H.K.R. Andy's Restaurant

121 Hickey Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 994-7681

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Christopher Tse

Disappointed that I ordered the wrong type of noodles but everything else was delish. The roast duck was some of the softest, most tender duck I've had in quite some time. Proper home style Canto food!

Lacy Wetzel

Nice enough place with a busy takeout business ?

Mz J.

I've known about this restaurant for about 7 years and never tried the food until a few weeks ago. Beef chow fun is decent. Chinese bacon (pork belly) with preserved vegetables was tasty but very bad quality pork. The meat was super dry and hard to chew. Tossed most of the bad part and ate the skin and fat. My go to Chinese restaurant that serves this closed a few months ago. I am on the search for a good replacement and Andy's is not it unfortunately. Chow mein with bbq pork- tasted weird and the bbq pork is OLD! It's more gray than red, dry, and tough to chew. Sticky rice was VERY good. I've had better but this was the star of the show out of all the items I ordered. Orange chicken was NOT orange chicken. There was barely any sauce on the chicken. There was maybe like 2 tablespoons of sauce at the bottom of the tray and it didn't taste like orange at all. Most pieces of chicken was dry. There was one tiny slice of mandarin (?) orange. They should have used an actual orange slice. There was zucchini in this. What?!?! There are a few restaurants I've gotten food from lately where the taste has gone downhill. Prior to the pandemic (Covid-19), I would often order take out at those restaurants because the food was so good. Plenty of parking since this is a shopping plaza. Customer service is great. The woman who takes orders greeted me once I walked in. A waiter who just came out of the kitchen greeted me as well a few minutes later. They have a huge menu and while I would like to try more dishes, I'm honestly not going to due to the bad food I've had so far. I will come back for the beef chow fun and sticky rice though.

Analiza p.

We love Andy's crave the Chinese food n near to my parents house n in work.I was order really fresh I got my food n Recommended place too if you want Chinese food besides Panda Express.

D. W.

I do not live in the area. I just decided to stop by for lunch after shopping at nearby Costco. I ordered string beans with beef and eggplant in spicy garlic sauce. It did not take long to prepare the food. However, the beef was undercooked and the eggplant sauce was not at all spicy, which we wanted. I did sense an attitude by the 2 women behind the counter which I cant explain. Perhaps because we did not understand one of the girls broken english. I really do not know. Anyway, as a customer, I kind of want to be welcomed in a nice way, which did not happen. Will not be going back again. Thank you for reading my honest review.

Joshua B.

I've been going here for about 10+ years and it was always good until they changed owners. Now the food is worse and the service is bad. If you want bad service and nasty food this is your place.

Yeyo Folife

Excellent food, Salt &Pepper Pork Chops are the best. Broccoli Beef, oh and their Combination fried rice. Delicious...hole in the wall, clean, great service.

Latrice W.

I've going here for a few years as I live close by. Usually I get helped by the 50ish year old woman who speaks pretty good English and SUPER nice. I e order huge order to small order just for 1. There's a young woman who maybe late 30s early 40s. She's been answering the phone lately. Her English isn't too good. So the last time she gave to phone to the really nice lady and the rest went smooth. Last week I called to place an order for pick up and the not so nice one answered. We had a lot of difficulty with placing the order. So I get there to pick up and I always ask for a cup of their sweet and sour sauce. Not the little container, but a meal size cup that I PAY for. She was refusing and mid conversation she answered the phone and Tom an order. She was obviously having trouble with them as she was getting louder and louder repeating. So a very short nice lady came out smiling asking how can she help me. So I started to ask her for the sauce. The RUDE heffa with the bad English yelled out to me "we don't do that anymore". I said well why not just say that. She kept yelling out we don't do that anymore". I looked back to the really nice lady who said yes we don't but let me give a lot of the small ones. She was obviously embarrassed and trying to fix the situation. I thanks her and said the other lady was a bit rude. While still on the phone she said "whatever whatever". I turned back to the nice lady and said you should let your manager know how she's treats people in person and she not good and clear over the phone. She apologized for her and handed me a bag with just the sauce. And said nicely thank you for coming and kind of left. At this point no one has handed my phone but of course you she took my money already. And when I had my hand out for the change she bypassed my hand to put it on the counter. Smh. So she's asking "what you want now?" I said maybe the food I paid for. She turned grabbed my bag and kinda tossed my bag of food to me. I WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN!!! Unless I get to pop her ass. She needs to be fired!! And food wasn't cooked the same. String beans were cold and no veggies in the rice. Why is the chicken friend rice a white color? No thanks. Go elsewhere if you want to be treated like a paying human being

Lillie-May Fraser

This classic, famous restaurant in its newest location is still the place to go for authentic Chinese dishes made with the fiery taste of the wok and the strength of the Master chefs' hard work seared into the very dishes.The pictures don't do the dishes justice as there is no scale for measurements. But the takeout boxes were packed full and very heavy weighing about 5 - 6 lbs each! For three people, we were full but only got through about 40% of each! The owner recommended a unique Malaysian rice noodles dish, which was good. Oh, and each dish cost under $10!! How can you beat that?We have known the owners for a long time as we were long-time customers who regularly ate at their previous location too. We will have to try their other signature dishes in the future since this is their famed restaurant - the stuff of legends!

Con C.

Have never had a bad meal here in the many times I've come over past 5+ years! Tasty and reasonably priced and portions. Staff are accommodating. They are very busy with take out orders but usually have fast service. This is where the locals go. My 95 year old grandma loves this place too. I've had everything from soups, clay pots, veggies, noodles, rice, main dishes, side orders.

Mike L.

