The Night Market

230 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 634-8388

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kevin lee

I had the beef chow fun. Although the flavor was good and they gave lots of beef, mine was a little tough and that is why I gave three stars on the food, maybe mine is an isolated incident.The prices are like San Francisco which is where I live but the location is in South San Francisco and the prices are slightly higher than average for out lying cities.If you've been to an Asian "Street" night market in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tai Pei or similar, the name conjures up small rickety tables and chairs for "temporary" locations and there are some temporary "token" chairs and tables in front of the store you might find in an Asian street night market. There is also a dessert place next door or in the same structure.The outdoor atmosphere here is clean like an American standard restaurant or fast food place and ideal for warm weather. They also have limited indoor seating. The menu is very large and the time from purchase to walking away with pick up for a single item is fair.Parking: Limited parking spaces in free lot, but there are plenty of street parking spaces available

Andrew Chung

Visiting from Colorado, my wife read about this place in an article. Unfortunately, the experience is nothing like the article. We ordered steamed pork buns, wet beef chow fun, fried whole squid special, and sesame balls in ginger soup. Let’s start with the pork buns and chow fun. There are better choices in Daly City than this place. They screwed up our order…we got dry chow fun instead of wet and the steamed buns were meh….ok but not mind blowing. Biggest disappointment was the $20 fried whole squid. It was rubbery, lukewarm at best and coating was falling off the squid. The absolute worst was that they forgot SALT!!!!! I mean it was a flat piece of unsalted rubber. We couldn’t even finish half of it. Definitely not coming back as a 20 minute drive north would get you a much more satisfying meal. Music is also too loud and I can’t hear them call out numbers over the music.

J Wong

Taste good and great variety of Hong Kong street-food combinations. Free parking, just quite a bit far from popular SF downtown.

Cai Phil C.

Everything we ordered tasted horrible. We threw away over 90% of the food. It was absolutely disgusting. We also received one wrong item.

Tina Luong

I really wanted to like this place. It's on the pricey side for what the food and drinks are. I like the aesthetic and the theme. But I ordered two drinks and I waited 15 minutes before someone came out from the back to make my drink. I watched the woman who came out make my drink in less than a minute. The workers don't look like they care, which I understand, they're just working there but they move slowly. Got my drink but missed the toppings I asked for. I can't tell if I paid for it (cause I don't really pay attention to the screen/50 cents) but the cashier repeated my order and it was right then. They remade our drinks. I just feel so disappointed.

L D.

8:54 pm: "When do you stop serving food?" "9 pm". "So are you still serving food?" "No."

Gisel F.

It's okay. The concept is very attractive. Catchy name. When you go inside, its very simple layout. As if you were outside at night in HongKong or other Asian countries. Plastic stools and low tables. Very basic layout. The food is okay. It was confusing at first. First, you need to turn left and thats where youll order. The corner wall has a huge menu. Initially, i thought night market will be different vendors = Different carts. Nope not at all. The ambience is to perceive it that way. We had a group of 20 to check it out. So we all ordered all sorts of food. Nothing stood out. Okay portions. Taste is pretty bland/watered down. Wish I could've maybe asked for more broth on some dishes. All in all, won't be coming back. Unfortunately, it was forgettable. Made me miss my travels in Hong Kong though.

Tien N.

We went around 6 and the place was pretty empty (maybe people only come out when it's night time ;)) The food is quite good. We enjoyed the noodles w two toppings and satay broth. The duck (only came w duck and lots of cabbages) had many bones but not as much fat as I expected (which is a good thing). We got the shrimp chips and the tea for free. They are all tasty. The only reason why this place didn't get a full mark is because the duck was like room temperature when we received it. It would be better if it's warm or hot so I questioned the service a bit. The service was confusing for the first timer because we didn't know where to order when there were multiple menus. But it turned out that you ordered everything at one area (on the left side of the main entrance)

David Palm

A lot of alternatives, with ok prices. The staff are very polite and the food is a bit above avg. for the price. A lot of desserts, which is rather unusual. The interior can be improved a lot. Rating: 4.5/5

Samantha L.

Casual type of restaurant where you order in the corner then grab a seat. This is a must try for a food experience or for groups with picky eaters because of all the options Pro: - Sooooo many options!! - Delicious rice and roast duck dish Con: - Very limited seating - A little pricey (think of it like indoor food trucks/stalls) Dishes: 1. Noodle Cart with thin egg noodle in broth and satay & fermented bean curd sauce. Tip: ask for the sauce on the side. The noodles I could've passed on because the broth was unimpressive and the fermented bean curd sauce (I think?) was not good. 2. Boxed Rice Roast Duck & BBQ Pork over Rice (with duck egg): this one was delicious! I could eat that all day and the best part was the cabbage at the bottom soaking up all the yummy juices

Tinna Z.

Most interesting place in San Bruno, lots of variety of traditional street food. LOVE IT

Mary L.

