The Night Market

230 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 634-8388

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Stephanie W.

Interesting location but decent food and coffee inside. The food took a while to come out (we ordered at 2pm on a Saturday and it didn't look particularly busy), but was good. Wish the shumai had a little more flavor, but the baked BBQ bun was surprisingly good. It had a pineapple bun-like exterior, and the filling was good too. The steamed buns were huge, almost too much bread per bite.

Nerissa D.

My daughter and I have been wanting to try this place. They have indoor seating and masks are currently required. We ordered stuffed pork bun, shrimp dumplings, shumai, black mushrooms tofu puff, tofu marinated in soy sauce, sesame balls (disappointed they were hard) but it had a lot of filling. We also ordered Jasmine milk tea with boba but got only jasmine milk tea w pearls. I was also a bit disappointed that the cooks were not using food service gloves. However, all in all we were satisfied with the service and food. We plan on going back to try other dishes

D C.

I love this place. The food is authentic and the taste is delicious. I always order their beef stew. I also ordered the B4 (chicken bun) I noticed upon arrival they used a different flour (you can see the coloring). When I bit into it I was reconfirm that it was not the same as previous buns. It was not as soft and moist in texture. Stay away from their pineapple buns, it was a bit dry. I ordered it a week ago and didn't ask for a refund (which I should have $3.00 for dry bread). Immediately after the first bite, you can tell it was dry and brittle.

Sandy L.

I strongly recommend below dishes 1)Fried Pig Intestine - crispy, tasty, no smell ~ 2)Hainan Chicken with yellow rice - chicken very soft and tender ~ 3)Roasted Pork Belly in Steamed Buns - big thick Pork belly not too fat and not too skinny, what a great combination, delicious ~ 4)Lamb skewers - very moist and tender 5)Also, love their Stirfry Beancurd Water Spinach - with "Wok Hay" Smoky flavor I will definitely go back for my favorite foods but not for the desserts and be aware that the foods came out very slow.

Louis D.

Bomb ass food. Ambiance is cool like the actual night markets in Asia. Delicious variety of different styles of dishes. Highly recommended

Janice Goh

Great place for taiwan and Hong Kong desserts! Egg tarts were nice and flaky. Weirdly, the mango sago had too much sago which diluted the taste, but otherwise it was an overall great experience.

Jimmy H.

Had the cart noodles and it's pretty authentic. I had beef balls, beef brisket and veggies and I just wished there was more mala (numbing spicy) sauce but in their defense they did give me extra sriracha.

Lily W.

I thought I had reviewed this a while back, but I guess I did not. Or maybe the review was taken down for one reason or another. Sucks cause I often rely on my reviews versus my memories. Perhaps if I had the review I'd remember this place better. My memory of the space was the nostalgia that it bought. And coming back here, I was hit with the same nostalgia. Hong Kong is my birth city, my home city, and always has a special place in my heart. A HK style restaurant really speaks to me. The food assortment here also is tempting. It has a lot of very local HK dishes. Cart Noodles (車仔麵) - the working immigrants food. Eggettes (雞蛋仔) - roadside poppable sweet snacks. Tofu pudding (豆腐花) - silky sweet. Curry Fishballs (咖喱魚蛋) - simmered for hours and hits with that spicy curry and springy fish balls. My absolute favorite kind of food. And the ones at night market? Leaves much to be desired. Everything - and absolutely everything - feels like it should hit all my HK needs. Except the food. And HK people are about good food too. Maybe they need to focus on a smaller menu and do it well. I got the cart noodles and it left much to be desired. First, they didn't have the thick egg noodles - my usual staple. They also did not have pigs blood. I got mine with daikon (made well, but lacking flavor), curry fish balls (felt like the packaged ones...curry did not sink in the fishball), small red sausage (it was cocktail weenies. Red sausage in HK has a snap to the bite), and won ton (probably the best one and it was just okay. The pork tasted old.). Tofu pudding: It was chunky. Quality tofu pudding should be scooped out in layers. And incorporate a syrup to add some sweetness to each bite. This was missing a lot of syrup. As I ate the tofu, it had a bit of a sour after taste. Not enough to notice at first, but after a few bites I could feel the sour at the edges of my tongue. Ceylon boba - it was...okay. Usually things in America are too sweet for me, so I do half sweet. This half sweet tasted like no sweet. I can manage that, but the milk tea was not silky. HK milk tea is silk stocking milk tea and this was not it. I also had a bite of my friend's eggettes...which had boba inside it. A POX ON WHOEVER THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. The service was good and the staff seemed to try hard. I give it a 2 for service and environment. I wish the food was just a little better.

