The Cork & More

1032 Al Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe
(530) 544-5253

Recent Reviews

Zachary McHenry

They have good stuff here like specialty foods, drinks and snacks. Decorative items to. Just a fun place to see very nice.

Jim Bartell

This place is a rare gem. Fantastic deli, cheeses, and wines you won't find at BevMo or the grocery store. Great prices also. Make sure to do a tasting and get a cheese plate. Wow! Ask for Luke. He hasn't sold us a bad wine yet. Everything he has recommended has been very good to excellent. Did I mention the cheese plate?

Robin K. Trefz-Tomada

Took long enough for me to discover the cutest little wine and deli shop in SLT with a decent assortment of fromage and some hard to find wines, stumbled upon a very nice bottle of one of Ridge, one of my all time favorite wineries a 2019 Lytton Springs red blend that i could not wait to share that night with the hubby. Great selection of imported wines.

Meg Kelley

I’m not the girl who reads or leaves reviews … but when you receive outstanding service and above quality product. I just had leave an amazing review and a fun adventure idea!So I googled “charcuterie board near me” and The Cork and More popped up. I surfed their website and called for a picnic basket to be delivered to Harvey’s for the next day! Asked for them to pair a nice resiling to go with the sandwiches, pasta & fruit salads, yummy deserts and even added some salami and cheese! Let’s say Superior customer service! Outstanding quality! One of the best lunches here this week! #hotelroompicnic #picnicadventures #thecorkandmore #harveys

J P!

Delicious sandwiches, sides, and desserts here, along with an excellent selection of wines. What I really appreciate about this business is that they are well-staffed and consistent. This has been a problem for many other businesses in Tahoe, but not here.The staff is very friendly and competent. For example, if they see a line begin to form, they will open up a new register to clear it out quickly. In general, they are just very helpful.I usually phone for pick-up, but the shaded garden area on the side of the building looks like an excellent spot to have lunch.

Resa G.

I REALLY love the offerings that The Cork & More has! I was able to pre order a picnic basket with my choice of sandwiches and dessert. They even selected a nice wine for us to enjoy! They offer a picnic basket option that includes rental flatware and glassware. The sandwiches, dessert and potato salad were delicious!

James Seechurn

Good selection of wines, pasta sauces, cheese, preserves and a fresh sandwich bar

Ronny Guardado

We come here everytime we come to Tahoe. We do wine tasting flights, lunch and then we purchase wines to take home. This might be our last visit. They have 4 bottles of red open to do the red flight, however they refused to open more than 2 bottles of white. I understand not opening multiple bottles of the SAME style wine and he was very loud about which wines could be served. It was rude and made me feel like I was a huge bother. We ate lunch, which was excellent, but bought no wines.

Kevin A.

Excellent deli that doesn't skimp on ingredients. Love coming here for lunch and usually grab some chocolates for dessert.

Niuredd Dunines

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Uqnies Diesag

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Mike G.

Happy hours awesome not to mention their deli is on point for the French dip will be back thank you guys

Melissa S.

I love this place. They have very few items, but what they have is very nice. I got some Tahoe Flavor- Toffee and Jam, as a gift for a friend back home. There is a deli in the back and people seem to like it as there was 2 people waiting for their sandwiches. They have cheese and salami in the front fridge. To the left is wine. On the walls there is loose tea, Christmas Ornaments. Check it out. It's behind the US Bank and USPS office.

Quetzal R.

We did a brunch catering order and it was fantastic. The menu and pricing information on the website made it so easy to find the best options for us. Everyone loved the food, especially the polenta lasagna and the French toast soufflé.

Kevin Nelson

Great sandwiches and wonderful people working there.

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