Sugar and Spun

325 S Maple Ave Unit #23, South San Francisco
(415) 237-3617

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Claudia Menjivar J.

Thank you Sugar & Spun for catering our Pride event! Everyone loved the cotton candy! :)

Mary P.

I'm not even a fan of cotton candy, but Sugar & Spun piqued my interest with their gourmet cotton candy! I discovered them at a nearby Boba Guys location, I really wanted to try the Matcha Strawberry, but they were out, but the Spiced Apple was out of this world. One of my biggest complaints is that they are hard to get a hold of (I know I can order online, but who wants to pay shipping) especially when they are on the pricey side already. I would love to be able to get this cotton candy locally, because I could totally see myself picking up the latest flavor as an occasional treat.

Ghia G.

I was finally able to try their delicious treats at my wedding shower. One of our friends had brought some along as a party favor. Not only did the prepackaged tubs look super cute with all the other wedding shower candy bar items, but I was surprised at how fresh the cotton candy still tasted. I only got to taste the peanut butter and jelly, which I really liked - despite not being a fan of actual peanut butter and jelly. I can only imagine how good their fresh spun-to-order cotton candy bouquets taste like! I'm no longer in the Bay Area, but they are a staple at a few Off The Grid locations and other food festivals. I highly recommend their catering as a unique touch to your special event!

Uma A.

I will write an updated review once I actually visit their truck. I was at Boba Guys and picked up their Strawberry Shortcake flavor. The ingredients stated they used real strawberries and did not list any weird chemicals. I am delighted that the cotton candy is airy and actually tastes like strawberries. Yes, this is expensive at $4.50 a tub. However, it is a far step up from crappy childhood carnival cotton candy. I am very excited to check out their other interesting flavors. If you are in the area and need a nice treat, I would recommend trying their flavors.

Christina L.

I've had this several times at various events, so to be fair, I haven't had to shell out the $8 for the cotton candy, which seems like a ton of money for sugar, air, and some flavors. It's fine for a treat if you've never tried it before, but it's probably not something I'd be purchasing frequently. If I really wanted something strawberry flavored or cookies and cream flavored, I'd probably get ice cream in those flavors. They have a lot of unique flavors: strawberry shortcake, pií±a colada, cookies & cream, peanut butter & jelly, matcha green tea latte, li hing pineapple, salted chocolate peanut butter, and cookie butter. I've gotten to try their strawberry shortcake, pií±a colada and the salted chocolate peanut butter. The flavors taste very true to form - I think my favorite of the bunch is the strawberry shortcake. I don't think I could eat an entire tub of this -- it's a bit sweet for my taste (I tend to prefer dark chocolate desserts) but it's fun once in a while. You can find this at Market on Market (10th and Market), Boba Guys, Off the Grid when they are there with their truck, Outside Lands, etc., and a few other locations that you can find on their website. Best eaten fresh, since once you open it, it will shrivel up if you leave it for too long or open it and then close it and leave it. It will turn into a hard ball of sugar that is pretty much inedible. Worth a try if you like cotton candy and want to try more unusual flavors.

Sarina J.

