2298 Gellert Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 583-2562

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Sally Wong

I ordered on line & picked it up at the store. It was ready as I was approaching the counter. Very fast & efficient.Food: 4/5

Kim S.

Absolutely not a place to get your quick fix if you're craving McDonald's. Staff must has short term memory. Ask a staff a question and he said "he will be right back". 25 minutes of waiting for an answer. But he never came back. I see him looking back at me behind to counter. Then Staff started talking , saying is she still waiting!!! Then stated talking in their native tongue so I wouldn't understand. But I did. RUDE!!!!! ABSOLUTELY RUDE STAFF!! JUST blows my mine that any human can be so rude. Now I'm wondering what staff do to your food and drinks when you order. This would have been a NEGATIVE 5 STARS

Becky L.

Today I went to McDonald's on Gellert and the staff there was rude. I wanted to buy a happy meal for my nephew and I asked them if they had Lightening McQueen because Cars are the give away toy and my nephew loves Lightening McQueen. So the employee said he will look. Never came back with an answer and proceed to ask his associate if I was still there. The other employee said yes and the original employee I asked about the toy said "OMG can't believe she is still standing there!" Well I was standing there waiting for a response from him did he forget already that he said he will look into it and let me know. I think this establishment is rude and does not care for their customer. If there is a negative star I would give them negative 5 for the rude remark. I wouldn't even give it 1 star but I have to give it something in order for me to post!!! Worst McDonald's ever!!! Will not be returning there!!!!

Joya S.

Great food, even better service. I love supporting local businesses, you can really see their passion shine. My favorite part was the personalized experience that each crewmember gives to you. I don't know the name of that one woman, but I think she was a manager, and she was amazing. Give that bitch a raise.

Nicole B.

Slowest McDonald's ever. Expect to wait at least 20 minutes for a meal even more if it's around a popular meal time Luke breakfast or dinner. Timed the app meal order function compared to the drive though and on multiple occasions saw several cars enter/leave the drive through line after clicking I'm here when I ordering a meal ahead through the app & before the meal was delivered to the pick up parking space. I go to McDonald's when I'm out of time & need a quick happy meal between kids activities. Going to this location guarantees I will be late to the next activity.

Ri B.

My go to spot to fill my Mickey ds craving. Staff are well trained and defined the term fast food

Dannie Bartolome

Out of all the McD's in the area, we drive here from Gellert just because of their spectacular service! Often we're there Saturday nights between 6-8. Just went earlier tonight! Jony and his young associate (I didn't notice his name) were both extremely polite and helpful despite how super busy they were. If any upper management is reading this at all, please please please recognize the crew in this location. They're the reason we still go to McD's at all.

Butch A.

I ordered at their drive in , a meal on 20 nuggets they say no meal on that item so I just ordered separately and all the others got home found out they gave me less one fries so I went back and found out again that on their listed menu item they had a meal on everything "what the hell"this place used to be nice and friendly place to eat especially for the kids after school but never again so we went to In and Out and booooom !!!

Alden C.

This is a pretty standard McDonalds and I've been going to this location for almost two decades at this point. I usually don't have many issues and I highly ordering on the app because of the deals and it is a much faster process and you don't have to say as much when you order. Plus it makes the drive thru move much faster when the mobile app is used. They won't mess up if you use the app because they won't misunderstand what you are saying since your order is already inputed. They also offer curbside pick up although the number signs can be confusing. There is always constant turnover with staff because it's a McDonalds so it's understandable so it's hard to speak on the service, but usually it's pretty decent in my experience.


One of the employees, Bernard Hardy showed good hospitality. He asked me how my day was, gave me extra napkins at my table without me asking, and checked in about how my meal is. He even waved good bye when I left! I've never had this kind of positive experience at a McDonalds.

zhen chui

Chicken nuggets tastes weird. And fries in the mobile order didn’t come with ketchup.

Geminyna J.

Idk how many years it's been since we've successfully gotten a soft serve cone from Mc D's but y'all get 3 stars bc today is the one n only day the damn ice cream machine isn't "broken". ProTip: dip your fries in it!

Ria Northbay

Be aware that some franchise locations are reusing frying oil so much that one can smell the rancid oil in the food even before tasting it. I threw away my chicken nuggets after being nauseated from eating a few – This Westbrough location appears one of the worst offenders of this. Also, at Westbrough location you will only get three sauces per 10 piece nuggets. Additional cost 25 cents or more. All this sums up why this location was a ghost town at busy rush hour, dinner time.The Airport blvd, SSF and Millbrae are the better of the McD locations.

Cindy W.

made a phone call about happy meal toy around 8:40am. this store have thr one I want. but when I arrive I was told by the store manager they don't sell toy by itself and they can't sell it until lunch time! I went to 2 different stores yesterday and they do have that option but not here! and you call the number no one answer! voicemail is full ! hiw come when I called and let you know i will be on my way, you did not let me know all about the the information about it!

Freideleen L.

By far, the absolute WORST in terms of service. Super slow, horrible drivethrough entry and curbside pickup. Even the app crapped out saying Happy Meal not available, charged us then said something wasn't available. Really?

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