639 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
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Alden C.

I used to go to Eggettes a lot growing up, but I haven't gone in a long time until today. I went to this Eggettes location for the first time and did not know they had a soft-reopening. They had a sign saying they were only accepting cash which is certainly not ideal, but luckily I had some on me. The man working there was nice and it looked like they had a couple staff members working at a time. He wore gloves and I could tell he prioritizes cleanliness. I honestly don't usually like Eggettes milk teas, but I got a Thai Iced Tea with Honey Boba anyways. They come in only one size and the Thai Iced Tea costed $4 and it's $1 for honey boba added. It was pretty solid, but nothing special and the boba had a good chewy texture. I also ordered the Honeydew Eggettes which costed $5. It had a pretty faint honeydew flavor and I prefer the original personally, but it was okay. Eggettes have a bit of a nostalgia factor for me, but overall it's a decent spot to go satisfy my egg waffle cravings. I'd probably pass on their drinks next time though. The street parking also isn't too hard to find typically so it's not much of a hassle coming to this location.

C C.

I'm glad they still open after 5pm today! The owner said he usually stay a bit later after "closed" lol The bonus: a few Keung To postcards

Joe D.

This location is now open till 6-7pm everyday! Hooray!!! It is, however, cash only - but let's support this small, local business as the eggettes are made so thin, crispy, but super fluffy on the inside! Their curry fish balls are very tasty! They give you 8 curry balls, which is a generous amount for one order. They also made the drinks so deliciously. They currently only have one size for the drinks, but that's OK. The honey Boba is the perfect chewyness, complementing the fluffiness of their eggettes. This location even offers tables and seating, unlike the Millbrae location where consuming the food inside wasn't even allowed. The owner also kindly offer to split the drink into two cups when he noticed the drinks were for my kids. Such great customer service! This location is super clean, nicely renovated, and very homey. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon treat for family and friends. Come check this place out!

Matthew Rummel

We really enjoy this place. Good boba. The eggettes are good as well.

Monica C.

This Eggettes in South SF used to be one of my favorites amongst the three locations with the other two being in Millbrae and SF. I stopped by here to get Hong Kong style milk tea with honey boba balls and popcorn chicken. This Eggettes was still in their soft-opening phase so there was no popcorn chicken. I got an order for the waffle egg puffs instead. What a disappointment! The eggettes was warm but not crispy or tasty. Lacked so much flavor. The milk tea tasted watered down. The only good thing was the honey boba balls. But they charge $1 for boba which was ridiculous since other boba shops only charge $.50 or $.75 more. On top of this, it was cash only. Hopefully, they improve their food and drinks drastically and not charge in cash only, because it would be hard for them to survive this type of economy.

Courtney P.

I haven't been to this location in a long time because they were closed for so long & never got a chance to come back as soon as they opened. I came in around 4pm on a wednesday & there were only 2 people inside. They only accept cash. I ordered milk tea with boba, rice rolls, & original eggette. the menu has changed a little bit & it seems they have less options as I used to order a mint drink. the milk tea was okay, not the best but not the worst i've tried. the eggettes were good as it is a simple snack. the rice rolls were in a container before they were made (i had never seen them make it before) but they looked so hard and unappealing before it was made but i gave it a try. they ended up being really good! the man that was cashiering was nice.

Sara L.

If you grew up in HK eating eggettes made the old fashion way then you will know that theirs is the closest you can find in the bay area. I've been a regular for years when I lived close by and still come by to visit every now and then, now that I live 45 minutes away. Their drinks are solid without fancy names or twists. They also have the best rice rolls and fin soup. And like another reviewer mentioned, the owner is the sweetest guy. He allowed me to pay him the next time I visit because I also did not have cash and did not know they are cash only post-pandemic. His shop is not just a place that sells boba drinks and snacks. It is a reminder of what my childhood was and how folks back then have more kindness and trusts in each other.

Kaitlin L.

Love this place. One of the only places around that has popping boba! Super fast. I've never been disappointed by them. I love their plushie machine as well. Super cute! And you can actually win plushies from there. But amazing food and boba. 10/10 Recommend. Only boba shop i Like.

Violeta J.

Good and reasonably-price bobas. Made quickly. Their egg/shaped waffles are delish but a bit pricey. Easy parking and plenty of seating.

Marcy Selover

We used to live here and frequented the shop to the point that they knew my husbands name and we even let him try free samples of some of the drinks they were testing out. The owners worked here then and we’re always so nice and welcoming. It pains me to give them a bad review but was just just verbally assaulted by an employee for not wearing a mask even though the mandate has lifted. Especially since we live in a different county things can get a little confusing with masks. The employee yelled at my husband to leave very rudely and then when trying to explain to him that he didn’t know he needed one and that we had some in the car he again repeatedly and very aggressively told us “to get out!”This sadly was one of the shops we shears came back when we visited but we will never be coming back ?

Rosie W.

Love these eggettes but they aren't as hearty as some of the other ones I've had. The eggettes here and are a bit more crunchy and hallow but I like them to be a bit thicker and chewier. The drinks, aren't worth your money. They don't have much of a tea taste and they're too sweet. If you're looking for good quality milk tea, this isn't the place to get them.

J L.

Yummy and consistent. Owner pretty awesome ! Super excited for the opening . Been here for almost 10 years now!

Irene R.

one of my favorite local spots for many years (we came so often that they memorized my order...) we had been impatiently awaiting the reopening for many months and have been happy to return. changes include updated menu, which is still being tweaked over time, shortened hours (2-5pm daily); all drinks/food items are $5 each, cash only. the drinks have been on the sweeter side recently.

James K.

Owner is the sweetest guy. I didn't know they were reopening again. Stopped by for the first time since the pandemic and ordered food without realizing they were cash only at the moment. Owner said pay us back next time. I owe you $11 and I thank you by being a gracious person. I will be back! * $5 tip for any snacks or drink maybe misleading. I'm sure they meant minimum tip per order. I don't mind it cuz I know they have been hit hard by the pandemic. Support small business owner!

Julio Ochoa

Very good, nice service excelent costumer service

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