Pho So 1

2837 Cochran St E, Simi Valley
(805) 306-1868

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Michael Williams

This is a clean, well-run pho place. They have locations in Van Nuys or Reseda, plus this one in Simi. The food is really good and the service is up to expectations. What stood out to me was how clean and relatively modern it is compared to some of the other Pho places I visit. If you're in Simi and like Pho, Bun, or other Vietnamese favorites.I always get the #49 bun with pork and egg-rolls (pictured here). It's really good!Kid-friendliness: While not a "kids" place, there are lots of open tables, it's bright, and there are other families eating there all the time. It's definitely kid friendly.Parking: Plenty of parking here at the mall.

Lobo Ying

Egg rolls, Beef stews, Pork sandwiches are 5 stars items in the menu, - our favs.Food: 5/5


Good service and food. The place is clean.

Remy “Gambit” Burnaugh

This place has, bar none, the best egg rolls I’ve ever had. Service is good and the food is great. My only real “complaint” is that it can get a bit noisy in there. Otherwise, I highly recommend it! Enjoy!

Mike Thuotte

#99 is on point. Thank you. Happy to have accidentally ordered.

Christine N.

I've had my fair share of pho restaurants and typically they are all the same to me, but I do have to say that this has to be the BEST pho spot in Simi Valley. I personally tried their pho, bun bo hue, and their banh canh and all of these dishes are delicious. I also have to point out that this is the only pho restaurant that I know of to sell banh canh. In general, all of the dishes I tried here, they all have very flavorful broth and are the perfect comfort food to me. They are currently a bit short staffed but despite this, they still offer great service. Definitely some of the nicest people!

HonestOpinions F.

Food is good and decent portions. Restaurant is clean and spacious with tons of tables. Typically no wait during the day. Friday and Saturday nights can have a bit of a wait. Also on rainy days.

Susan Vognarek

Vegetable serving with soup had bugs and not fresh. Pricey for small bowl of soup and less meat. Tables were greasy when I sat down

Kristan T.

Straight up, this is the best place to grab food from in Simi Valley. The price is right, the food is beyond delicious, and they are fast. This is my family's favorite place to go!

Andrew M.

Very good pho spot if you are looking for good service and pho I suggest going to here

Erin D.

Since I've moved out to Ventura County, I've been looking for a good Pho place. This place is IT! My husband, who isn't a huge pho lover really enjoyed it too. Highly recommend the pho tai!

Richard Worne

We have been going here for a long time and we like the food. But 2 year's ago there number 1 bowl for soup was $7:00 now it's $12. I think it's excessive and I won't be eating at this place very much any more. I think they are taking advantage of COVID and supply chain issues that really don't exist anymore. Nonsense

Chezbie M. De Junos

Oh My Gosssshhhh!!! It was so good! Healthy food. I don't know what l had b/c my friend ordered for me but, l got this HUGE bowl of yummy goodness!! Soup, w/ different meats and noodles....l triedbut l just ouldnt finish so, l brought it home l mean, l couldn't leave it behind lol! The service as quick too. Enjoy peoples!!

Steph W.

Pho was alright...I had the shrimp pho, boyfriend had spicy steak - his broth was great, mine was pretty bland so I mixed the two. Not spicy enough for my taste - even with the siracha packet that came with it. I am used to a lot more flavor in my pho

Michael D.

My favorite Vietnamese restaurant prices are good and food is good try some of the dishes with com (rice) would recommend

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