Yellow Submarine sandwich shop

983 Tallac Ave, South Lake Tahoe
(530) 541-8808

Recent Reviews

William Runyon

Best deli sandwiches in South lake Tahoe ??

Ben H.

Killer sub and the potato salad was amazing! Stopped here while spending the day at Tahoe and will plan to return.

Alex Robinson

#14 is so good! Their large sandwiches are quite large! Great for sharing! Tasty sandos made with love, keep it up!

Deborah W.

Very fast, reasonable prices, quality meats, no frill atmosphere. Ordered the yellow submarine

Luke H.

Be warned! The WHOLE sandwich is freakin HUGE! Like 2 meals worth of huge. I ordered a whole thinking it would be like a foot long but instead it's literally bigger than 2 foot longs. Freakin amazing. The folks there are awesome. The vibe is just perfect. We were helped by the owners wife who's just a great person and it was Mike that made my sandwich and helped us out multiple times. My sandwich was just perfect and Mike was happy to help us with anything we needed. Really top tier customer service in my book. They even took a minute to chat with us about our kiddo when they had a few minutes. We will always be going back here for sandwiches whenever we visit Tahoe.

Tina K.

Cute little sandwich spot blocks away from the beach. We ordered the club sub which was yummy and came with all the fixings! A footlong sandwich is $20 and more than enough for 2 people to share. Service was good and we didn't have to wait long!

Marc T.

Not a $20 sub, not worth the price. Absolutely disappointed with how little meat was in this sandwich considering how much I paid for it. Go somewhere else. Absolute garbage of a sandwich and I think everyone who thinks it's good has never had a good sub. If y'all put a healthy portion of meat it would be a 3/5.

Melissa N.

Best sub, lemonade, chips and service I've had in a long time! You can't go wrong here. Dutch crunch bread, massive serving size, and quality ingredients. Wish we had this place in San Diego.


$19 starting price for a whole sub is a ridiculous Tahoe rip off, even if it tastes good.

Natalie D.

Awesome place, great friendly service, and yummy fresh sandwich. I got a half sandwich and it was huge so you get good bang for your buck. I really liked the Beatles-inspired submarine mural on the wall! I'll be back again! :)

Vivienne Y.

In our month-long vacation in South Lake Tahoe, we visited Yellow Submarine no less than 4 times and each time was as delicious as the last. The kid only ever orders number 18 (ham cheese Turkey, + lettuce and cucumbers) while I have tried their veggie sub, their meatball sub and number 10 (salami) which was my favorite! This is a no-frills place that focuses on fresh ingredients and darn good tasting subs, so come here for that!

Georgette F.

Definitely not the cheapest for subs but you will not be disappointed. Service is always super friendly. I like the selection in bread. Perfect for picking up and heading to the beach. We come every summer and always come back here.

Ed W.

Lived in Tahoe 25 years ago, by far best sandwiches ever. Today it was awful. Rude, horrible sandwiches cask only, to lie to the government obviously. Stay away bad sandwich and people. Tossed it in the trash

Megan Davidson

Delicious subs! Small family owned place with a great atmosphere. Will definitely be back!

Heidi G.

Great sandwiches! Kids loved them too. Super fresh - bread is great. People were also great. Wish there were others closer to where we live.

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