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I stayed for 2 nights but rechecked in for the second night put my wife name on the reservation on the first night on the second night I told them to put her name on the reservation and if I could have a late check out they gave it til 1pm. When my wife tried to get a parking pass they denied her the pass because they didn’t put her name on the reservation. Also they went inside the room before 1pm with my luggage being inside. They canceled my keys how am I supposed to get my stuff. They didn’t put that we were leaving at 1pm even though they gave me the late checkout. Also the if your a loyal Hilton Honors member like I am (Diamond) I got a $30 food and beverage credit. They didn’t explain that you have to use it in the restaurant only. I’ve stayed at other hotels and they use the credit for the store market or the restaurant. I got stuff at there market to later when I checked out they charged me the $30. I don’t recommend this property. Rude front desk employees. Don’t know how to do there job. Manager don’t care what’s going on. I use to run a hotel property and follow up with clients if they hadn’t checked out yet. Before entering the room and double checking their stay profile.


Stayed 2 nights while in the area on business. There is an airport shuttle BUT it only runs every 45 minutes & it's not a typical DT shuttle-it's a 3rd party & is shared with several other hotels, so very easy to miss due to lack of signage on the front. Room was VERY small-closet, what there is of it, is actually by the window. Chair for the desk is a straight-backed chair w/legs that get caught on the area rug under the bed constantly. Bathroom, on the other hand, was very large & well lit, especially for a Hilton, though not much counter space for stuff. Plenty of room for additional towel bars & hooks for hanging clothes, had they decided to include those. Unfortunately, there's a barn door for the shower (when will that fad end!!!) which limits how much can be hung there. This is also the 2nd DT in a row I have stayed in where the information on the website for the restaurant is incorrect-it is only open for breakfast & dinner starting @ 3:30 pm. It is located in an industrial part of town-not much walkable & no view of the bay from the room, though given how dirty the windows are, there's not really much of a view of anything! The bed was comfortable & overall the hotel did what I needed it to do for 2 nights.


To start off, I had a terrible experience with a cancelled flight, and the staff at the DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco South Airport Blvd, made my night so much better! The staff at Front Desk and Food & Beverage were so nice when I was explaining my situation. They were so attentive and helpful. Food and drinks were tasty! The rooms were clean and location is great. So glad they have an airport shuttle running!


1. The landing restaurant - Fruit fly feast. A massive swarm of flies all over the bar area. 2. The first room we checked in at, had nuts and dirt all over the floor, and a used glass, Was this room even cleaned as the hotel chain claims having to sanitize thoroughly. 3. The front desks receptionist - Unprofessional. I could hear their laughs, gossips, mocking through the hallway and doors in between. 4. The maintenance man just mopped the lobby area, with a dark musky smelled water, without any kind of disinfectant nor an agent that smells tasteful the least. The lobby hallway now smells like an old mop that has been used throughout the whole hotel without washing. 5. The elevator buttons are dirty and the floor had a wet sticky area from last night, I still saw the same stain today. 12 HOURS LATER. I'm sitting here at the conference room on my laptop contemplating if I should go ahead and write the actual review knowing I'll be checked in here for the next 8 days for a business trip.


I stayed the night prior to my flight. Reasonable rates, excellent restaurant, great location. Only problem the shuttle starts at 5:15am. The employees were great and very helpful. Walkable are with several restaurants nearby.


