Max's Restaurant, Cuisine of the Philippines, South San Francisco

1155 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 872-6748

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Marcus P.

10 star for this place its like you are in the old place QC the best talaga you are never go wrong the whole family enjoyed

Donald Dunning

The only place on this planet I order a whole chicken for myself and eat every bit of it! Great Filipino food also, but I go there for the chicken.Food: 5/5

Jen C.

It has been a few months since I last went to Max's for dine-in. The serving portions were decent and service was fast. Surprisingly no line. Maybe it's past lunch time when we went. We had Kare-kare, chicharon bulaklak and of course the "Max fried chicken". All yummy.

Dee H.

Why does it say you close at 9 PM but I come by at 8:30 PM and you're closed already false advertisement Why does it say you close at 9 PM but I come by at 8:30 PM and you're closed already false advertisement

Veronica V.

Came last Sunday evening with the whole family craving for Max's (which we haven't had in years) and this place did NOT disappoint! The place wasnt too busy.. we were greeted and seated right away. The host and server were both friendly and efficient. We ordered chicken sisig, daing na bangus, sizzling tofu, fried chicken, crispy pata, and chicharon bulaklak, kare kare, and halo halo. Pretty much everything was a 10/10 so good except the kare kare which was just so so. Great value for the amount and quality of food too. Would always recommend this place to anyone. So good!!!

Dino Pineda

We miss this place! We always reminisce when we eat at Max's since this is where we had my son's baptismal reception many years ago.

tere p.

They've changed since last visit. Service was super fast. Food we're cooked perfectly - their famous Max's Fried Chicken , bangsilog, sizzling tofu and a sisig bowl which is new but overflowing with rice than the meat. hehe. Over-all service was fantastic.

Maria elena Pineda

Max's fried chicken South San Francisco is a good place to eat the chicken was crispy & delicious, the veggies on the chop suey is very crispy, pancit bihon was very delicious too. The servers are very fast & efficient. The restaurant view & location is peaceful with big windows overlooking at the San Bruno mountains .Will come back here for more celebration.Thank you for the food.


Some of the old servers the lady and the other old man server is very rude!!!! Bad customer service, they didn't even give us water , we waited for so long, and the " beef" doesn't taste so well sometimes, , overall, badcustomer service from the old servers

Elvia Hannah

Had an awesome night. We came here to celebrate birthday. We had a reservation for 7 and was seated when we arrived. Very nice ambiance. Love it. I highly recommend this restaurant and will be back.

Jamel Krisha T.

Let's be real, I haven't had max's restaurant since they closed in Vallejo. HONESTLY, bad slow service! Not worth the drive. Over an hour wait and even if you're seated you're not even serviced. No staff. The staff are older and probably can't handle stress. Honestly, I blame the management for not knowing how to handle special occasions like Mother's Day. We haven't even been seated and I'm already giving a bad review. I hope the food is worth it. We'll probably never come back. The place is too small to accommodate big parties. Everyone has been complaining and some probably left already. Not organized at all!!!! Don't bother. Maybe order to-go and you'll be able to eat quicker! Shake my damn head!

Kurt M.

Was craving some filipino food and was suggested to eat at Max's. When I walked in the door, was not even greeted but rather pointed at to go sit. Then she came by and threw the menu at me. I watched as another customer walked in (yes they were filipino) and they got a much better treatment than I did. Now all the staff just staring at me from a distance. Definitely not coming back or suggesting this place to friends. And if I could leave negative starts I would.

Darryl Diptee

Amazing fried chicken! Excellent service and friendly staff. Will be back ???

Bruce McHenry

Ahh, the famous Max's. The tamarind oxtail soup was hot and delicious, and is cleaning me right out only 3 hours after I started eating it. there must be a some wicked good gut bugs in it. must arrive dressed next time to test the hypothesis that I got the nudist special from Cook himself. It was so warm, I biked here wearing only boxers

violeta lorgonio

Max's in San Francisco...haaay! The guy said they're closed, but lady said no. They let us in just before they closed at 3pm. They gave us kare kare that's have just vegies plus 1 pc of fat and full of gravy. Sinigang had lots of bones and few vegies lots of soup. The guy and the woman even arguing in front of customers, who's gonna serve the table and who'll take short, poor service! That's for me, I dunno for others! Sorry...hope they'll give better service next time.

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Max's Restaurant, Cuisine of the Philippines, South San Francisco

1155 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 872-6748