This review is not for their cotton candy. This is for their customer service for custom orders. An email instructed me to pick up my order at 10am in Daly City. When I arrived at the location at 1005am the guys were clueless and another guy came out from the back and said to me "Justin said hes going to call you." I have no idea who Justin is. He calls me on my cell phone and am sure can sense my irritation. I have crossed town with my baby to pick up my order that isnt there. What an inconvenience!! He explains to me that he knows my "cousin" because she asked about my order and says that he thought she updated me that he could not make it on time at 10am. I was thrown off guard at first because I have no idea who I was speaking with and now this person is saying he knows my cousin. He gave me the impression that it was my cousin who basically dropped the ball. He informed he would not be in Daly City until 2-3 in the afternoon but I dont live in the city. I will not drive all the way back here because he couldnt deliver my order on time when my order was placed in March. Its not like I just placed this order a few days ago. So to me, whatever the reasons are, is irrelevant. This is very unprofessional. Because I dont care that he knows my cousin. I had no idea he even knows her. And even if I did know, he should have contacted me DIRECTLY to tell me 10am was not a go. Initiallly I was upset at my cousin because he implied SHE dropped the ball. However, her text response to me was "Sorry I thought he'd at least call u in the morning. I was still unsure what he wanted to do. He said he'd drop it off to you later at first so I didn't really know his plans." Getting this text upset me even more. He implied she had dropped the ball when clearly it was HIM. He sent me a text around 2:30pm saying he was headed to the city and would like to deliver me my order. My only response to him was my home address. I was not given a time estimate. I wasnt even informed when he was on the way here. I got a missed call but didnt even have a few minutes to call him back. I have a son to attend to so I cannot answer my phone every second of the day. I get a text "Hey Sarina I didn't see anyone in the garage but I left the package here. Thanks again! " --with a picture of my garage door open and the box at the entrance of the garage. My garage was apparently open so he left it there. He should have given me a heads up he was coming so that I could prepare for it. Then I wouldve been able to answer his call right away. What if I accidentally sent him the wrong address? Yes, I would be accountable for the mistake, but still. He still should have checked in DIRECTLY. He called me at 5:22pm, which I missed, and the text he sent was 5:24pm. There are several issues I have here that I hope this company will address. This was a very unpleasant experience. And I dont really look forward to working with such customer service. Oh and to make things worse, after I received my order I talked to my cousin. She apparently DID inform Justin that she was not able to contact me. So... he still chose not to contact me (text, call, email) to inform me he wouldnt make 10am. Instead, he blamed my cousin for his shortcomings. I do not look forward to working with this type of unprofessionalism and customer service again! I wasnt planning on posting this on Yelp since I sent them a long email with my issues on Friday. I havent even gotten a response or acknowledgement they have received or will address these issues. Im not seeking for an "Im sorry". Im taking a stand so that this kind of shit doesnt have to happen to someone else. They need to be accountable for their shit. Period. Well, I havent received a response so fuck it. Yelp it is. I bet, Ill get a response now. Haha My guests did enjoy their cotton candy, but who cares when customer service sucks. Will never order from them again.

Fancypants X.

Sugar & Spun's gigantic pastel bouquets of spun sugar & freeze-dried toppings are Instagram-worthy. Snapchat your first fluffy bite & your viewing public will want to know where you got it. Take away the visual, which is vital to the hype, & what's left is a less impressive product based on taste, value, & execution. I've tried: - Strawberry Nutella: Strong fruity flavor with hints of the popular spread - Cookies n cream: the black cookie specks were visually unappealing against the white cotton candy. Taste wasn't as prominent as strawberry's. Wouldn't order again - Mixed berry drink: we ordered one with & one without cream & it was way too tart without. Topped with cotton candy (I can't recall the flavor), it quickly became a sticky, soggy mess. Fun idea, but sugar + liquid don't play well together for too long. Innovative flavors, organic ingredients, unique toppings, but $8 a pop is a lot to pay for something that loses its novelty after 2-3 bites.

Jennifer C.

The cotton candy I got when I went to SF off the grid wasn't very good. It didn't melt in your mouth at all and I can just remember not liking the texture. The presentation is beautiful though.

Bhawan C.

I had Sugar & Spun at Outside Lands. I kept seeing people with massive, delicious looking cotton candy bouquets and knew I HAD to have one. I was looking for basic cotton candy and their flavors are very gourmet so I was a little scared to try them, but cotton candy can never taste bad, right?? I went with the "Cookie Monster" flavor and it was AMAZING. Basically tasted like a cookie. It was a little pricey, but it's very well made and they have many creative flavors. Also, the staff was very friendly. In all, I will definitely try again!

Gabi M.

Wow... If you want to make an impression on someone, go ahead and give them some sugar & spun cotton candy as a gift! Or better yet, perhaps gift them with a class so they can learn how to make said cotton candy on their own. I was the lucky recipient of the S'mores flavored cotton candy awhile back during a trip to SF, and mmmm - it was the best cotton candy I've ever had. Delicious! And natural and organic to boot... awesome! Better than being a recipient, I just learned from the Yelp website that this locally owned San Francisco business has a grand vision. They believe that you must experience the process. I guess I have something else to add to my bucket list... or at least a to-do item for a future trip to SF. One note: Once you open the container, the product will shrink a bit, but it was still the perfect sweet treat. Looks like Sugar & Spun is now carried at Boba Guys, so I may just have to swing by there to do a cotton candy / boba pairing sometime!