I checked into this hotel on Wednesday, the 11th of May 2022, upon checking in for Duty Manager demanded to take US$300 off my credit card for my four day stay at this hotel. I have had bad experiences in the past where a Sheraton hotel took US$700 off my card and it took me six months to have it reinstated, it is common knowledge that hotels are using this technique for their cash flow benefit. I said to the Duty Manager that I will pay for any room service or bar bills was at the hotel but will be predominantly out on business meetings. They therefore let me check in without checking for US$300. That evening I went to the bar for a light snack and a soft drink and the bar staff said they do not take Apple Pay so they should sign it to your room which I did. This happened a couple of occasions over the following couple of days culminating in a bill of US$100.51 . On Sunday, the 15th of May 2022 I have the duty manager banging on my hotel room door demanding that I pay the $100.51 to her immediately, I said I am not due to check out until tomorrow and I will settle my bill once I check out. Bearing in mind I’ve only been in America for four day in total trip with an eight hour time change, I could have easily been asleep when she banged on the door. I’m a British Airways captain and have been flying many many years long-haul around the world I have never been treated like this or been demanding payment before checkout from any hotel anywhere in the world. The Duty Manager who is a Blonde lady in her mid 20s then said she was going to call 911 and get the police to come and attend the hotel, followed by asking me to remove myself from the hotel immediately. She then aggressively left the doorway of my room and went back down to the lobby. I decided to go down to the lobby to explain my situation and placate the nonsense of having the police involved over something that is clearly not a criminal offence and a waste of police time. Initially the duty manager as she claimed to be the duty manager that day, refused to come out of her office for about 15 minutes, then she decided to come out and said I can pay the bill now but I still have to leave the hotel immediately. In order to again defuse this nonsense I apologised for not paying for the bill immediately, and therefore paid then. And after about 20 minutes she reluctantly said that I can stay for my final night at the hotel. In summary, this is nothing less than a disgraceful and appalling behaviour as to how anybody in a hotel treats the hotel guest I hope the lady concerned is severely reprimanded or possibly even sacked from her job as what she did to me in front of all of the guests in the lobby area was nothing less than aggressive, intimidating and wholly unacceptable. On a totally separate incident at the hotel I asked a gentleman who wore blue plastic gloves and a mask non-stop throughout my stay, I asked him if he could call United Airlines at the airport so I can find out if I need a PCR test before I leave the following day for the United Kingdom he said to me and I quote “the hotel does not have the facility for outbound calls” and dismissed me. Again an appalling attitude towards paying guests to this hotel, I recommend the Hilton group escalate this formal complaint and do something about the two individuals concerned.


Horrible experience. From the attitude of the too-hip-to-work-here guy at front desk to the soulless room that seemed designed by the Soviet Union. Stark, dark and depressing. Weak shower pressure and no amenities. Don’t waste your money.


First from airport shuttle, I boarded a "wrong" Doubletree shuttle and was told by the front desk staff that there are 3 Doubletrees around SFO, ok, this is still acceptable as the Doubletree (that I did not have reservation) front desk staff was extremely warm and apologized this inconvenient and instructed me to uber to the right one. This caused me to waste 1 hour in total. I think Double can try to remind people about this, such as during boarding of shuttle as most airport dweller are not familiar with the region. Ok, after I finally arrived in the "right" Double tree, it was 11pm already, very tired, and found out I was not upgraded to suite even I requested, and after few rounds of persists, the answer was still no. This is the first time in Doubletree that I was not upgraded to suite. That's still fine, I requested late check out as my flight is 10pm, they gave me free till 3pm and told me will charge $75 until 6pm, and beyond 6pm has to charge one night. I verbally accepted this and say will confirm tomorrow. Next morning, I went to front desk with the intention to confirm the late check out till 6pm and is willing to pay $75. This is the worst part, the front desk staff (Yvony) told me she only got pass over from previous shift that is free till 3pm and $75 till 4pm. What? 1 additional hour for $75, who will agree on this? I told her this was not what I was told, she insisted this is what she got from previous shift, I told her I want to talk to manager or any senior staff, she told me no one is here and this is hotel policy, I told her I want to see the policy, she said she does not have it and asked me to talk to manager or GM on Monday. And the worst was, she was yelling on me!!! I can't believe this, a front desk staff yelled on a diamond guest with a very reasonable request from the guest as per what he was told from previous shift. At the end I persisted firmly, then she said she will honor my word and gave me till 6pm, but I was totally offended already, as this is what I was promised but now became someone yelled on me and sounded like she was trying to compromise. Ok, i got it, and later on I came down again to renew my key, she gave me till 8pm. What a mess here? I am totally pissed off with the professionalism of the hotel

Stef C

We needed a hotel near the airport for an early departure at the end of a 10-day vacation. Rather than stay in downtown SF for an enormous price, we decided on the Doubletree a few miles from SFO. Good choice. The hotel seems to be new; it has a pleasant bar / breakfast area; there were a large number of conveniently located USB and a/c outlets; and the price was close to half of what it would cost to stay downtown. Also, I needed to print some documents to work with on the plane and the process of plugging a thumb drive into a computer and printing -- for no charge -- could not have been easier. In fact, I've done this all over the world and this was the most seemless operation I have ever had.

Michael G

Hotel was just ok. Conveniently close to the airport and some good restaurants but seems more catered to business trips than it is for family or couples vacation. $10.99 a day for parking is cheaper than most other hotels around the area but sucks that you even have to pay for parking at a hotel you are already staying at. Probably wouldn’t stay here again as hotel was nothing spectacular for the price.

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