Raymond's Sourdough Bread Outlet

151 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 589-4572

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Ross Sit

We only go to Raymond's for our sourdough bread! It's always baked fresh as they make it on site in SSF.

Dee Tagoai

Their breads are fresh and great for sandwiches. I was happy they even have Dutch crunch. I love love love their baked cookies that are big and chewy. They only take cash but it's worth it.

Melody Forry

Great bread, smelled so good inside even through my mask! I had them cut a whole loaf into pieces so I could fit it in a bag easier. Cash only.

Suan Lioe

Freshly made and still warm sourdough bread in mini/individual sizes and large sizes, unsliced and sliced, baguettes, dutch crunch bread, sweet french bread. You save up to a few dollars when you buy two.They also have day old breads, but they are still soft.A small selection of pastries on the left hand side as you enter the store. They have some frozen stuff, in the fridge section, which I still yet to take a look in detail. I only glanced quickly they have frozen pizza and frozen bread as well.

Michelle W.

Wow get it when it's freshly baked because this bread is amazing. Even the husband is raving about this great find and I think we will be done with one baguette in 1 hour! I can't wait to try the other items. I need to come back weekly!!

Joan B.

I called to ask a question and person didn't understand English simply just hung up on me

Chloe T.

I love sourdough. To discover that this gem is right in SSF by my new home was like a sign from the heavens to EAT MORE SOURDOUGH! **One thing to note: CASH ONLY.** Picked up a sourdough baguette and a loaf of their cinnamon raisin bread for my first of many hauls. The sourdough had a perfect zing and chewy texture from the crust. So far, I've had it with curry, with Nutella, and just by itself straight out the bag. And this morning, I had the genius idea of making French toast with it now that it's been a few days and the hubs and I couldn't eat it fast enough before it went a little stale. Game changer! Really really delicious and highly recommended if you are trying to find other ways to eat stale bread (besides making a crap ton of croutons). Don't pass on the cinnamon raisin bread either! My morning breakfast now consists of a slice of this baby with a light spread of peanut butter. The loaf has stayed soft and moist in the 6+ days since I've got it. Also excellent for French toast. Lastly, I have to say that the staff here are so warm and friendly. They were kind and provided excellent customer service. I'm looking forward to coming back.

B B.

This place is great! The bread is delicious and the prices are awesome. They have some cookies for sale as well. My dad got one and loved it. Try it out!

Millie Chang

great prices and delicious bread!! highly recommend. we love the sliced sourdough and baguettes. they make their bread fresh daily and also have day old options.

Angie C.

Hidden SSF gem! Prices in 2021 are still very modest. Recently visited and noticed the remodel which looks fabulous. Cash only.

Kari E.

When I was growing up our local grocery store used to have Raymond's and my mom and I would go when it was just out of the oven and still warm. We would sit in the car and tear off the ends and eat it right there before driving home. Raymond's sourdough is my childhood, it's my favorite, and I've eaten so much of it I'm probably legit partly made of Raymond's sourdough. Been meaning to come to the mothership for ages but hadn't made it yet. My friend was flying in to visit and requested sourdough and this was the first stop we made after I picked him up from the airport! It's legit less than ten minutes away from SFO, a great spot to pick up sourdough for out of towner coming or going. :) They had warm bread ready to go and we sat in the car and tore off pieces and ate it right there. Perfection.

Zoe H.

Oh my, oh my. I live in Hawaii, and went to our local supermarket in search of sourdough bread. They had several from which to choose in the "bread" section. But luckily, I went to their "bakery" section, and saw "Raymond's." Having never heard of this brand before, I decided to give it a try. Am happy I did. It's the best sourdough bread I've ever had! Thank you! I am a fan.


Really fresh Dutch crunch rolls!I can almost finish the entire thing in one sitting with nothing else.

Lisa B.

Just came across this place after hearing about it for years. They really do bake fresh every hour. I will only buy my sourdough and raisin bread here from now on. Parking is ample and people are friendly. Bring cash as they do not take card.

Dennis Y.

Really great bread! the outlet store is somewhat out of the way, but nice. Perhaps not as well known as 'the other' famous one, but as good, if not, better!

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