Food truck Las pencas

1655 Mission Rd, South San Francisco
(650) 452-2359

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Mira Bai Winsby

Delicious fresh ceviche, and crispy chorizo tacos. They serve Birria if that's your thing, I'm told it's good

Archie Ocampo

We are a group of cyclists that support small businesses that weren’t doing to good during the pandemic. That’s the how I know this food truck. First time I came here with my family they forgot one item I ordered. Second time, they gave me something totally different from what I ordered. This last time and I mean last time. So I try to call ahead of time because the wait time to get your food is always 25-30. Even if you’re the only one there SMH! The lady put me on hold for about 10 minutes, the time it took me to drive to the truck. Told her that I called to put a order in but was still on hold. She looked and the phone and said sorry and hung it up but still didn’t have the courtesy to take my order. I see a couple of complaints on her about the cashier. The girl is rude and does not take the time to be more engaged with the customers. Had to to ask her 3 times for chips and salsa. I will let people know not to support this place if the service is like this.


Ordering ahead is your best option and they forget 1 thing more than the average resturaunt. Really good food overall though and nice servers.

Felix Abarca

Great food and very well located.

Mario Ivan Morales Rodriguez

The best tacos in Colma and it’s surroundings by far, guaranteed. A Chilango foodie is telling you, me.

Johnnmichael J.

Covid hit and me and my family have been using Doordash a lot more and this place has turned into one of our favorites. I always get the Quesabirria I wanna try more things but they are so good everytime we order from here I can't bring myself to get anything else. My little brother and gma both always get the super nachos which come loaded. The quality of food you get for the price this place really can't be beat by anything within a 20 mile radius.

Jason Bolloso

Quesadilla and birria was delicious. 5/5

Trina M

The tacos are my favorite, especially tripas and cabeza!

Ohana C.

The First Lady that served us and took our order was rude. She cursed in Spanish because my mother didn't know what "red or green" was for the tamales. I understand that we don't know what their talking about. But that doesn't mean she has to get angry. We love Mexican food. And this was my first time taking her here since I used to come here to get DoorDash orders. But finally she switched out to the other lady that helped us. And she did a way better job of explaining things. She was more calm and very understanding. But never again coming here. I will only be picking up the DoorDash orders instead. Sorry but that First Lady was so unprofessional.

Lionel Lane

Nice little truck next to a old school bar . Next to a Veteran home . A place across the street to visit folks that passed .

Joel Nevarez

May /21/21 Around 7:45pm very bad service the cashier lady ?

Alyssa N.

I've been frequenting this food truck more often for the past couple months. Their food is good, at a convenient location for me, and I like supporting small businesses. I would be giving them 4 stars but I have to knock off a star because I've noticed they are scarce on chips and salsa. I come here and order for myself and my parents. No matter how much food I order they still only give out one small bag of chips and salsa. Today I proactively requested extra chips and salsa for each order. When my order was ready I didn't even get one bag of chips, I got none! I asked them again for chips and salsa and said I would even pay for 3 bags. All I got back was one bag of chips. Come on.... TL;DR: make sure to check your bag for chips and salsa especially if your order is for more than one person. Chances are there's none or 1 bag of chips only. I think it's ridiculous they give you one bag to share amongst a big order.

Mario Mojica

Quesobirria tacos were very good. The birria was fresh. Will definitely come back.

Rodelene P.

Such a hidden gem ! I always come here for their quesabirria and it hits so good every time ! Definitely recommend

Chanel P.

The girls here are so friendly. The prices are solid. I love birria to death and the quesabirria w/ consommé are fireeeeeee. I love that they give radishes with the tacos, an undervalued addition.

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