Rio's Pizza

1949 Durfee Ave, South El Monte
(626) 672-0090

Recent Reviews

Vanessa Maciel

Rio's is always delicious!!! Went for salad, and pizza!!! You could never go wrong with Sunday Football or any day of the week!!!

Cindy Soto

Pizza reminds me of what pizza tasted like from when I was a kid which was about 35+ years ago! I travel from Long Beach to El Monte because this is the only Rio's Pizza that tastes this good!!!

Mirtha Hernandez

Delicious HOT food and awesome service. A pitcher of water was brought to our table.

Veronica Hernandez

Been going to rios pizza since 7 years been going to the one in Montebello love their service . This one here the girl that was their has the worst customer service I will never dine I rather order just to go.

Brain !

Best pizza I have ever had! I love this place and it’s a very great place to hang out with family and let children have fun. The pizza is fresh and hot when given to you. The pizza is priced well and the wings are extremely good. From you favorite customer Marcus ?♥️

Mark C.

Pizza and potato wedges were very tasty! Really wanted to give you a higher rating but was very disappointed being told there was no free refills on the sodas. We spent close to $140.00 dollars for an extra large pizza, potato wedges, antipasta salad, two pitchers of beer and several soda drinks and to be told there was no refills on soda?


Delicious thick crust vegetarian pizza and delicious mild wings. Great ambiance!

MommyMars E.

I am on the very late train for a review! So let me take it back to last year. I am a south El Monte native and this pizza place is the new gem of the city ! The first time we ate here it was great food was tasty and the best part was it was kid friendly. My next trip was asking them if we could host our baseball banquet for my sons little league team and they really outdid themselves! So much that I returned often but I hosted my second banquet here as well! They are so inclusive since we had vegan friends with us and the staff is so helpful! They made sure all my guests were welcomed and are so friendly. Pam and Ronnie are extremely nice and accommodating they always make sure your food is right and that their service is on point! Don't miss out on this place ! It's such an amazing restaurant and their happy hour menu is just right!!! We are now the " regulars "!

Steven R.

Trash pizza wings and wedges..... they take forever to bring out the food just to forget that we ordered wings. You ask for extra ranch and it's almost $5. A party of 6 come in and move to tables together so they can fit and some and one of the workers from there comes and tells them they can't move the tables. You have a little league team there watching the dodgers game I asked for another channel since they have 4 tvs and so how it's 3 tvs showing the dodgers play and one tv for what I had asked I only got to see 10 min of the game I had asked because the fat rude worker from there changed all the tvs to what he wanted to watch. That is very rude he is on the clock to work not to watch tv. Wouldn't recommend this place at all a few block away they have baby bros. Pizza taste way better.

Andrew F.

I went to Rio's for their 3rd Anniversary on March with two of my friends, and from my first time there I just wanna say...this place has great service, great people, great arcade games and especially GREAT FOOD!! Their pizza, wings and mozzarella sticks were just **Chef Kiss** I would definitely recommend Rio's 1,000,000,000/10 and I would definitely like to come back to support their restaurant and for their delicious food!

Alex Raygoza

Their service is good and the food is amazing, great place for the family!!

Mike M.

The Rio's Pizza team are very polite. They were nice enough to put the Celtics vs Bucks game (playoffs '22) and volume. They have one pool table that cost $1.50 per game, you will need quarters.

Jason C.

Went here last night. It was a group us. They have a great special Monday thru Thursday. If you go with a group of people I highly recommend you order from the Specials. The pizza was good. The crust is really think which we liked. We also ordered the hot wings. They were good as well. If you like hot wings you should definitely try them. I highly recommend this place. I will for sure come back.

Mario S.

Great pizza,great wings but the old lady is rude and makes for a bad experience. With out her this place gets a 5 star.

Jordan W.

Awesome place for everyone with bomb pizza and the wings are awesome! Family friendly and they play all the games and show UFC and Boxing fights. Love them!

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