Expect a different staff on Sundays. Not sure if they work different shifts or job functions. Very slow on Sunday, but very smooth on Saturday. Sunday orders may take 20-25 minutes to come out. Not crowded. The person who makes the egg tarts, baked BBQ buns, and pineapple custard buns was not available on Sunday (today). Overall, all dim sum items were perfect in flavors and taste. Sago drink and brown sugar drink was good too. Siu Mai was much bigger in size and has more meat than found inside restaurants. Siu Lung Bao sauce was excellent. Custard buns are too delicious and not overly sweet. Comparable taste to ones found in Hong Kong. Saturday. This place is a must visit for Hong Kong style street foods. Accepts credit cards. Free parking lot. No entrance fees, compared to regular night markets in the area. Located on the far left side of the Spruce bakery cafe place. Hometown style. Very stress-free environment at the opening hour for night market food items. Spacious and airy. No lines this morning/Saturday opening hour. Well organized and very clean during morning hour. Those colorful stools and small tables were too darn cute. It didn't hurt my bottom after 1-hour of sitting. Must get used to these old stool chairs. Ambience was comfortable and it felt great inside! You can sit outdoors if it gets busy inside. TV screens were perfect. Mahjong wall decoration. Great selection of foods, including ice cream, dim sums, porridge, and main entrees. Prices are very reasonable during inflation times and definitely much better than eating inside a Hong Kong cafe in the San Francisco Bay Area these days. Night markets are usually expensive if you must pay entrance fees. This place is much cheaper in cost than restaurant foods and provides good quality and authentic tastes. Portions are extremely generous. Highly recommended. I will definitely be back again next time. Loved the cart noodles. Pick your noodle type, soup broth, 4-items, plus the sauce for your bowl. Not bad at all. Tasted authentic and excellent. XO sauce rice noodles were ok. Beef tripe and pig skins were too good. Flavorful and delicious. Food presentations were on the spot good too. They really know Hong Kong foods here. Wait until your number is called from the different stalls. Drinks may take awhile, but it was still worth the experience. Good variety. Hardworking staff. They try to be quick and efficient. Great prices. People wore face masks. Garbage can be tossed into the huge bin outside. Or, just leave your food tray inside. They do a great job clearing the tables when convenient. Cantonese songs playing in the background nonstop. Honestly, it felt like eating out at a cleaner part of Hong Kong streets, but under the shades with cool air conditioning and fans. Airy is good! Distances from other tables were good. Lots of available morning seats and tables. Excellent place and location for these dining experiences. Try it for yourself. Too good to pass for sure. This is a must. Treat yourself to something good! Not all foods will fit your tastebud, but they have the basics.

Jing D.

I've been here a handful of times, maybe I hyped up this place myself due to the cool concept and decor, but overall the experiences have been average at best. The food is kind of a hit and miss. Some things are tasty but others (skewers) and not really great. Even the same dish has inconsistent taste. I remembered the Hainan Rice to be really good when I reordered it recently and was left underwhelmed, rice was rather dry as was the chicken. The most gripe I have about this place is the unattentive service. I've had to-go orders taken home to realize they forgot to pack a dish, and another time I claimed a Yelp check in drink and no one made it for me. I was short on time when I realized and so couldn't wait any longer. These are honestly restaurant basics, they've been in business long enough and this is unacceptable to me. Now I feel like I don't trust their service, so probably will not go in again.

Jillian C.

Doesn't look like much from the outside and the inside isn't so pretty either but the food was delicious. Their menu is huge. Lots to choose from from street food to full meals. I did the check in so I received a free passion fruit jasmine tea. My daughter enjoyed it very much that I was only able to get one sip in. I ordered the HK Combination Crispy Noodles. It came with 3 huge shrimp, plenty of veggies & meats. It was a bit tough trying to mix it in the takeout box but we managed and it was good. It came with fried chips and those were fresh and crispy. It was plenty to feed the entire family and take home some leftovers as well. We would definitely order this again. My girls ordered the orange glazed chicken over rice and that was delicious too. Fresh, it came with a great crisp coating and the flavor was on point. We did have some leftovers as it was a huge serving. Next day was still good but not as good as when it was fresh. Definitely can fill 2 people if not more. Just order more rice if you'd like. My husband ordered the Create your own cart noodles. He added meatballs, wontons & mushrooms. He enjoyed it and finished his entire bowl. He'll probably mix it up with his fillings next time but the meatballs & wontons were delicious. Overall, we will definitely be back to try more of the menu.

Clarence A.

I was able to sample some of their offerings and of what I tried some were on point and some not on point. Let me break down what I sampled and how all of it faired The steamed bun with deep fried pork belly - portion on these slices are huge, the taste is all there buttery heavy slice of pork with crunchy skin, definitely order just 1 of these if you must Sampled the fried pig intestines not a favorite of most people but if I see this on the menu I'm going to sample it, glad I did, portion is decent it is more for an al la carte to sample, the intestines were prepped well do after taste or sediment taste when biting down, it was deep fried and a sauce was offered but eating this with some of their white rice was enough to fill me up Roast duck over rice - i thought this would have been the highlight dish sadly it was not, rubbery, oddly not crazy oily like most places but the flavor was more of day old taste, I don't think I would order this again There is so much to sample I will have to come back and try more, they have congee and you can pick how you want it made, several other finger foods, seating is small but it is suppose to be reminiscent of eating late night outdoors, so the theme is there and it is very different to allot of the other places in the area, definitely will need to come back and sample more items food **** everything minus the roast duck was a winner, will need to sample more price $$ service **** order on your phone or from the live person on the far left entrance ambiance **** cooking station boxed around and seating in the middle small tables mostly for 2 people some larger tables in the back, they do have cards, board games, and mahjong if your going to be there awhile

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