Auntie EM's Fine Foods & Pastries

1127 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 588-6068

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Jerry Ramirez

The Best on All of Filipino sweets and bake goods

Walsy L.

They used to sell puto bumbong but won't make it anymore dispite the fact they keep selling out. It was literally the best thing they sold and the only thing that makes them stand out from the plethora of Filipino bakeries near by. Everything else is fine, but nothing special. Once when I was disappointed about not having puto bumbong, I ordered at least 5 different things. About the same as Goldie Locks. Fine, but not special. At least with Goldie locks they have more selection, it's more convenient and they have a reward system.

Lorenzo S.

Amazing Filipino bakery. Everyone here is always nice. Love their yema cake, ensaymada, and halo halo cake. Highly recommended

F O.

I'm so glad I ordered our graduation cakes from here. I ordered 1 mango tres leche and 1 halo halo. I wish I ordered 1 more.My guest absolutely loved it. Both cakes were gone very fast.Thank you to Auntie Em and crew! We will definitely order again at our next event!

Vanessa C.

Always on the hunt for different cakes to celebrate birthdays, I tried Auntie Em's Halo Halo cake over the weekend. While the cake was moist and light (just the way I like it), it lacked the punch of flavor that I was really expecting. I tried each of the pandan and ube cake layers by themselves to see if I could taste each flavor more distinctively, but it was still hard even with my eyes closed lol. There was also too much cream versus the cake itself, in my opinion. And for these reasons, I think the cake is a teensy overpriced at $40. While at the bakery, we decided to also pick up some extra items to try. The regular ensaymada ended up being the most memorable thing we tried and liked - it had the perfect balance of salty and sweet notes. The ube ensaymada needed more ube flavor and the cheese roll would've probably tasted better if we had re-heated it first before eating. I didn't place the cake order but I was told it took multiple calls before you're able to get through to someone on the phone. Once we were there to pick up the cake, the lady working there was super nice and even let us choose our own candles to stick into the cake.

Cora P.

Amazingly the best ensamada I've ever had First time at A.Ems visiting from East coast Ube and salted caramel are my favorite. brought some back after 5 days still good and moist after warming up in the microwave and they use real Ube

Suzette Azanza

Delicious buko pies, Cassava Cakes, Biko, Ensaymada and Bibingka's. I love them all, authentic Filipino Pastry. And worth falling in line.

Chaboos Closet

Ensamada was really good and soft

ale c.

The guava strudels and cheese rolls are some of our favorites. The empanadas are really good too.

Angelica P.

Update! Decided to give them another try and oh man, the nutella sansrival cake is amaziiiiiing! It's ferrero transformed into a cake. Everyone in our group loved it! Just make sure to call 3 days ahead if you want to order it :) I also got the cheese roll to try and it is good! I can taste the cheese in every bite. Support local business y'all!

Selena M.

SO DANG GOOD! The halo halo cake was just a smidge above my usual price range for cakes, so it did make me a little nervous on whether or not it was going to be worth it. Especially since the layers of cake looked pretty thin, but it was well worth it! The whipped cream is super light and the flavors of the cake layers pop up perfectly. I loved the little jelly pieces for the extra texture. I'll definitely be coming back!

Georgina G.

Auntie Em's is a great bakery for all your Filipino baked goods! My mom used to love coming here for ensaymadas, food for the goods, mamon and empanadas. It's been awhile since I've had any desserts from here, but even years later everything was just as good. It's also a plus that they've expanded their menu options, everything sounds and looks so tasty! All the workers are super sweet and friendly also, which is always a nice plus!

Google Fan

Their cheese rolls and Alfajores are soooo good!

Joseph G.

This my new spot for filipino treats. I've tried there mini ensamada and it was great.  Usually other filipino bakeries use shredded cheddar for this particular buttery sweet bun, Auntie Em's use a different cheese.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone so pass by the next time and try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as me.  It's not too sweet either which is a plus for me. Here is the most thing I adore about this place... not one filipino staff.  How cool is that. Diversity in a cozy delicious filipino bakery with quality customer service that warms the heart.  This will be one of my spots I bookmark.  Go now, thank me later

Abigail A.

Worth every penny. Their pastries are superb. I've been their cusyomer since they opened.

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