Café Canelé

319 S Maple Ave #201, South San Francisco
(650) 246-9937

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Alexander S.

Overall food is alright, quality is not bad. The main problem is that Nourish deceive their customers in terms of what kind of cuisine they will serve. Literally every single meal I've tried tasted like burrito filling. I've had a chance to try their Japanese, Thai, American, Chilean, Irish, Korean, French, Italian, Nigerian and got knows what else was one the menu, but I swear it all has nothing but Mexican (or something of that sort) spices in it. Stop it guys!!

Brian P.

Nourish serves our food at Fictiv everyday. The food is amazing and Danny deserves a lot of credit for the work he does! He always makes sure our meals is ready and always brings a great attitude to our office! He feels like a part of our team. Thanks for the amazing meals!

Mike D.

Nourish Inc is awesome - they cater our office's dinner every day. The food is awesome, puns are hilarious (every menu has a pun and I've never seen the same one twice), and James always hooks it up perfectly and is a friendly face we've come to know in the office.

J M.

Tatyana is awesome and we all appreciate her work in keeping us well-fed and Nourished.

Crystal R.

Our company has catered with them for more than a year. The food aways taste weird and off. It is too "fusion". None of the food taste like its proper ethnicity. Japanese will have middle eastern herbs or spices to it. American will have weird herbs in it that makes it taste thai or something. Not all fragrant herbs go well together. Stop putting them together! Today the mashed potatoes had this sour taste paired with some weird strong tasting leaves. They make chinese tofu dishes sour that makes it taste like it went bad -- but covered up in spices. Sometimes simple salt and pepper makes the best meals. Too much extra makes it just weird. And all the meals have been not very appetizing. Explains why most people at work have been taking very little. Each ethnic dish has a signature character to it. You can make fusion dishes as long it keeps within a range of that signature. Mixing it too much and you throw off that signature and you get an off-taste of "what is this?". The food then lacks character and a whole lot of bizarreness of flavors that should never go together. On the up side, i agree the meals are healthy. And you also lose your appetite after a couple bites. So that also helps with the healthiness calorie restriction part. Studies show those who eat lesser calories have a longer lifespan.

Allison F.

I tried coming here to buy caneles but it's not a cafe. So I don't know why this place even comes up on Yelp. There's no physical café here nor can you buy caneles at this address. Yelp or the business really needs to remove the address from this business.

Stephanie B.

Nourish has the best food and service! Every time I eat from these caterers the food is absolutely delicious. The food is always very presentable and tastes better than it looks! The serving players are always clean and "full" looking. My favorite part about this catering company besides the food is the exceptional service provided by Manuel! He's always so friendly and knowledgeable about what food is available each day. Without Manuel the catering would not be so good! He really rounds out the experience that it is to have an amazing lunch!

Sean P.

Nourish Inc (formerley Rebecca Jean) caters the lunch at my workplace in Palo Alto. There is always a good variety of options including a salad, starch, meat option, and vegetarian option. They also set up a separate salad bar area at my workplace. I also highly recommend their super delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Wako T.

Nourish has been bringing my company delicious and beautiful dinner for a while (over 1 year). I've always appreciated the variety of meals, the quality of the food and service. There's someone there who has fun with the naming of the menus, too. I think the servers have always been nice and professional. Some are regulars, others are not, but good service throughout. Shout out to Carlee, Javier, and all the rest!

Claudia G.

Lunch at my office has been catered by Nourish Inc (formerly Rebecca Jean) for at least a year and a half. The menu is usually creative (although there are only so many ways to dress a baked chicken breast) and tasty. They are also very open to receiving critical feedback to change the menu and adapt it to the needs of the office. I have a very unusual food intolerance (bell peppers) and our caterer Nick is THE BEST at letting me know in advance if any dish contains them, and will even set a small pepper-less portion apart for me if necessary. Nick knows us really well at this point, and has the best attitude and friendly service!

Alison T.

Nourish Inc (née Rebecca Jean Catering) supplies our office with lunch every day and I love it. We tried a number of office catering options but happily chose Rebecca Jean because it was the only service that could satisfy a number of dietary requirements (some of my coworkers are vegans, some are nearly carnivorous, most of us are somewhere in-between with a sprinkling of odd allergies) while providing menu variety with quality food. (Seriously, one caterer had a "hotdog day" where the vegan option was a grilled zucchini in a hot dog bun...) It's great to know that I will get a delicious and healthy(ish) meal every day, and I likewise look forward to the great service and fun conversation from our regular server, Nick Redmond.

Alyssa G.

Formerly known as & and still owned by Rebecca Jean Catering. This is the best catered food I've ever had. I have worked in several different offices that have catered lunches that just look and taste so bland, and end up hurting my stomach. Not that problem with Nourish! They always have an amazing buffet setup with at least 3 delicious protein choices, vegan and vegetarian options, and several amazing sides! The food is always so fresh they provide a lot of healthy choices for you to choose from. They make sure to switch up the food type every day so it's always something new and you don't get tired of it. The food always look presentable and they do a good job keeping the buffet clean. The staff is always so friendly and look happy to be there. I recommend this to anyone who is acquiring a catered lunch vendor.

Mandy D.

I got to try this at a Yelp event. Sandra was very sweet and I am a fan. By far, I really like the vanilla since it taste like creme brulee, but not as sweet. The texture is a familiar sponge texture like the white sugar sponge cake- I'll for surely check get some more at San Mateo Farmer Market!

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