Pit Stop Boba Shop

2300 Westborough Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 952-4449

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Sandy W.

One of the best boba spots in SSF! This is such a cool place. You can get gas AND boba? How convenient is that? The options are limitless. You can mix flavors for tea. They have green, black, and oolong tea! My favorite combo is mango guava green tea. Their honey green milk tea is great as well. They use non-dairy creamer for the lactose intolerant folks! The workers are super quick and friendly. Don't forget to ask for a stamp card! I always forget mine, so they give me a new one each time. They let you consolidate all of your cards!

Christina L.

There aren't many boba/MT spots in SSF, but this place is decent and close to Pacific Supermarket. PIt Stop isn't fancy or premium, and it's conveniently at a gas station. D R A A A A N K S House Milk Tea - 50% sweetness -- this is my go to drink. Green Tea Honey Milk Tea @ 75% sweetness - Good, but the flavor is pretty light. I'd probably go for the House MT instead. F O O D Chicharones - Freshly fried, so it takes a bit to come out, but it's piping hot and delicious. The hubby and I like this snack! Popcorn chicken - Freshly fried, the breading is pretty good, but not quite the same as Quickly's popcorn chxn. Passable, but not my top fav. Pieces are a good size though. The hubby usually gets this.

Flor L.

Love this place! Make sure you get your loyalty points! My favorite is the melon flavor.

Mary L.

Came here twice for consistently the best popcorn chicken ever. Crunchy and well seasoned. We added honey gochujang sauce on the side but found that the chicken on its own was pretty darn good without it. Devoured it in the car. Boba drink flavors were plentiful. Large cups, good price. The aloe topping was crunchy like the texture of apples, not sure why. Didn't mind it tho. Love that they give a stamp card.

Haley T.

Pit Stop is top notch gas station boba! Everything on their menu is solid. My S/O loves the Thai Tea. I always get the House Milk Tea, 75% sweetness-- to mix it up I'll get their Vietnamese Coffee or Honey Green Milk Tea! They have a great system and it's always little to no wait time when ordering just drinks. Try the popcorn chicken! Make sure to get your loyalty punch card too. The reason why it's 4 and not 5 stars, is that the boba quality depends on who is working/when you go. There's a slim chance the pearls can be stale, but more often than not, it's a hit!

Rob G.

Great place, just a little confusing to find it's not super obvious from the outside. Drink and chicken we're excellent!

Joanna D.

Their menu is unique. Different flavors from other boba stops like the taro Oreo, Thai tea, & the snack menu. It's also a convenient store. You can get boba while you fill up your gas tank too.

Mystery M.

What an interesting place to have a boba shop located inside an Arco gas station. We used to go to the McDonalds right behind this place all the time and I never knew this boba shop was here until recently. I guess it's fairly recent that this place opened up, like in 2018? I would honestly say that this place would be a solid 3, but because the customer service was pretty good, I'll bump it up to a 4. Small menu in terms of drinks, but they do allow you to DIY, essentially making your own drinks by choosing flavors you want. I had the Classic Milk Tea with Boba and a Taro Monster, they were decent, nothing too special. The tea quality was okay, but again nothing to spectacular. We also ordered a popcorn chicken, and that was pretty good. The chicken was freshly fried and the pieces were pretty big as well! I would recommend it. Stamp cards are given here and once you buy 10, you get one free. Credit cards accepted here and they take Apple Pay via Square. Receipts available upon request! The people that were working here were very friendly and approachable to questions and concerns, so I bumped it up a star because of it.

Erica L.

The passion fruit guava with basil was yummy. The hot Cheetos popcorn chicken didn't really taste like hot Cheetos... they need to rename it to like fire chicken cus it was just cayenne peppers. I would order the regular popcorn chicken next time.

Kay O.

Randomly found this Boba shop after hiking with our puppies and it was decent. I have a few allergy and dietary restrictions, but everything seemed to look delicious in pictures as well as taste. hee

Sana H.

A very interesting place for a boba shop. I actually missed the entrance to the boba shop while driving here because I wasn't expecting it to be at an actual gas station. There is a separate entrance to the boba shop but it is still attached to the gas station. I was a bit skeptical at first since of the location. But was genuinely surprised. The boba was soft and chewy. I got a tea thai with whole milk. I was about to customized my drink and add 75% sweetness level. There are also food options such as the popcorn chicken and other on the go snacks.

Nancy Peng

My favorite boba shop in the area. The boba pearls are always fresh and chewy. The tea is a perfect balance of tea flavor is sweetness. A must try if youre in the area.

Wilson Ku

My wife and I enjoy coming to Pit Stop, it's a nice treat to be able to pick up a few drinks, Thai ice tea for me, while getting some gas for the ?

Aaliyah M.

I've tried a lot of different boba shops with all kinds of different flavors, but this is currently my new favorite! The boba is soft and chewy, and all the different drinks they offer are pretty unique. The workers are polite and service is good. Depending on what day and time you go usually dictates how long you will be waiting for your order, however I've never experienced waiting for a very long period of time. My favorite drink is the limited edition Melona drink. I've ordered many times over the past couple of months and it tastes AMAZING with grass jelly and boba. I honestly hope they give this drink a permanent spot on the menu. If you're looking for more of a fruit tea, I recommend the Lychee Peach Berry! It's very flavorful and perfect for those with a sweet tooth. As for the food, it could improve. I've tried their popcorn chicken and lumpia shanghai before. I felt like the popcorn chicken was missing something, like it needed more taste added to it. However, the lumpia shanghai is very tiny but decent. This place is definitely more convenient for me because they are open later than most boba shops and they do offer delivery through Grubhub/other delivery services. Pit Stop Boba is a boba shop you need to try at least once!

Paul-Elie Nauleau

Not the best boba place… the flavors of the drinks tasted very artificial and the popcorn chicken was not good. I wouldn’t really recommend

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