Super Pizza Veloz

1611 Durfee Ave, South El Monte
(626) 258-0065

Recent Reviews

Dulce Rodriguez

Best Pizza in town. Our shop(war's Customs)is located in El Monte when ever we have family in our shop we stop by for some pizza here to spoil them whit the greatest pizza in town. So far everyone loves itFood: 5/5

Anthony Perez

First time and not the last! Great service,price is very affordable and pizza was delicious.It was thumbs up with my family. I recommend this place.Food: 4/5

Sultaraco B.

Very fast and prompt service,half the price of other comparable Pizza sellers,crust is soft and tasty,will be back for sure!

Jos Aguilera

Nice clean place, prices are decent and the pizza and chicken wings are ??

Richard Moreno

This place is awesome they make some great pizza different varieties check it out take it out, delicious pizza.

Mario A

The pizzas good, I'll choose this spot over little Cesar, pizza hut or Dominos anyday. The wings, not so good, the hot isn't even spicy. I would give it 3.5 star, better than average.

Stixz Jr. De Los Santos

Great selection of pizza of different varieties.

John Manzel

Pizza was actually good. Can't say the same for customer service. I had ordered their 2-pizza 2-topping deal. I wanted to see if one side of the pizza could only get 1 topping and give the other topping to the other side (some pizza places do this). She said they would charge extra, but I explained that the lack of topping on one side evens things out (since both pizzas were identical). She spoke to someone and finally said ok. When I went to pick up the pizza I noticed the price was around $12 higher than the advertised price. When I asked why, she said because of the tax. I knew she lied. Straight to my face. The receipt showed they charged extra on both pizzas.She could've been honest, then I would've ordered one 3-topping pizza and a 1-topping pizza - and only be charged extra on one pizza.I'll stick with Hacienda Pizza Co. At least they don't lie to me ?

maritza ruiz

I ordered a small pepperoni pizza and ordered it with double pepperoni and double cheese and when I received the pizza it's was EXACTLY what I ordered and every spot out here will never give you what they can offer , shout out to INVER AND RENATO , THEY GIVE YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU ORDER AND NOTHING LESS , MY PIZZA WAS BEYOND AMAZING AND THEY ARE GREAT EMPLOYEES !!

Jesse Mendoza

They finally changed there online prices on the food.and it's very expensive. I went in twice and there was no one there to take my order.this place is very slow I went in on Saturday both times and the girl that worked there taking orders she is gone .

Eduardo D.

I thank over price & UnSanitizer. To pay $32 pizza and drink and see that on floor something wrong.

Emi R.

Really good love it I was in a rush I'm sorry I didn't Tip! Amazing and really nice and hot

Andre Guillaume

This is a pretty good pizza joint. They have very interesting flavors and good ingredients. I recommend this place.

Derek B.

Recently started College around here and have been looking for nearby places to eat and was craving a Calzone with little hope since many pizza places don't sell it , but was happy to know they made them here . Carry out was simple and accurate with time estimation, Good reasonable prices Enjoyed a pepperoni calzone with a half pound of mojos for only 10$! Great local restaurant will be visiting more often. Very Close to Rio Hondo College


This pizza is so good 100% recommend it!!!

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