Wendy C.

Really wanted to try some authentic Hong Kong street food, the idea is done pretty well - this isn't multiple stalls, just order at the front and wait to be called. The food- I was a little disappointed that the skewers were so tasteless. We also got their Shanghai dumplings which were dry, no soup inside. The star of the big order we made was the chicken dish - very tasty and moist chicken! We also got the dry beef chow fun - do not order - the beef was so chewy and huge, poor grade beef and poor seasoning, noodles were muShy. Pineapple buns we took home and heated the next day - B- the custard isn't authentic although the crust was very good. Over all 70% of the meal was meh and the rest was acceptable. We spent about $70 for our meal and threw out about half of it. ‍‍

Mark G.

The Night Market is right next to Spruce Cafe. They have indoor and outdoor seating options with a small parking lot. The pineapple custard buns and egg custard tarts are ONLY available during the weekend and it's cheaper to order half a dozen. The popcorn chicken was delicious, even though it seems to be a bit pricey at $8. But since they fill it to the top and seasoned well, it seems reasonable. The egg custard tarts and pineapple custard buns were so good. I recommend eating the pineapple custard bun the same day you get it as it seems to get a little dry starting the next day.

Evan W.

5* atmosphere 3* food options 4* service Night markets are an essential part of any trip to Asia. That said, finding this spot in the middle of South San Francisco surprised me! Authentic cuisine decoration and atmosphere. Skip the regular boba and go for the brown sugar options. They are limited in staff so the wait is a little longer than normal

Christine V.

Savory dishes are a hit, while desserts are a miss so far (hence why -1 star) I tried the stir fry ong choy, hainan chicken rice, and (R8)Shrimp with Soft Egg over Rice. All of which I recommend and shared with friends (since the portions are big). But R8 is my current go-to/favorite. It's so simple, yet the egg texture is none that I've had before; it's uniquely good here. They also offer boba. I usually order the Jasmine milk tea with 50% sugar. It has strong tea flavor, and not too sweet (just my preference). The boba could be clumpy depending on the day, but not too big of an issue. The vibes were nostalgic of the times I visited Asia as a kid and ate at dai pai dongs(iykyk). Even though it's quite a bit of a drive for me here, I will be coming back to try their other dishes. What they could do better tho... - the Ceylon milk tea was a bit watery (not the iconic HK taste I was looking for) - The boba bubble waffle was only gimmicky and not good - The tofu sweet soup was blah - And the mango sago was also a let down

Nancy C.

Baked pork bun (only available weekends): 4/5 Lamb fried rice: tender meat, good flavor 4/5 Pork buns, B1: soft bun, nice crispy pork skin 5/5 Sweet yolk custard buns: 5/5 Everything cept the baked pork bun was hot and fresh. Plenty of seating outside and parking. Big menu, good variety of items. Would come here again!

David Vibat

Nice gem in a good location with great food options and so far a good service experience! Highly suggest to try this place out!!

Ivy L.

Ambiance: I've never been to Hong Kong but according to my mom this place is pretty similar to an actual "food market" in HK. They have indoor and outdoor seating that are spaced so you can eat safely if you are worried. Wait Time: I've been here a couple times and the wait time was 5-10 mins tops. It does get busier at night. Overall: I've brought a couple of my friends here already and it's a pretty cool hang out spot.

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