329 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 589-1939

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Evan Lewis

The coffee here is like in every other Starbucks, but what I appreciate the most is the customer service they provide! Really friendly guys, always kind, and it's really a pleasure to be back there. Recommended!

sal gomez

Customer service here stands out above all other coffee shops because of the hospitality. The community of people who hang out here are also very social and upbeat.

Mariana Disassio

Is my favorite place to drink coffee and eat the best snacks

Carlos Rueda

WHAT A TEAM! I had the pleasure of visiting this location, this crew was on fire, the way they coordinate and execute orders I was very impressed. Great job guys! They should have other location learn from you. Order were complicate and right on. Thank you so much.

Letitia Ann BooneHutchins

We were first in line but our food took a long time my drinks out on the counter for a long time melting because I annoyed the guy when he didn't make my niece's drink right and ask him to fix it there are a lot of people in line by that time and he was ignoring is had to ask another worker for my drink. Rude ppl

Alex L.

Normally I wouldn't leave a review for a place I go to often (I go to Starbucks in general a lot) But I have had 2 poor experiences at this particular location on Grand Ave within the last few weeks and I had to say something. The store hours are until 8PM every day except Sunday (which is until 7pm) but I don't go on Sundays. On 2 separate occasions, the staff working have have closed the store down early in all sense of the word, outside from locking the doors. The first time it happened, I entered at 7:33pm. I remember this clearly because I walked into the store and almost all of the lights were turned off, and I had to look down at my phone to check that I was there before closing. Then I noticed that the area to buy mugs and tumblers and stuff was already locked up (there was like a gate or something pulled over the displays). The Grab & Go food and sandwich display was closed and the light was off. There was the barest minimum of light behind the register and there were like 3 or 4 employees huddled talking. I felt very uncomfortable and didnt even order a drink for myself because it was so dark i couldnt see the physical menu boards. I ended up just getting a caffe latte for ny bf. I thought this was a fluke but yesterday my bf and I went again to this same location on Grand, this time within the 6 o clock hour (still closing at 8pm mind you). I was waiting right outside in the car and my bf returned and relayed to me that it took so long because the employees had all logged out of their registers so no one could take orders. The couple before him assumed this was because they were closed and actually said sorry to the employee for coming in after closing, but the employee said no we are still open for at least an hour, I dont know why they did that (logged out of the cash registers). Because of this, someone had to wait for a manger type with a code to sign the employee speaking at the register into the system to start taking orders again. Hopefully someone higher up, outside of the store location can do something, Ive also contacted the DM. Hopefully things get better here!

Richard Tromblay

Absolutely love this little hole in the wall. Coffee is always good and the food is even better

Mark Simpson

I came here just to get a coffee. Staff was friendly but the counters and displays were quite messy and food display was empty..could've been restocking but I got here at 745 and should be stocked first thing before my own opinion

Candace Jones

My favourite Starbucks in the SF area. I visit once every three weeks for a doctors appointment at UCSF. They always remember me and my drink. Great staff. My drink is hard to make, yet they always do it perfectly. Thanks

Marc Palatt

Wonderful for caffeine addicts like me. Starbucks never dissapoints.

Sandra G.

This Starbucks is right by my house, and conveniently located by the 101 so my commute with a kick a** coffee sounds heavenly! I have been coming here for over a year, for over a year I have tried to give this place a chance but unforunatly this week was the last straw, I will not come here anymore and throw money away with poorly made drinks! Yeah, my drink is challenging extra hot milk with no foam but you'd think after a year they'd get it right not to mention I come in exactly the same time every day. I worked as a barista for 5 years, and it really doesn't take a lot to WANT to get a drink right.......but that's the thing THEY DO NOT CARE! I even changed my drink recently due to it not being made correctly, A venti Caramel Macchiato with extra ice......EXTRA ICE, how is that hard? I went to pick up my drink and the INSTRUCTIONS clearly were not followed. I sighed and asked the barista to give me an extra cup of ice I figure I'll fix it myself. After getting a side eye I said you know what....actually can you remake my drink and this was here response " the recipe says to fill the milk here and ice here how would you like me to add extra ice put less milk " duuuuuuuhhhhh? Clearly by her response she didn't even follow directions the first time, and now she's being rude. I see her remake my drink its looking pretty good and I am so excited.....then I see her put caramel on it there was no joke an INCH of caramel at the bottom of my cup.....she clearly did it to spite me....I threw it away I couldn't even drink it! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, THIS IS BY FAR ONE THE PETTIEST STARBUCKS WITH THE WORST WORKERS!


When in South San Francisco show me Starbucks that I know of but there's also an empty wall and Pete's so we got pretty places

Ame Maes

Fortunately parking is available if you go very early. I wish more pastries and breakfast items were available, but in light of just opening after pandemic, this is a steady go-to for quick caffeine perk! ??

Gowtham Tumati

Service was good. Not a long wait at all. Chai Tea Latte was so very nice.

Donald Castano Talavera

They made my coffee really good, it's been a while since they got it right, but first time in this store !!

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