The Korean beef was excellent. The service was good.

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Korea House- Orient Express Restaurant

1884 Fremont Blvd, Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 394-9494