Cooking Papa South San Francisco

390 Swift Ave #13, South San Francisco
(650) 763-1989

Recent Reviews


This is the first time we ordered Cooking Papa food for our party. It was a great experience and surprise! The food is very delicious and the price is very fair !

May C.

I just past by at 10:00am today ( Tuesday). They said they don't have to go service anymore.

Vadim Iukhimchu

They need work on customer serviceThey speak like they already sold everything and they don't need any customerNot recommend this place for people!!Have good day!

Varim Y.

They need work on customer service They speak like they already sold everything and they don't need any customer Not recommend this place for people!! Have good day!

Altun A.

This piece of s*** place don't let customers use the restroom. What kind of a restaurant is this? Terrible experience. Do not go there.

Anson F.

I stopped in today and this location doesn't do take out anymore. They are primary a catering business now.

Dharma M.

The foods are yummy and price is reasonable. It is takeout only but you can sit down to eat. They have table if you want to sit and eat.

Dharma M

Togo only. It is yummy. You can eat in but with togo box. Price is reasonable.

Nguyen Minh Trang

A nice view of the bay

Jackie Q.

I ordered the preserved egg porridge, Chinese donut, and the siu mai. It was very delicious! I ordered this through Door Dash, so I'd imagine this be even tastier in person.

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