Cuneo Bakery Inc

210 Baden Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 871-9090

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Dean Mar

Very disappointed with recent Tomato Focaccia bread purchased. Have always enjoyed it over the years. Sauce was painted or sprayed sparingly, little to no onions and was overly bland. Definitely shrinkflation. And at the new price at Lunardis, what a shame....

Lexy Hernandez

Omg !! By far the BEST almond croissant ? I’ve ever had! When are you opening ??? I go to the Millbrae market and I look forward to this treat !!

ellen burlanescu

this bakery sells the best bread! the delicious taste reminds one of childhood

Franco Bagnarol

Have been eating your foccaia for years lately it seems you've been adding less sauce on it. It also seems you changed something in the sauce it's tasting very weak and I am only tasting bread

Carole F.

Cuneo Bakery makes the best EVER Breadstick's, if you have tried them you seriously need to !!!!!!

Aui T.

This bakery is a hidden gem. We love almost everything from them. Our favorites are: walnut biscotti, chocolate chip cookies (so good), croissants, chocolate twist, challah, apple turnover, and focaccia. At Millbrae farmers market, they sold out their stuff quickly. So I recommend to go there early.

S. M.

Thanks to a friend of ours who sent some biscotti to our house for Easter, we were reunited with a bakery that has filled many stories while growing up working at my mom's cafe (Malvina's) in North Beach. The warm bread dipped in olive oil every morning was the stuff of legends! Thank you Cuneo for those wonderful memories. So happy to have found you again!! And those biscotti (the variety pack) were fabulous! We dipped them in our coffee each morning Grazie, grazie, molto!!

Donald Ray

My wife is Italian and we have visited Italy many times. I have tried and enjoyed your Focaccia Flat in many varieties.When I tried the Mescolanza Focaccia my mouth was on fire with pepper that was put on the bread. Could this be of a region we have never been to or one of your bakers thought it would be a nice addition?

Nigel T.

I buy the focaccia bread for my 80 year old dad's sandwiches, he absolutely loves this bread!!! Fresh, excellent flavors!!! Will definitely buy again!!

Mike C.

Stumbled upon their products late last year when shopping at a local deli in San Francisco. With the current gas prices and the Bay Area traffic, I have not ventured to the South Bay as liberally as before. I must admit that, under shelter in place, the 2nd issue has not been an issue and it's more of a question whether those places are open or not.On a June Thursday afternoon, I stopped by Molinari's to pick up a sandwich for lunch. While waiting for the sandwich to be made, I wandered the other parts of the store (socially distanced, of course) and bought several items. Well, I ended up buying three items from Cuneo here, packs of almond and pistachio biscotti ( and a pizza focaccia ( Only upon looking up the business did I learn that they have a retail location in SSF. I'd bought their artichoke hearts focaccia previously so I figured to give their pizza one a try. Reheated at low heat in my toaster oven, it was comparable to the North Beach institution a few blocks away, though lighter in flavors (tomato sauce and olive oil). I enjoyed the pistachio biscotti as they are not overly sweet. I actually used the crumbs on the bottom as topping to my salted mango ice cream from that Dogpatch ice cream place.

Dom Mallegni

Sooooo good ?

Vito Dell

We have been doing business with Cuneo since they were on Leland Ave on Visatation Valley in San Francisco back in the 60’s. Always fresh and delicious.Maria, keep up the great tradition.Ciao Vito

Fiona L.

Their olive fecaccia is delicious and their grissini sticks . I didn't even know there was flavored olive bread until I saw this brand. It's a taste you can never forget that's how good it is. Hopefully you guys try the olive fecaccia. The tomato flavor one is not that bad also has lots of flavor to it.

kelly c

Best baguette in the bay area!They are comparable with the good ones in Paris!

Marla B.

Dang it, I truly wish I could give this Bakery a much higher "Star Rating". This being said, if I'm ever in S. SF, I will pop in and give them another try, just not the Biscotti. I purchased a pkg of 6 Marble Biscotti Vanilla & Chocolate Blend $8.00 (Twice Baked Italian Cookies) from a charming little old time cheese store in St. Helena. Sadly I don't have the receipt a receipt was not emailed to me either (sorry). The store had a decent selection of their "cookies / Biscotti". The look of this "particular cookie" drew me in just because it was so marbled with Chocolate and probably Vanilla. When I opened the bag you could definitely smell the chocolate. When I did the traditional "dip" there was absolutely no flavor whatsoever to the cookies. They were dry and tasteless. They should be dry, I know, but this was different. The list of ingredients is kind of frightening what w/Vanilla, Almond flavoring and Cocoa Powder being the last of the 25 previously listed ingredients. Lots of ingredients I could not pronounce, let alone spell. There was no "purchase by date" on the pkg., so who knows, maybe they weren't fresh. Bummer, as I love a good Biscotti. In this case, looks are / were deceiving. Sorry bakery. I really did want to "love them".

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