Market Broiler's MB Grille

1161 Simi Town Center Way, Simi Valley
(805) 210-7640

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Stephanie G.

Delicious every time! Great menu with fresh seafood. One of the few top notch restaurants in Simi. Friendly staff. Really love eating here and having so many choices. Coconut shrimp, bacon wrapped prawns, artichoke, wedge salad, halibut, and so many other yummy choices are always made so well.

Jonathan H.

Such a disappointment tonight. I have been to MB Grille many times and usually it's pretty good, but tonight was abysmal. Our party of 3 waited 20 minutes to get a table which is fine, however, once seated the restaurant may as well have been closed. In the 30 minutes we were seated, there was not a single waitress walking around.. none. We never saw our waitress, never had our orders taken, and never even received drinks. I may give them another chance but if this happens again that will be the last time. Ridiculous.

April H.

Just ate here and they about put me into anaphylactic shock. I ordered the Island Salmon Bowl which has no mention of walnuts. I am severely allergic. My food came and as I ate my tongue started to swell. I realized there were several full walnut halves in there. Thankfully I didn't eat any walnuts but just having them in there was enough to set my allergies off. We called the manager over and he said it was stated on the menu as having them. We checked and they are not listed under the description. They didn't make me pay for it and comped my appetizer I ordered in its place. Seemed like a very big mistake to me.

Elizabeth L.

Went here with my dad and some of his coworkers the drinks were very yummy and the food was pretty good. I am never in this area so I don't think I'll ever be back but was overall a fine place and nice dining experience.

Victoria H.

Not happy with Customer service today at all. My husband made a reservation over a week ago for a party of 20 for my mother in laws 80th birthday lunch. My husband spoke with the manager and set it all up with him and they assured him it would not be a problem at all. We come here often for dinner as well since my husband does business dinners here because of customer service and great food. Today was our reservation day and there was nothing set up in place. They put us at two different tables and said they could not accommodate our reservation at one table for a party that large for today even though we had reservations and the manager assured us they could do it. The host who was handling the situation was very rude to us about it as well and was texting back and fourth to the manager to let him know we were upset and that we would like to speak to him. So we continued to go back and fourth as the host continued to be very rude to us. They finally accommodated us but we never even spoke with the manager during our visit which I thought was very unprofessional for a manager. It's one thing for staff to act that way even though they shouldn't and is not acceptable, but a manager who does not even come out to talk to you should not be a manager. If this is how you treat customers then we will not be back. There's plenty of other restaurants in simi that would love our business and that have great customer service as well. End result! They did set us up at one table together, we just had to wait for them to accommodate us. This was just handled very poorly in my opinion and could have been handled properly and more professional if the manager would have just came out and talked to us personally and then solved it. I blame this one on the manager on duty that day. They still have great food and the ambiance is fun with a great happy menu. Just bummed it wasn't handled properly.

Christine N.

Have been wanting to try this restaurant for a while now. Didn't want anything too heavy so my boyfriend and I decided to stop by during their happy hour. Their happy hour deals are pretty good for trying a bit of everything. Pretty much their happy hour menu is smaller portions of their full sized menu items. I got the crab cake slider as well as the artichoke appetizer and both were good! The slider was light but it still had a lot of flavor. It also came with a side of fries. The artichoke appetizer came with a citrus dipping sauce and was so yummy. I stole some of my boyfriends calamari as well and it was good, not over cooked and not overly breaded. The one thing I wanted to point out was that the service was not great. When we were sat, our server came and got our drink and food orders. After that, she rarely came back to our table to check up on us. To be helpful, I also put our completed dishes to the side but our table wasn't cleared until we were pretty much done and asked for the bill. The service made it a bit uncomfortable to fully enjoy our short time there. I know people usually have their off days and I'm sure it's not always like that, but it was still something I wanted to point out.


Great times at the broiler our waitress Riley was on top of things hats off to BJ and Shane our bartenders for amazing drinks and thank you Christian and James for running a great restaurant


Food was Good and Service was Quick. I would eat there again.


When making the reservation, I submitted for a high top bar area and we got the restaurant table but they told us it was in the bar area. That’s not what I wanted. I did not want to sit in the restaurant area. The bright lights from the MB grill sign in the kitchen was so bright I almost needed to wear sunglasses if I had been facing it, I would’ve been asking to move. Service was very, very, very slow, not sure if understaffed or a slow server. Had to ask for things multiple times and call managers over to help us get what we needed.


Great night again at the broiler food and drinks amazing our waiter David was awesome our bartenders BJ and Shane were outstanding hats off to Christian and James for running a great restaurant


The restaurant was quite crowded but they were able to see us very quickly. Service was OK. I feel pricing is just a little bit steep but acceptable. I have one of my arms in a sling and they were very accommodating by cutting off the shrimp tails. Thank you and we will be back.


Awesome!! Our server Jesse went above and beyond!!


Food is good, seems that they repurpose the same food in different ways (jambalaya and fisherman’s stew tasted the same to me. Service is very nice, but slower than molasses in February. It keeps getting slower each time we go, to the point, I’m not sure we will come back.


Both my rib-eye and replacement filet were not cooked to order and had no seasoning or flavour.


Another great night at the broiler Sydney our waitress was fantastic and food and drinks weee red awesome hats off to Shane and Christian on doing a great job last night

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