Focaccia Market Bakery

1 Tower Pl, South San Francisco
(415) 397-2900

Recent Reviews

Michael W.

Focaccia is all about freshness, variety, and convenience for me. During the pandemic, they initially struggled with indoor/outdoor seating, remote ordering and pickup, before settling on pure delivery with four set delivery times at breakfast and lunch. My favorite quick bite to eat is a lox bagel with avocado. I enjoy the variety of both their set menu salads and the ability to create my own. Lots of options as well as seasonal options. If I were to complain about anything, it would be that their chicken tends to be on the dry side, but they seem to be improving on that front as of late.

Sanya Sehgal

Made my salad incorrectly, and employees kept moving their masks down to talk to customers, which defeats the point of having a mask

Pamela Canaday

Four out of five employees that I saw today had their mask under their nose.I did not feel safe and I am not going back until they remedy it.

Jd B.

I've read the reviews and I think people may be a bit harsh. Yeah they're pricey but that's nothing new for the Bay Area. Their food is always fresh and the place is always kept clean. Staff is friendly and reasonable. Have never had a bad experience just be prepared to pay a few bucks extra for your salad/sandwhich.

Jeff G.

Went here yesterday and had a hot skirt steak sandwich on white focaccia. Bomb AF. Can't say much about the other sections in the store, but I had to come back today and had the hot roast beef sandwich. Great vibe, they stay open until 3pm so perfect for late lunch, and no issues parking if working in the area. Ample parking spots I their visitor lot. I frequent the SSF area for work and this will definitely be one of my fav spots for a sammy.

Abbas Raza

Love the salad!

Dhruva K.

If I can use adjectives to describe this "Restaurant" it would be overpriced, inadequate and tasteless. A piece of chicken and a portion of rice for $15.99 which isn't all that tasty. You have got to be kidding me. Prices tend to change arbitrarily based on who is at the counter. You might end up getting 2 meals for the price you pay here for 1 in most places. The only saving grace is the Gentleman who makes sandwiches with a lot of care. We are forced to get our meals here because that's the only option right now.

Km M

The Italian server was quite deceitful.I ordered omelette and hash browns. He took my order and I paid for it only to find out they have no hash browns. Why not tell me in the first place? I would have ordered differently. He thought it's ok to take my money and give me food what's available with no regard for what I've paid for. Dishonest!

Nilesh P.

This place sells things at triple price compared to other sellers. E.g buy anything from the drinks shelf and compare it's price on Amazon.
For $16 they sell piece of chicken and tasteless rice. Service is really bad and servers and cashier's don't care about customers. They keep charging different prices for same item. There is very limited menu and super costly. e.g. chicken and rice bowl costs $16 and same will cost $9 at Chipotle and it will be way to better in quality and taste.
This place runs only because of offices in South and north tower do not have any option as there is no other near by place to eat. Once north tower opens new restaurant, they will be out of business for sure.
A small request to manager of this store : please train your staff how to talk and serve their customers. Also have transparent pricing.

Tiare L.

Rip off. I order the beef broccolini and the server barely places any meat on my plate and overprice the entree. Yes their food is somewhat good quality, but the serving for their main entree is a joke. And all the customers here give off a impatient stuck up vibe it's so irritating. We are only getting lunch, relax! And I'm not coming back here for their sandwich slop! Thanks!

Mark B.

Bad value for money and very poor service On a few occasions I've been charged different prices for the same thing The latest arbitrary charge I ordered a bagel with lox 2 weeks ago the charge was 6.32 Today I ordered the same bagel and I was told it was 8.99 + tax it will be $10 dollars and change. I spoke to the manager about this difference in cost, she said the first charge was a mistake and for this one time she will reduce the $10 dollar charge and charge me the $6.32 that I paid 2 weeks prior. I refused the offer on the grounds that I can be randomly charged, whether it be overcharged or undercharged. This to me is a reflection of the lack of training and alignment with the servers and the overall staff. I've also observed servers serving extra pieces of salmon to some of their favorite customers and when I called him out on it he said he didn't do it, I was standing right beside the guy he gave extra food to. Between the high cost, random charges and poor customer service I give this place 1 star

Alice L.

The best part is the sandwich/wrap section! Jose, who usually makes my wrap does a wonderful job in creating the best tasty vegan wraps : ) He provides great service & he is my go to person for lunch. We have ordered from him numerous times for lunch events & trust his taste in creating delicious sandwiches & wraps.

Konnie M.

I didn't think a simple $7.99 salad could go so wrong. Spinach, edamame, carrot & capers. I asked for light dressing. It was so drenched in dressing - it was inedible. . Warning: if you want light dressing - ask for it on the side.

Alexandre C.

This place makes some hot food and have a wide selection of salads, with a friendly and efficient staff. In particular, Jose makes killer sandwiches and always have something special to add or to try that is delicious.

Arturo E.

The people make this place INCREDIBLE. The salads are amazing and the wraps are out of this world. José (in the wrap/sandwich section) makes the most unbelievable veggie wraps! I have brought coworkers and business partners here to eat his famous veggie wrap, and many of them say that it's the best wrap they have EVER had. He is a gem.

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