Taco Bell

199 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 589-5472

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Glenn Julian Ramos

So far this taco bell is just meh. The killer is five things.No app support at this time, which is a bummer.Increased prices on food compared to other taco bells.No drive thru.The bathroom almost always feels like it's out of order.It closes early.

W. Harrison

These ladies are obnoxious. I asked for extra cheese on my burrito, not only did they not do it, but when I went back, she claimed it was there even though it was all beans. Look at my photo. I’ll never be back to this Taco Bell.

Diego Aispuro

Food was amazing but the bathrooms need to be a little more clean but still food was goodFood: 5/5

Joel Eblin

Didn't have beans when I went. I'm vegetarian, so I couldn't really eat a full meal there.

Cristina R.

They don't honor the sharks game coupon! Gotta contact the sharks team about this store.

Harsimran Dhaliwal

This place has to be some sort of fake set up. Dirty place, most definitely cooking in an unsatisfactory kitchen and RUDE employees. We walked in, waited patiently. Employee came to the register and my sister starts with “Hey can I get a bean chalupa?”…. The employee stared at my sister for a good ten seconds with an horrible expression and then proceeded to start tapping on the screen. That was the weirdest thing ever. We immediately turned around and left.

Hai Ton

Staffs is unattentive and do not understand what I ordered. Worst taco bell experience I've had.

Dwain C

Nice spot for quick food!



Jordan “real keeper” Reviewer

Ok the Cinnabon delights from here are amazing but having to park there is difficult to say the least and there is no drive thru and who’s idea was it to put Mexican style food with southern American food it just doesn’t mesh well. But at least there is Pepsi too many fast food places serve CocaCola

Robert Johnston

This is one of the worst KFC/Taco Bell’s I’ve ever patronized. The food is prepared incorrectly 9/10 times and is always awful. The location itself is filthy (especially the restroom) and the staff is rude and inattentive. I’ve come here many times over the years because of it’s convenient location, but I’ve had enough. It took almost 5 minutes for the employee working the register to stop talking to her boyfriend(?)/off-duty-employee (who was sitting behind the counter in plain clothes I should add) and take my order. Which, of course, was terrible: stale tortilla, wrapped so poorly the contents were dripping out of the wrapper into the bag. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS

Rachel Soriano

Poor service by the closing crew on a Monday night. I was there an hour before closing, but the workers there were mad I even walked through the doors. They didn't have anymore mexican pizzas and I was totally with that. But I really didn't need the workers' attitude just because they had to put away their phones and actually work. They messed up on my order, too. Service quality very disappointing.

Alex Belit

I spent $30 at Taco Bell and this is what every single burrito looked like, taste disgusting took long, guy at the register made a big deal for ordering a lot

Frances Alvarez

Clean, fast, and friendly service.

Tom G.

Taco was okay, unfortunately the employee didn't understand me and didn't know what crunchy chicken was. That's a little unfavorable, especially if there's kfc inside

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