Jack In The Box

1695 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 994-8245

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Been coming to this location since 2008 or so! burgers are always looking good, well put together, always consistent! The wonderful people working here are always kind and easy to deal with. And my dog loves the periodic strip of bacon from the awesome employees!!

Matt Darrah

A great place to eat and nice employees.Unfortunately its diner area is closed due to covid. The drive thru is still open with little to no wait time open 24 hours. Highly recommend this place

Daniel Rivas

I'm seriously disappointed with my experience at this location. I drive up to place a small, basic order and the man sounds out of breath and annoyed. He sighs very loudly and obviously after each item I order (4 items total) and asks very rudely "anything else" after each item. It's as if I could hear him rolling his eyes and making it known to me that it was a nuisance that I was there and placing an order. I just backed up and left.I've frequented this location although there is a Jack in the Box closer to my house. This location has always served fresher food and had better service. I was also very kind and patient with this location as it seems to be often busy. I was blown away by the crispiness of the taco shell in my previous order. It was perfectly fried and by far the best taco that I've ever had from the franchise in my entire life.I look forward to connecting with their team regarding this interaction.

Benny W.

Dine in or dine out is still not available. Come on, people...Get your stuff together. The take-out server was friendly and efficient. I ordered a Breakfast Jack Combo for less than $5 including tax! Watch out for a sinkhole at their entrance. Jesus, it is swallowing up their trash can. See my pic.

Jo Dilla

It was 12:30am 4 cars in front of us. The order was #13 (chicken strips with large curly fries and a sprite, $5 box, large strawberry shake, and the new chocolate filled croissants. Everything was perfect, quick, and the guy at the window was polite like always (he's always there).

Michael Harrington

Fast and friendly staffGood food for the money and value

Kendra 522

Even at 2am on a Tuesday this place is great! The employees are friendly and have a great sense of humor

Michael Candelaria

Great burgers, tacos, etc. Located in Winston Manor Center @ El Camino Real and Hickey Bl.

Christopher R.

Paid like $10 for the new spicy popcorn chicken, only for it to literally be burnt to a crisp. It wasn't even chewable. How can anyone who prepared this order see this as acceptable? I work in fast food and always always make sure the food is at least somewhat presentable

Michael Morin

No lie the Graveyard workers are the hardest workers there No cap, I hope you get better pay because I see the same 2 managers or people there working there 24/7 they look like they live there (JK), I hope the jack in the box people can see this but those people deserve better pay. Graveyard is already hard enough to work through, it would be nice to give those 2 workers a raise, and the Graveyard cookers too. They deserve better pay because they earned it. I would say that is the most hard working jack in the box but at night, they work there hardest at night. I hope everyone that works Graveyard there gets better pay.

Nike B.

The Graveyard Staff there are the hardest workers no cap, Graveyard is already hard enough to work, and dealing with people on Graveyard is even more worst tbh. I would hope that they get a pay raise because I see the same 2 managers there working 24/7 for Graveyard. It's like if they live there, I hope all of Graveyard there gets a huge pay raise because they earned it, I hope the jack in the box people are reading this because those Graveyard workers are working hard. I give the cook props and I give the 2 manager thats there every night props I appreciate you both and I hope you both get a better pay including the cooks for Graveyard. Also if you never worked Graveyard you won't understand until you do it yourself.

Art Trino

Everything for the order was correct and tasty. However, I did ask for ketchup, hot sauce, ranch, and honey mustard and got salsa instead of hot sauce for the 2 orders of 2 tacos

Bari D.

I ordered three eggrolls from this place and they gave me THREE sauces - one for each eggroll. I dont know if that's SOP at JitB, but that is how it should always be. My only concern was when I pulled up to the drive thru, the guy kept asking if I was Momo. I don't know who Momo is, and I don't want his Jumbo Jack. I want my Sourdough Jack and three eggrolls with three sauces.

Colleen McReynolds

Fast and good, we were very hungry and we had the warm food right away.

Ala Vasquez

Quick bite with sundae. The cashier was kind and quick.

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