California Bowl Sushi Teriyaki

1464 Madera Rd # D, Simi Valley
(805) 583-0588

Recent Reviews

Thomas Shigoka

I really liked the food and the service was great. Prices were very fair and the portion size was huge for what I paid. I’ll definitely be back.Vegetarian options: Saw a bunch of Vegetarian options on the menu, including tofu tempura, veggie tempura, and a few veggie rolls. Stoked!Parking: Tons of parking.

anii ange

Wonderful customer service and delicious food

Robert Kurashige

Great meal choices, bowls to rolls, platters

Nancy B.

I love love love this place! Go there usually 2 times a week! Everything is excellent. Not much atmosphere but who cares when the food is always awesome. The owner Sun is a sweetheart, she always remembers my name. Been a customer for at least 8 years! Go in and check them out!

Maryam Behnezhad

The guy who stands in the cashier. OMG he had an attitude. Stopped by to enjoy their Ramen soup. I was handed a pack of food even though I wanted to eat inside. I Was treated like “why are you here!!” “Leave”. The cashier guy didn't even stop to listen when I said I want to dine inside. He handed the take away food and left? . I asked for Napkins. I was told why you want more!!! I gave you some in the plastic. This is not how you treat your clients. Absolutely not recommended

Matthew P.

California Bowl is still going strong. It is nice when you find a place that is consistently reliable. My last review was over six years ago and the place is still terrific. I just thought I would update my earlier review.

Andrew C.

Good sushi at good prices. I have been enjoying my take out food for 5+ years at this location. Only thing that would make this place better and would get 5 stars would be adding an online ordering system instead of waiting for someone to pick up the phone.

Mike Z.

The is just fine not the greatest not the worst but the guy that takes your order is "gruff", to put it politely.

Robert A.

I have been eating at California Bowl for more than a decade. I was there when "Kelly" was there going to nursing school, and it is a true small family owned and run business. Their food is amazing. So the cashier is a little, testy, deal with it. Poor guy is there 7 days a week, give him a break. Their food is the freshest and best there is in Simi. Whether you get a chicken bowl, or sushi, you will be happy. Your stomach will be happy. Your day will be better. Go there and eat. Order for take out. It is all good. Fill your life with good Chi. Go where the cops go, they know what is good food. You'll almost always see a cop car there during the lunch hour. They even have a roll called the PD K-9. Eat, live, love. I'm not even a big fish guy and I eat their sushi.

Danielle G.

I've been coming here for a very long time. You cannot beat the quality and value. Definitely the most inexpensive Japanese food in Simi and really bomb! I've tried a few things but California bowl is my fave since you get teriyaki chicken bowl with 2 cut Cali rolls on top. They are super friendly too. No rude guy here as people have mentioned besides he's not that bad he's just quite.

Alexia A.

This review is for the worker only!!! Horrible service. Definitely not bringing in business. He basically led me to canceling my phone order. Go anywhere else, I promise the food is not worth his horrible attitude/energy.

Stephen T.

Always fresh fish and skillfully prepared this little sushi spot is my go to for takeout when I want a meat free dinner. Great poke salad and lots of special rolls on the menu. For those who don't eat sushi they have chicken teriyaki bowls and other noodle items.

Melissa S.

The food is good but alsoexpensive and without fail you will have to deal with that miserable moody cashier. Today he got upset at me for getting some sanitizer on the receipt because he said it damages the paper. Well then have a "clean cup" and a "dirty cup" like a lot of other businesses do like the Chinese place by my house. That way, don't have to be grossed out touching your germy pens. The $13 chicken teriyaki box used to come with me so complimentary when you dined in but now they want to charge $2.50 for it. Keep it. I guess I'll ask for a separate plate and they said they don't have any plates, just to go containers. All food is served to go even if you dine in. Annoying. At least my California roll wasn't totally room temperature this time.

Rafael Menjivar

Food is amazing, great selection of sushi and teriyaki dishes. Love getting delicious and healthy food options from here.

Sara A.

Second time trying this place and so far so good. I have not tried their sushi. I've had there teriyaki chicken bowl and beef bowl. Also, have tried the udon and ramen soup. The prices are reasonable.

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