Siam Spoon

427 Linden Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 989-8220

Recent Reviews

David Grant Smith

Some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had!!!

Martin DYN

Just ordered for pickup. it says the curry comes with rice, I go pick up, I get home, I have a curry without rice. I can’t understand how thai places in Cali are so cheap they can’t give rice with their curry even when they say it comes with it…

Ethel N.

The seafood noodle dish I ordered had chicken, large pieces and small ones that were hard to see and pick out. Nothing in the menu describe mentioned that there was chicken in it. Sounded good to pescatarian me so I ordered it. To make matters worse, the fish had very little flavor. The fried prawn appetizer was good but that wasn't enough to make me want to try their food again. Too many other good Thai restaurants in the area.

penny c.

My parents and i get takeout from this place all the time. We love it. It's reasonably price, portions are good, and food is delicious!

Jay P.

friendly service delicious tom kha, angel wings and pad thai! This is my third time here and food is always good!!!

Kashif Ahmed

Do not order food from this place!!! They are liars and their food is very nasty!!! We ordered pad Thai with chicken.. it came with tofu! In addition, no white rice with entree’s. They are just ripping people off! Stay away from this place!

Shannon E.

Always amazing food!! They go out of their way to help me figure out something I would like that's not too spicy!! And oh my god there peanut dipping sauce is life-changing really good!! The staff there is so friendly and helpful and their customer service is always amazing!! When I picked up there as a doordash delivery driver or when I came in as a customer to order my own food they were always incredibly helpful!! I've never had a bad meal there!! Everything is so fresh and full of flavor and tasty!! I always have at least another meal of leftovers that's still great when you heat it up the next day!!

Robert N.

Yummy pad Thai and pad ki mao. Come here weekly for take out. Had the angel wings before and they are also good.

Jameson D.

My go-to place when I crave Thai and Malaysian food. Price per ratio is on point, and their prices didn't increase like the rest of the restaurants in the area.

Merrick W.

I ordered from here because my regular fave Thai in SSF was closed Christmas Eve. Thought I was trying someplace new but when I arrived I realized I had been there previously and had ordered Mussamun Curry -- and, sadly, did not like it. Just not the traditional Mussamun (or Massaman) I'm used to. This time I ordered Tom Kha Kai Soup, Chicken Satay, Chicken Pad Thai and Thai Iced Tea. The soup was good, although had a slight orange color which I'm not sure came from the four chunks of tomato or a spice or oil. It was not the Tom Kha I'm used to and took a minute to get used to the flavor but it got better as I kept eating it, and the chicken breast they used was fresh. The Pad Thai was a disappointment. Besides being dry and clumpy (albeit that can happen anywhere when you order noodles to go), the flavor was off. Sorry to put it this way but to me the taste kinda made me think of ketchup. The Thai Iced Tea had very little flavor. But the star of the meal was the Chicken Satay. Only four skewers, but each of them was a nice big slab of chicken breast, nicely grilled and seasoned. I really enjoyed it. The peanut sauce was just a'ight, not as good as many others I've had -- but, honestly, I ate the satay mainly without dipping it in the peanut sauce because it was already so flavorful. So, I might go back for the Satay. The fellow at front was extremely nice and friendly on the phone and in person. All that together, I have no problem giving them four stars. (They are still not doing indoor dining, only to-go.)

Jarinya J.

I ordered pad thai and green curry from this place last Saturday night. They were flavorful and tasty. I actually did not except it to be that good because when I had fried noodles from other restaurants, food sometimes tasted bland, lacked significant taste. Price is also reasonable here.

Cass D.

So disgusting! I found a thick black hair wrapped around my pumpkin curry! My hair is not black. So unsanitary and a waste of $45.00 since I had to throw everything away since it wasn't safe to eat. I just want other people to know that it could make them sick and please do not eat here. My sticky rice also didn't come with mango

Sarah L.

Roti - small portion packed poorly Pad kee mao - taste good but too greasy Sweet sticky rice - small portion, very sweet Order from food app.

Marissa D.

Best Thai food in the area. Great yellow curry, noodles, BBQ pork, samosas. Takeout only right now. . Just go already!

Bob T.

Incredibly tasty Thai food. Had the Pad Cashew w/Pork + Beef - nice fresh crunchy veggies - great sauce - just a little spicy, kinda tame by Thai standards, but I'm sure I can order it spicier next time. The staff were jovial and really enjoy serving their great food. The Pad Cashew entree w/ side of steamed rice was plenty - I ordered way too much, BUT really looking forward to leftovers! Only negative was the lid of my Peanut Sauce for Satay wasn't completely sealed and leaked into the satay box - not much of a negative

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