E Plus Restaurant, 港式西餐廳

490 S Airport Blvd STE A, South San Francisco
(415) 823-2893

Recent Reviews

Evelin A.

Although it may seem that this restaurant isnt the best spot for Chinese food due to it being a karaoke place as well. Me and my boyfriend were hungry late at night when we got the munchies. We looked on Yelp to see what was open and we found this place didn't close until 130 AM on a Thursday. We had never tried it before but gave it a chance. We got the barbecue pork rice and beef chow fun. It was bomb! The flavors were really good, the portions are pretty big and the prices are not bad. With a lot of Chinese spots, the beef at times seems to be overly chewy and this place had really good beef! We were overall pretty content with this late at night food spot

Sharon Wong

I ordered the pork chops with onions and it was disgusting! The pork stinks! It did not taste like pork and the pork quality was like a mushy flour. It was covered in tasteless sauce. Very bad. Tasteless and disgusting! Waste of money. Don’t order. You will regret it!

Miss D T.

The restaurant opens late and the area looks pretty shady at night. Ordered the wonton soup and I must say the soup is pretty bland. For $10, it comes with 8 wontons and 3 pieces of Chinese brocoli

Jonathan D.

The website eplusstudio.com works but there is no way to pay for it online! So, it's basically worthless. We ordered online and the confirmation page said they would call us back in 2mins. We'll, that didn't happen! Bad service and not good for future business. Take the site down if you cannot order from it or you do not check it. Called in the order and they take your credit card over the phone (not safe practice). The woman doesn't understand English very well, but is nice. Wait time for dinner is 30 mins avg. Good food.

Nnaemeka Omeruo

Food was really good an the place was very professional , it looked like a fancy place and tasted like one too, really good

Samantha L.

3/28/21 The Karaoke room and food is very nice, also the audio is so nice. They are open during this time. Great service. They checked body temperature before you walked in, which was very responsible and safe.

Kelly H.

After Costco shopping , it's Convenience to getting Togo in Eplus, the food is delicious and the owner is nice and friendly. Highly recommended this salt and pepper chicken soft bone .

Lisa S.

Great spot for late night eats. Good variety and reasonable portions. Sure to find something that you'll like. Friendly staff and conscious of Covid procedures. Worth checking out!

Sean F.

A+ for EPlus. The food was delicious and the service was very friendly. The location is a bit unassuming, but worth checking it out!

Jackie T.

Late night cravings always seem to haunt me, especially on Friday nights. Scrolled through UberEats at 12:30AM and found E Plus Restaurant! Ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese and Spicy Salt Chicken Cartilage (chicken knees). Spaghetti Bolognese: there wasn't enough sauce to cover all of the spaghetti, so it was really bland. Spicy Salt Chicken Cartilage: I LOVE chicken knee cartilage! It's super fatty and crunchy, and most restaurants don't offer this. The one at E Plus was deep fried, with awesome garlic flavors. One thing I didn't like was that the batter was a little too thick. Nonetheless a great snack. It was slightly soggy when the food arrived (we were 6min away) so I popped it in the over for a few min to heat it up. Will probably order in the future and try their other dishes if I decide to be a fatass again at night.

Henry C.

The baked seafood with rice is bomb! Highly recommend this dish for anyone that wants an authentic Hong Kong cuisine

Shangfu P.

The food is delicious. Have tried different dishes. My favourite food is Jianbin, and the soup is also pretty good.

Sabrina Z.

I got the baked Seafood with Rice. Very fresh ingredients. There were tons of fish fillets, shrimps, calamari, onions, cheese and eggs. service is great. The owner is very nice.

Hannah S.

The food is terribly disappointing considering the good reviews. We came here because we wanted Hong Kong style cafe food and you can tell the quality of the ingredients are not great (gailan was hard to chew -- it's known to be a crunchy vegetable), the bolognese is made with ketchup and whipped up with cornstarch which ends up looking like a congealed mess and tastes really nasty, and the cream of chicken and corn soup, again, made with the same cornstarch. And thinking about what went into our stomach just made me change this review from two stars into one. Save your money and go eat a hot dog at the Costco food court across the street. That tastes better.

Prajwal C.

I ordered baked pork chop over fried rice and the pork chop was raw and definitely not baked. It had a very bitter taste to it. The dish had so much red sauce you could barely see or taste the fried rice. I will definitely avoid this place or tell everyone i know to stay away before they get food poison. Please stop serving food like this.

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