Not to sound like a jerk, but despite all of the times I've walked past Andy's over the years, I have to admit that that's all I've done - just walk on by. No particular reason why, mind you; I've just never had a reason to look them up on my Yelp, let alone look inside. Not sure if it's just the rather generic name, their unassuming appearance, or their not-all-that-close-to-me location, but nothing about them has ever caught my eye. So, you can imagine my surprise when, out of all of the places around, including the many that are so much closer to where they live, my parents picked this place for something new to try. Nope, not the least bit random, at all...ha! Now, to be fair, I guess my parents asking me to bring over some take out from here wasn't THAT far out of the blue. As it turns out, a few of their friends who live in the area come here often and had a lot of positive things to say about Andy's. With indoor dining being (partially) restored, it was both weird and comforting to see a handful of families sharing meals together (every party was seated more than six feet from each other). Looking over the menu, I was pleasantly surprised by their range of offerings, which includes a handful of dim sum offerings. However, that being said, most of the items were your typical sorts of staples, as opposed to anything super unique. -- CHINESE BROCCOLI WITH BEEF...$8.95 ( While there wasn't anything inherently bad about this dish, I'd be lying if I said this was amazing. The beef was decently tender, and I liked how the stalks of Chinese broccoli weren't obnoxiously thick, but the overall taste of this was far more standard than special. -- CHICKEN CHOW FUN WITH TENDER GREENS...$8.95 ( Out of everything we had, this was easily my favorite dish. It's just as simple as the Chinese Broccoli Beef, but this was surprisingly flavorful. What's more, it wasn't all that oily, the noodles had a nice bite, and there was a good ratio of meat/noodles/vegetables. -- SALT & PEPPER PORK CHOPS...$8.95 ( This may not have amazed, but it wasn't too shabby either. The pieces of pork were all fairly large and mostly meat, they didn't taste all that oily, and the they were well seasoned (peppery, not too salty). Solid. -- TOMATO BEEF CHOW MEIN...$8.95 ( I'm not a huge fan of this in general, so I'm a bit biased. For me, while I thought the noodles were spot on, the sauce was on the sweet side. That being said, my parents thought it was fine, though they thought it could've used more noodles (there was a lot of sauce left). All in all, I agree with the same point that so many other Yelpers have already made - Andy's is truly a hit or miss restaurant. Get the right things and this is a surprising gem; get the wrong things and this will seem like any other Chinese restaurant out there. Regardless of taste though, they definitely get points for value - all of the portions were decent for the price. Which is probably all you could ask out of a neighborhood Chinese restaurant like this, especially considering how there aren't exactly a ton of alternatives around this part of South City. Not bad if I'm in the area again, but not something I would go out of my way for. THREE AND A HALF STARS rounded up.

Amber F.

I've ordered takeout from here a few times and it's just decent Chinese food. It is made quickly and very reasonably priced, but I would say the food is just okay. I am aligned with others on here who say it's pretty hit or miss depending on what you order. I've had a couple different dishes. The salt and pepper pork and chow mein is alright, but today, I had the house fried rice and did not really enjoy it. It contained all the normal fried rice ingredients with multiple different meats and seafoods mixed in. It was unfortunately pretty bland and didn't have a lot of flavor. I actually had to add a couple spices and sauces myself. I usually go to this location out of the convenience of its proximity to work, but it would not be my normal go-to.

Allison W.

If I could I'd rate this 3.5

This place is a good price for regular Chinese food! While it's hard to find Chinese food that taste authentic and "homey" Andy's comes close!

The taste is pretty basic flavors and doesn't disappoint. They have been consistent with their flavors and taste which is great!

I would highly recommend always ordering the salt and pepper pork!

Other items I've gotten:
Beef Chow Fun
Honey Walnut Shrimp
Mongolian Beef (really wish this was a little bit spicier)
House special fried rice (this was okay, will probably just order BBQ pork fried rice from now on... way to many squids for me but if you like that then definitely order it as it contains a fair amount)

I'll definitely keep coming back here for some solid Chinese food!

tere p.

salt and pepper fish and crispy chow mein, always the bomb. Their egg white seafood fried rice is algo great

Dexter D.

This is really odd. I know we've been here before for dinner because when I posted new pictures, the old ones popped up. Apparently I never got around to posting a review. My apologies to Andy's and my fellow yelpers.

Our first visit would have been way before the world of COVID, when you could actually eat in a restaurant with your entire family and just relax with way too much food. Our recent visit was a last minute grab to supplement some food that we had purchased at Nijiya Supermarket. Wehad enough food for three but my brother got off from work early and can't eat fish.

We told him to call the restaurant and place an order and we would pick it up on the way home.

He ordered:

Shrimp and Scrambled Egg Chow Fun - 4 - nice smokey flavor, well cooked shrimp and slightly runny eggs.

Beef Stew with Daikon Clay Pot - 5 - super tender beef and tendon in a lovely sauce with daikon that's perfect served over rice.

Salted Fish with Steamed Ground Pork - 5 - be sure to ask for it to be served with lots of juice so you can pour it over rice. if only they added some mushrooms and water chestnuts, it would taste just like grandma used to make.

Braised Tofu with Mushrooms and Tender Greens - 4 - a simple, yet flavorful vegetable dish that'll fill you up without making you feel bloated.

We added these two "new" dishes:

Chicken Feet - 4 - just like you'd order at dim sum but a lot more of them. Needed just a bit more cook time for the skin to become fluffier.

Pig Feet with Daikon - 4 - if you like soft pig feet with skin, fat and meat, this dish hits all the marks.

While we were there, we saw that they had a constant flow of to-go orders, mostly called in but some ordered in the restaurant. Service was quick and reasonably efficient. The owner was quite friendly and told every customer about his two new dishes.

We will definitely be back for sit down or take-out.

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