Jocelyn K.

I love sugar & spun since they make artisanal small batch cotton candy. I first ran into them a year and a half ago at the all you can eat crab festival. I think their co owner was there at the time. He seemed friendly and very passionate about making the purest cotton candy with the highest quality ingredients. It was my first time seeing such unique cotton candy. I got tried the cookie one and the pineapple one and they were so special. Of course they had the texture of cotton candy but the flavors distinctly tasted like what they said it would taste like. I had to buy a couple of tubs and gifted some for Christmas! Since then I saw the company at other craft fairs and at boba guys. Usually boba guys has one flavor which changes week to week. I got their pií±a colada flavor last time I was there and it was very good. When I was at fort mason this Friday I got their peanut butter and jelly one and their foie gras and raspberry one. Both were very unique and delicious!

Jennifer D.

When was the last time you had cotton candy? Have you ever seen cotton candy spun in person? I've personally had the pleasure to try Sugar & Spun's creative flavors such as cookie butter, li hing pineapple, PB&J, berries n cream, nutella with freeze dried strawberries, cookietella, salted chocolate peanut butter, mango and another one topped with candied bacon (from the Bacon festival in San Jose on July 4th). My favorite flavors are li hing pineapple, cookie butter, mango and PB&J. I have YET to try all of them and feel like a big kid whenever I eat it. These guys come up with so many different flavors that they've got me coming back for more. My nieces love it and I'm thinking about how great these little tubs would be for a children's birthday party. I also hear that you could customize it with your personal labels. How fun would this be! Lastly, I highly recommend YOU to try it if you haven't already! Come experience your cotton candy spun in person. You can ask for a bouquet or a tub to go OR leave with both! Why not?!?! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see where they are next! Happy eats!

Jane A.

CREATIVE COTTON CANDY (5 stars) First and foremost, thank you for sponsoring Concrete Runners event on 07.19.14 What a great treat after x-amount of miles ran. We had a HUGE box filled with containers of cotton candy. Two flavors, Spiced Mango and Cookie Monster. SPICED MANGO - wow. It's not spicy spicy but it can get spicy. The mango flavor is much more stronger at the beginning, after several bites the spicy will take over. My first time ever having mango cotton candy and I AM SOLD! COOKIE MONSTER - their version if cookies and cream but in a cotton candy form. I love many things cookies and cream and enjoyed this flavor as well. It's not as sweet as the other one, it reminded me of a very light flavor of the cream in an Oreo. Love this stuff!! Will I be back? You don't have to ask me twice. Until the next review...

Athena C.

It's hard to make a good first impression but Sugar & Spun is definitely on my go-to list now! I had the pleasure of trying their many flavors of cotton candy at work when my coworker brought a few plastic containers of cotton candy: Bananas & Nutella, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Chocolate Potato Chip! The cotton candy was definitely sugary and softly-spun. The flavors are...interesting, in a good way! They have AT LEAST 20 different flavors listed on their website, with a couple seasonals and while supplies last. It's a really good idea for gifts ;)

Sandy T.

I don't normally eat cotton candy... but Sugar & Spun has got it down! I was at the Mary Blair opening night gala at the Walt Disney Family Museum and these guys were there giving tubs of cotton candy to guests. It was the perfect opportunity to try 'em out after hearing good things about their peanut butter & jelly flavor. PEANUT BUTTER + JELLY Was amazing! Many people just recall the "strong peanut butter" but pay just a little bit more attention and you can taste the transition from strawberry to peanut butter. I have no idea how they do it but it's intriguing and quite enjoyable. BANANAS + NUTELLA I mostly taste the banana flavor. The chocolately-nutty flavor is very subtle. When I shared this one with a few people, only one person tasted nuts more than banana. Still good though. These guys are now part of the Off the Grid: Fort Mason family on Fridays so give 'em a visit! You can customize your own flavors too.

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