Chi-Chi's Pizza

5145 E Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley
(805) 526-3393

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All I’m saying is, it’s worth every penny.

Kat T.

I love Chi Chi's and the fried chicken! You've got to try it. And don't forget the potatoes

Amy L.

Good local Italian food. Portions are good size. Eggplant parmigiana is one of my favorites.

Cary W.

Hands down the best pizza! Soooooo good. It is definitely our go to Italian restaurant. All their food is amazing; pizza, pasta, and don't forget about the fried chicken, delicious!

Frank F.

Went there with my wife and daughter. Arrived at 7:30 and asked to be seated inside. I was told it would be a 1/2 hour wait but we were the only party waiting to be seated. We took the outside seating because we were hungry. We were the only party seated outside probably because it was a chilly evening. When we got seated I noticed 2 booths completely empty cleaned and ready to be used. I asked the gentleman if we could be moved to the inside seating. He went and asked the hostess who was looking at her phone and he came back and said sorry I can't move your seats. Once our waiter came up I then asked him those two tables are available and we wanted to sit inside, so we could all take off our jackets. He said sorry I don't know why they sat you here but I can't move your seats.. The entire time we ate those seats remained empty and other people continued to leave and more seats became available before we even got our drinks. We all had our jackets on as we ate our salads, so I asked the waiter to please turn on the heat lamps for some warmth, he checked them all and none had any propane, so the jackets remained on.. By the time we were done eating around 8:15 the entire place had emptied out and everyone that came after us got seated inside with zero wait time, we were still the only party seated outside. While waiting for the 100.00 dinner bill I went and spoke to the manager, he seemed apologetic but that was it. He didn't seem to care we had to eat our hot pizza outside rather than inside a warm restaurant on a chilly night. He didn't offer us any condolences at all. The hostess almost the entire time we were seated remained staring at her phone, unless a couple came up to be seated. I made it clear to our waiter I wasn't happy about seats being available inside and us being stuck outside when he could of served us inside just as easily.. I know they were all talking about us because after I had complained I'm sure the hostess was told by the others we were not happy and when she wasn't on her phone she was glancing over with the other employees standing out front.. I got 2 pieces of warm pizza and then it was cold from the cold air.. Very dissatisfied with the customer service of especially the hostess and the small apology from the manager for my 120.00 bill including tip.. maybe a free dessert would have been a nice gesture for the cold pizza & dinner we had to eat while all wearing jackets.. I've been going there for years and I doubt I will go back after the rude service and dirty looks I received from the hostess because she was Aware I wasn't very happy..

Doreen Isaacs

Lasagna was difficult to eat. I love cheese but there seemed to be more oil and cheese than actual Lasagna. Service was good.

F P.

Best pizza in Simi. The only drawback is they don't deliver. Their salads are fresh but the spaghetti is tasteless. I have eaten here many times over the years and have only had 1 mediocre meal. Good family atmosphere.

Corinne R.

Bland food plain and simple. The spaghetti is like they dumped tomato sauce from the can the pizza sauce tastes like marinara and the salads are not crispy. If your looking for a great pizza place there's a few in thousand oak and I believe there's California pizza kitchen still in Simi Valley. There's always chili's if ur looking for food that is not that bland then there's my all time favorite B J S bar and brewery.

Dennis V.

Love this place, as it is our go-to pizza option and I think it is, when things are done correctly, the best pizza in all of Simi Valley. We order for pick-up about once per month. The last several pizzas were right on the money, perfect. However, tonight's we noticed a huge change. The pizza was dried, as in possibly overcooked, there was a huge reduction in pizza sauce and cheese! The attached picture will support this. I am wondering how this might happen and if management has implemented some changes to cut costs. God, I hope it is not the case, as I would hate to see the very best pizza fall by the waste side!!

Lisa Cheng

Best Chi-Chi imho!!!!Came here for my first time on my birthday. Ordered a pizza, meat sauce spaghetti with mushroom, antipasto salad, and steamed green claims for bread. So full and no room for dessert! Good service and good food. I normally is not a pizza lover but strongly recommend their pizza! Also love the meat sauce spaghetti! my mom visited both this location and the one in Northridge, she said this place IS better!p.s. takes major credit cards. :)

Nanci Hanover

Very good food and excellent service! Had the lunch special of spaghetti and salad. Yummy on both. Their rolls are delicious!!

Hector M.

Excellent food, horrible service. After sitting for 15 minutes and having 3 area waiters walk by and ignore us. We spoke up and asked for service. What a shame, service use to be good here.

Breanna G.

I'm giving this place an honest review. This location always messes up orders and as much as they charge they should get them right. Tonight all I ordered was a large spaghetti with marinara sauce. My husband can't have meat. We ordered "pick up" and when we got home we saw they had given us meat sauce (I know, we should've checked before we left but we didn't bring utensils to stir through the sauce, like really?). Finally, when I started to eat I found a hair in the spaghetti. I ended up just throwing our order away and I could have gone back but it's too far of a drive for $20. I've finally learned my lesson. I need to find a new Italian spot in Simi. Very disappointing.

Debbie G.

One of the best places in Simi to eat Italian food. The lasagna is out of this world. Their pizza is incredible. And don't forget to try the fried chicken and french fries you won't even believe how amazing they are!

McKheizi Abrenica

I'll make this quick and simple because, let's be honest, nobody got time to read.Parking is limited ❗ this place is busier than the one in Northridge.Carpool if you can! ✅Park at Smart n final ?✅Great food. ✅Great amount of serving. ✅Nice servers ✅Reasonable prices. ✅ Worth it.Feel free to follow for more short but accurate reviews ??? don't forget to bring your wallet!!!.....and your appetite!Enjoy! ???

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