Club Maraka's

254 Grand Ave, South San Francisco

Recent Reviews

Lorena Favela

Lady at the bar was really kind

Jen R.

I've had nothing but good times here. Is it a little ghetto and divey, big time. But that's part of the appeal. If you want a flashy bar with the latest hits playing on the jukebox, go across the street to Hometown Heroes.

Jose Luis Alvarado

(Translated by Google) The prices are high for the beers and the rest that is consumed in the place ...(Original)Los precios están elevados de las cervezas y lo demás que se consume en el lugar...

Erick Gutierrez Navarrete

(Translated by Google) A good place to go for a drink with someone special ✌

Harry S.

Let me know if this makes sense, $13 per Don Julio X 2 $13 Malibu coconut $12 Michelada... The only price I asked for up front was Don Julio. The rest I ordered and received the price when I asked for the check $51.00 Bill I paid for and Tipped I'm very disappointed...VERY disappointed Service was slow, wasn't busy

Franli B.

Well to say I'm disappointed is saying too little to be honest. First i order a piña colada and the drink is rotten. Yes you read that right, ROTTEN. So i tell the server it's bad and she says, must have added to much coconut. Like no, it's bad. So she takes it back and then proceeds to charge me an arm and a leg for my next drink. It's a shame. Spare yourself the time, disappointment , mediocre music, ridiculous tab, and go ANYWHERE else. You're welcome.

carlos toscano

Cool place to have a drink, kinda quiet though but I need that sometimes.

Lisbeth Vasquez

Its an ugly place to drink

Avery Raines

Shady as it gets

Mary L.

What a wonderful place to relax/hang out It was such a pleasure meeting Julaima. Drinks were reasonably priced. Very welcoming. Almost felt like we were hanging in someone's home. Bonus points for having pride flags out for June.


(Translated by Google) Club of the underworld, where they do not respect anyone. Promoters promote false events. It's a canteen, not a club


The place was big. Very nice place to dancw. But the music was so boring... My friend yawned while drank his beer. And after paying, we supposed to get my balance but the waiter didntgave me my balance. It just rm3. And i just realize After we get in the car. Yes it just a small amout of money, but its not nice to do to your guest like that.

Dorys Lopez

NOS VEMOS MI JENTE DE CLUB #marakas Este PROXIMO jueves. Tributo a jenni rivera , estara de pelos!!!! art. #dorysshow

Oscar Diaz

viene lo bueno musica en vivo ademas musica para bailar cumbia merengue salsa banda de todo un poco.

Angel C.

$5 water/agua WTF!!!!!! P....ta mad....reee !!!! $15 margarita Bartender / La seí±ora de la barra super entitled / exige alta propina oh te da caras

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