Seasons Bistro and Tavern

41830 Tollhouse Rd, Shaver Lake
(559) 683-7720

Recent Reviews

Drea L.

From just passing by and glancing at the cozy, woodsy exterior, we were immediately hooked on visiting this place for dinner! After hiking all day in Yosemite, we came back down to this lovely little family-run food spot and were so graciously met by a sweet hostess. Our waitress was super kind and so well-spoken, too. Everything was amazing--the ambiance, the service, the music, the VIEW!!, and especially the food! If you're looking for a nice dinner spot, I would absolutely recommend this place! (Reservations are recommended)

Lora W.

Probably one of the worst dinners in a while for me. Dijon rubbed ribeye was mostly fat and gristle, French onion soup and mashed potatoes were cold and all was salty. Beer had two inches of foam on top. SO MUCH SALT. I was so disappointed. The service was slow and inattentive. My companion had the chicken parmesan. It was mediocre. The dessert was pretty good though, it was cobbler. I wont be back here, Im sorry to say since I was so looking forward to a decent meal.

Lynn L.

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!! If you are Asian be prepared to starve. 2 hour wait to sit down (when they told us 45mins) and then they'll ignore you once you finally get a seat and won't let you order. We obviously left after multiple waiters passed our table without any acknowledgement. Felt extremely disrespected. Hate to play the race card but unfortunately, we felt the racism tonight. What a shame....

Heather M T.

We just finished our Valentines dinner and it was amazing! Had garlic bread and potato croquettes for appetizers, both delicious and very generous servings. My husband had the rib eye and I had the pasta with pink sauce, again, delicious and large helpings. White chocolate cheesecake to round it out. The drinks are innovative with generous pours. While the prices may seem on the high side, we came away with enough leftovers for at least another meal.

Jack C.

We randomly walked in to this place not expecting much. However, we ended up having one of the best meals ever. The cocktails were on the point (Thanks Amanda). Food was world-class (Try Beef Wellington). Wine mark-up was very reasonable ($10 only to retail). Best of all, the vibe and ambience was very unique...hunting lodge with California cool. Music sound system and the jazz heavy play list was perfect. The table close to wood burning fireplace was cherry on the top.

Monica V.

What a great experience. Lindsay the chef and owner really goes the extra mile !!!the food was great and the atmosphere is even better. Plus they accommodate gluten free! We will be back a truly magical place!

Sandra Matos

Chicken and Waffles..... this was honestly the best breakfast, it was so good we went back the next morning and ordered it again. The chicken was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, same for the waffle. All the flavors blended so well. The owners and staff were great.

Gosia G.

Went for Thanksgiving dinner. The restaurant wasn't full but the service was very slow. Everything seemed very disorganized. Cobbler was horrible. You might think that with the pre set menu everything would go smooth but everyone was waiting for a long time. A couple next to us waited for their salad for over 30 minutes. When we left they were still sitting at the empty table.

Kingman G.

This place is special, and I'm not saying that because of the lack of options in the area. Great ambiance, good food and great service (thanks, Kat!). We had a variety of people (83 to age 4) and there was something for everyone. And everything we got was tasty. The starters - beef tips, brussel sprouts and garlic bread were good. The entrees - steak frites, curry bowl, chicken parm, sea bass and salmon were all delicious. Deserts were all homemade and also devoured. Highly recommended for many reasons.

Ann B.

For anyone looking for bn immersion into the western heritage of logging, hunting, narrow gauge trains, while dining, don't miss this wonderful gem. Admire the gorgeous wood plank tables and the huge Buffalo Bar, fireplaces, and unique light fixtures as you are guided to your table. We started with delicious maple-walnut-bacon Brussels sprouts. Delicious! Then the salmon special with an orange glaze, veggies & rice. I had the vegan Thai bowl, which Thai food aficionados will not recognize. Stick with salads and you should be good. The server was fantastic, so ready to helpful in any way. We probably wouldn't have found this restaurant were it not for our Airbnb hostess, Betty, in Fish Camp. it was a perfect crown on our day of water quality monitoring on the South Fork Merced River and hiking up to Chilnualna Falls!

Joseph A.

This place is the absolute best. Nothing within 50 miles comes close our waitress Jasmine was an absolute pleasure and every time I come back to Yosemite I'll be coming back here!!!

David C.

Decent for the area. Clean spot for a nice relaxing time after a long day at the lake. Service was spotty, getting the check and water refills tough. Probably very difficult when it gets loaded with people. They had heaters at the time so choosing a place with them definitely helped. Everyone had the same idea though haha. We had gotten an order of the brussel sprouts and a half chicken with a citrus glaze to split. The brussel sprouts were undercooked but the sauce was good. Didn't have enough in there though to try and soak things. The main entree took quite a while, we had a few drinks during the wait. The chicken itself was cooked well, but didn't have much flavor of its own. The glaze was light and only on the skin. I liked the vegetables that came with it but obviously shouldn't be the star of the show in this case. All in all, decent to stop by. I like the seasonal drinks and their assistance with temperature extremes but the food was lacking. I'd probably try another place for food unless a drink after a long day seemed like the best choice for the moment.

Mrs. P.

Such great service and they accommodated my gluten free needs. I am celiac and our waitress spoke with the chef and they made sureeverything safe for me: love when businesses go out of their way .

Teri A.

I am not one to write reviews but I had to say something about our dining experience recently. It was very busy for a Thursday evening. We waited for quite a while before our waitress arrived to take our order from the bar and it took quite a while to get our drinks. Our waitress also took our order and we specifically requested two onion soups with an order of garlic bread. Only one soup arrived with the garlic bread. Our waitress seemed pretty confused about what we ordered and said she would get another soup. She came back twice to let us know they were working on getting the second soup. She never offered to take back the first soup to keep it warm. I decided to try the soup before it got cold and was surprised by how salty the French onion soup was. I should have immediately returned it but I was afraid that it wouldn't arrive with the other soup so I said nothing. My dining companion finally got his soup and he agreed that it was rather salty too. The rest of the meal was delivered and was quite delicious but service was still slow. Prices are pretty steep but this was a special occasion so we decided to celebrate. We usually dine out where soup or salad are offered with the meal along with bread/rolls being offered. Everything is pretty much a la carte at Seasons.

Jenna Buckley

I really hope it isn’t true that the investor who bought this shopping complex ran this restaurant out because it’s one of a kind. Fabulous food and great service everytime

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