The chicken koop

1721 Durfee Ave, South El Monte
(626) 522-1401

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Melissa Rodriguez

Great food, the service was good and food came out quick. We had to get boxes because they had large portions but it was delicious! Sorry we only took pictures of the cool chicken pictures they had, this shows you the cool atmosphere and vibe of the restaurant. If I came to El Monte, I'd eat here againFood: 5/5

Renee “Real Estate Advisor” Matthews

Customer service was fantastic!Service fast.Parking easy during lunch.Prices were reasonable.Presentation was A+++I ordered fried chicken, steamed broccoli and a Mojito.The steamed broccoli was great. The fried chicken was good but I wouldn’t order again. I actually ate the drumstick which I normally don’t like. It was cooked and seasoned well—very moist on the inside but I didn’t like the crispiness of the outside. Tasted like roasted chicken that was battered and fried.My Mojito failed to meet my expectations. I prefer scratch Mojitos and Margaritas.I was super anxious to like this spot. It has a cool hipster vibe with an eclectic menu and eye-catching decor.

David Gonzalez

Wow! I was in the area and I'm so glad to have found this spot! Of all the chicken sandwich places that there are these days, this spot EASILY made it to the TOP of my list. Sheesh!


Insane menu! They have great combinations to choose from. They let you know the spicy levels up front. To me, the level 7 out of 10 was comparable to Tapatio.The Sweet & Spicy Chicken Sandwich with coleslaw has this amazing juice on the tray it comes on.Try the Poutine fries!

Gilbert Doeve

A.nything and everything chicken, large portions well prepared and delicious, quick and fast service both inside and outside dining (Whittier location)

Roberta L.

My go to place for chicken. Comes with rice and brussel sprouts, naan and 2 sauces. Def go with the green sauce and garlic sauce. I've tried all of them and those are the best. Parking, they have a small lot shared with another restaurant, but Friday night I had to park on the street. Also they close early, 8 pm right now on Friday! I'm not sure if they have outdoor seating right now, I see the set up, but was there near closing so it was already locked up.

Jason Y.

I went and had the dry rub chicken sandwich, Was very delicious but be careful it's super spicy

Michael W.

Really good menu with lots of choices. I have a food allergy to milk products and their menu accommodates that issue. Their sauces have fun flavor profiles and I highly recommend trying them out. Now, as for the service... Wow. What nice people and great service.

Lysette C.

Have been coming to this location for a couple of years. I get it inflation had made everything jump up in prices but this is ridiculous I ordered an esquite and was shocked at the price but have had them here before and they are delicious. When I opened the package was so disappointed it's was less than half and when I moved the limes it showed nothing underneath. My son has the Belly buster and he enjoyed it. My chicken sliders were tough and not appetizing. I don't think we'll be back

Frances F.

The food here was Awesome! Excellent service and outstanding food. Had the Chicken Taquito appetizers and the Garlic Chicken Entree. I was able to enjoy my meal Al Fresco in the out door patio. There was an abundance of sitting in doors and out. Will be back. Chicken TaquitosGarlic Chicken Plate

Niree S.

This is my tasty go to lunch spot when I'm working in the office. I love their chicken tostada salad and I'll be honest that it and the taquitos are the only menu items I always order. I haven't gotten to try anything else but it all looks tasty. I usually roll in around 11-noon and it's not too busy. They have a nice outdoor patio to sit in and dine. The parking is small but I've never had an issue finding a spot! The only thing I find odd is that they put olives in the tostada salad lol. Oh well, ce la vie!

Irvin Williams

I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich be careful it was on fire! You know how something is good but your face and or head is dripping from sweat but you can't stop eating because it's that good (lol)... Truth be told, I could only make it to half the sandwich before I tapped my hand on the table and I said (UNCLE)

Adam Whitley

Had the fried chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. My wife had the small nachos and we shared the fried cauliflower appetizer. The only thing I would change is the size of cauliflower pieces as they were fairly large. We will be back 100%.

Edder Grimaldo

Great food, great ambiance, friendly staff. Certainly coming back!!

C romo

Staff was very helpful Regina the manager was awesome! Very hospitable and youthful!!!

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