1129 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 589-4405

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Nicolas girault

Quantity and quality! Great chicken adobo, generous serving and affordable prices.

James Dylan

I went here with my Filipino family and none of us were impressed. We all found the food bland and boring, overloaded with MSG. Wife and I went home and couldn't sleep all night, we were sweating and restless, so we know they pack the food with so much MSG...the owner/cook doesn't understand if you actually make the food good, you don't need MSG. Anyway, we all through it was just boring, bland, flavorless food, and won't be back.

Ruby Idiart

The food is good and not over priced like other filipino restaurants. They serve good portion, it's worth coming back!

Thomas Kush

Delicious. Inexpensive. Not Fancy. Try the sizzling bangus. Portions are large.

Thomas K

Delicious. Inexpensive. Not fancy but great service. Try the sizzling bangus. Portions are large. Too bad no kinilaw.


It's true. They give you a lot of food. I don't live in the area, and I am so happy I was able to find this gem and eat there. So delicious!

Minchin A

It’s a nice Filipino restaurant. Good food with good price.

Raul R.

Highly recommend their Pork Sinigang. Just the right amount of sourness and generous serving of pork and vegetables for what you for. You really get your moneys worth.

Jenny P.

If you're craving some authentic Filipino food, then, this is a must try! It's truly a hidden gem. Their food not only tastes like the home cooked foods we had back in the Philippines, but they give huge portions also, especially their sinigang plates. Their sizzling sisig, fish sinigang, and garlic rice were so good! Definitely returning when we are back in the area!

Vincent V.

Great Filipino food!... you always walk away full and with food for home, they serve great portions for the price. On a cold day or if you feel a little cold coming on, order the Sinigang any style... It will warm you right up and cure your cold!

Melissa Kay

It's true. They give you a lot of food. I don't live in the area, and I am so happy I was able to find this gem and eat there. So delicious!

pepito pepito

come hungry and come with a grouptwo orders easily feeds an army. kuya Frank and his team are quick and attentive. not the fanciest decor but great food is what kept us coming back. highly recommend

Magina F.

Ordered twice over the phone and twice got hung up on! Ordered anyway but rude staff trumps decent food, IMHO!

Edward Terry

The menu and service were ahead of our expectations. We absolutely liked the ambience of this spot. Excellent spot to take my family out for dinner.

Adam Thrash

I constantly arrive grabbing some food in this spot. I love the rapid service and well prepared dishes. 5 stars from me.

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