Little Green Cyclo

121 S Maple Ave, South San Francisco
(415) 375-1657

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Keenan T.

They came out to Bair Island  as part of the food truck expo.   Saw truck wasn't even hungry.....just ordered the garlic noodles with chicken and kimchi for the hell of it......that's where it all started in a nut shell the dish is just an explosion of flavors.  It was so good I ate the entire dish and started to order another one.   Needless to say I will now stalk this little green truck and try more dishes next time!

If you see it don't hesitate to order the garlic chicken noodles!  I can only imagine their sandwiches are even better.

They made my night!

Donna N.

In these uncertain time (Covid-19)to be able to have delicious and quality food is what i miss! Thank god you are still servicing us customers by doing curbside pickups. We just picked up an array of food today and of course the must have Garlic Noodles! We nearly ate the whole thing upon walking in our apartment. We can't wait to have the Vietnamese ice coffee for breakfast and bread with pate to start the day right!

Mimi B.

This BANH MI remind me of Vietnam. I got the 9 spices chicken and they stuffed it to the point where every bite has a piece of chicken. For the San Francisco price as a food truck, it's definitely worth it.

Jboogie L.

The pho was light and it was in a compostable container. The broth was hot with decent chucks of chicken meat. The noodles were the flat kind. We were able to get a free drink since we bought over $20 worth of food. We got the pineapple lychee lemonade (it was okay). Easy parking inside a business park. Hours are only M-F 830-330pm. Spacious area. One thing missing was we were not able to find a trashcan to dump our food after we ate there.

Caitlin C.

First off, the address listed here is not correct - my friends and I spent a good 20 minutes driving around trying to find this spot (one of these friends loves the food truck and wanted to go to the brick and mortar location). It's actually located on the ground floor of an office building a few miles up the freeway. Super difficult to find. When we finally arrived, we had missed their open hours by four minutes. The cook in the kitchen kindly agreed to make us some chicken salads though, so nice of her. Though the salad wasn't anything to write home about, the chicken on top was amazingly moist and flavorful. So good, in fact, that I would love to come back and try more of their menu. Take home messages: Give yourself plenty of time to find this spot so you don't end up missing lunch hours, and order anything with the chicken!

Sam Penrose

Ordered garlic noodles / pork / kimchi from them at 436 Natoma today. Delicious, balanced flavors: kimchi's bright fresh flavor went beautifully with the rich pork and noodles. The pork was nicely browned. Meat and vegetables were cut small, making it easier to enjoy the ensemble in a single bite than many providers' preparations. I would have enjoyed a scattering of green onion and even (totally untraditional?) pickled ginger. Thanks so much for the tasty, satisfying lunch!

Lillian S.

So I get the same order everyday and today the lady at the register misheard me and got me a regular coffee instead of a Vietnamese coffee. I called out to her before she made it (twice ) and she made it anyways and it taste awful. This is not the first time she misheard. She's given me and my co-workers a very hard time. Anyways as soon as I tasted what she gave me I poured it out. I literally come here everyday. I don't know how this got lost in translation.

yelpme S.

This food truck showed up at our Office plaza on a Monday. Having known food truck food always comes with a little price premium, but is worth it since it makes up for it in taste and authenticity, something you might not get from a brick and mortar version. Anyway, ordered the garlic noodles with pork (chicken was sold out, even though I was #1 in line, go figure). It comes with kimchi. When the food came, i was quite surprised with the quantity, it was quite less. Anyway, the taste might be yummy, i thought and ignored the quantity. Well, disappointment there too. The garlic noodles we just OK, really just OK. The pork was hard and chewy, and the kimchi I'm sure I could make a better version on my own. The cabbage was little and there were large chunks of cabbage stalks at the end. This shows there's no focus on making people who eat their food happy..and btw, the Warriors fan dude who was running the show on the truck, definitely didn't look happy in life..and the food reflected exactly that. I'm going to email my office admin asking for another truck to show up.

Leo G.

Used to be a staple in the food truck scene in SF, but looks like they've went downhill as of late. The chicken bahn-mi I ordered came on a stale and tough french roll, nothing compared to the long, soft and airy rolls they used to serve. Didn't even finish my sandwich. Wouldn't recommend them anymore.

Tuan P.

Cute name for a food truck. I enjoyed the pictures of their travels to Vietnam, though I wish some of the food pics was served on the truck. Especially the banh beo. Banh Mi Thit Nuong - Lemongrass Roasted Pork tasted decent - Baguette bread they used was all sorts of wrong: thick, too chewy, way too much work per mouthful - Inside wasn't hollowed out to allow room for ingredients so this thing just exploded as you ate it

Erin S.

We used Little Green Cyclo for a corporate event and the food was wonderful. I spent about a month planning this event and threw so many questions at Francis leading up to the big day. Francis answered all of my them quickly and I could tell he wanted to make sure I had nothing to worry about. We got feedback from our clients saying how much they enjoyed the food. Thank you again Francis and Little Green Cyclo!

P O.

Ordered the garlic noodles and added the spicy chicken with thai iced tea. Super delicious got it through uber eats and delivered to work before lunch rush and came quick. Very tasty with chunks of yummy garlic - chix not too spicy

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