Little Lucca Sandwich Shop

724 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 589-8916

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korey lemos

Best sandwich iv ever had, it was huge! So fresh, the quality of everything was perfect. I had the muffaletta special and it was to die for.

Primobco Primobco

Little Lucca makes the best sandwiches. Always a treat when ordering. Sandwiches always fresh.

Laverne P

Today was my first time and I will be back best Sandwich ever

Cristine O.

I'm surprised I havent reviewed this place yet since everytime I'm in San Francisco, I have to come here! Its a small shop, but they have an extensive menu. I usually get a prosciutto sandwich on Dutch crunch bread with everything except mustard and pickles. Their garlic sauce and hot pepper sauce definitely makes the sandwich! And its so huge that I can only eat half but I save the other half for the drive home to Southern California. This place reminds me of Italian delis in San Pedro and that's why I love it here. It feels like I'm at home. There can be a long line here but I feel like its worth it to wait. You won't be disappointed!

Nina N.

After having this delightful sandwich, I really am upset with every other sandwich out there. Nothing compares to this. Do y'all do deliveries across the country? Cause, this sandwich was sooo good. My boyfriend and I shared this massive sandwich and it was so filling. Get the Dutch crunch, seems like they're known for that too! We waited about 15 minutes in line to order, bring a jacket with you it's chilly over there! If you order ahead of time, there was also a line for pick up, but I recommend doing that so you don't wait too long. Once you're in, it's a very small sandwich shop, no dine in area. They also have chips for sale. Service was great, friendly people.

Tamara C.

I love the sandwiches in this place, but two people can easily eat one sandwich, we bought two for two adults and two children, and we still have half a sandwich left

G S.

I had not been here in several years after a bad experience. I decided to try it again. Their sandwich menu is extensive so there should be something for everyone. I ordered a cold Italian (ham, mortadella, salami and provolone) sandwich with oil and vinegar, lettuce, tomato and red onion. It was a great tasting sandwich. The ingredients were fresh and the huge sandwich was good for two meals. The wait to order the sandwich was painfully long and slow moving. It looked like they had two people making sandwiches for the pickup orders and one person for the walk-in orders. Some people had big multiple walk in orders so that too takes more time. Everyone working was very busy. I don't know how they manage to stay sane everyday. There is typically a long line and some days it moves faster than others. If you are in a rush, consider calling your order in ahead. Everyone handling food was wearing masks and gloves. They allow 2-3 customers inside at a time to order. There is a separate line for the call in pickup orders.

Sarah V.

I've had people tell me about Little Lucca, so when I was around the area, I knew I had to try. They're known for having massive sandwiches. My friend and I vastly underestimated the size of the sandwich because we still got two specialty ones to share--the Fire Roasted Steak Caesar and the Lucca Combo. Overall, it was a good sandwich, but I definitely felt like it was over-hyped. The garlic sauce was delicious. I definitely recommend asking for extra, but everything else was pretty standard, similar to any non-fast food sandwich shop. The big differentiator is the size of each sandwich, so I'd label this place a bang for your buck type of place. You'll 100% have leftovers.

Shan S.

Sorry but I really do not understand the hype around this place. The line is not worth it. The Dutch crunch bread isn't crunchy. the included toppings are meh and by the time you want to make your sandwich taste like something other than lettuce, you've added another $11 worth of "premium toppings". Whole Foods and Ralph's have better sandwich builders tbh

Pascual A.

Not very comfortable. Not communicative and sandwiches were handmade but not worth the wait or money.

James Slater

One of my favorite shops out there. I tell everyone to shop here and I have been going since I was little. The sandwiches are huge and the cost is low. It's a little fast paced in there but don't be afraid to ask what's what. You won't regret your visit


This place is the ultimate sandwich shop in the bay area. Regardless of what you get, the sandwiches are delicious and huge, enough for two meals! I recommend adding the jalapeño bacon to your favorite sandwich when you order!

Katherine N.

Wow I got the Turkey Sandwich on a Dutch Crunch and added Avocado & Jalapeños, and it was damm delicious! There's a parking lot and street parking as well! Not only is the sandwich tasty, the portion is pleasantly reasonable (huge). Great food for having a picnic or if you're wanting to eat a bomb sandwich, then this place is your calling! I was able to enjoy half my sandwich with a nice view at a park. I saved the other half for lunch the next day. I definitely recommend this spot. It's worth the money and your time!

Jet Mann

When I'm near the airport I'll stop by and get a sandwich from here. Sandwiches are giant size. Usually get Dutch crunch with pastrami, meat piled on thick. Try the tritip or corn beef, never had a bad sandwich here. Fast service, don't let long lines deter you.

Rudy Rosique

Sandwiches were great! However, they are definitely rude. The way they speak to customers will definitely play a role in me returning.

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