Midnight at Burnie's Drive-Up

3221 W Hammer Ln, Stockton
(209) 952-0057

Recent Reviews

Sara F

Food was pretty good but the burger was over cooked. Another reason for the deduction is the lady at the register was really rude! Also there is no bathroom; I find that strange for a restaurant because people need to WASH hands and go to the bathroom while dining.

Lisa Malinao

Late night burgers and shakes after a concert in Stockton. Great food and service.

Eliza M.

Their breakfast chicken sandwich is humongous. It was absolutely delicious, and the fries are amazing. I definitely recommend this place

Kristy Evans

A sweet little gem that EVERYONE should try! Perfect for those late night cravings. The Fruity Pebble milkshake is fire!!!

Stephanie Azarcon

Everything was delicious! Deep fried Oreos, Cheesecake and milkshake were perfect desserts! Can't wait to visit again.

Robert S.

Food is tasty for a midnight snack but it had me peeing out of my butt the next day, I would not recommend it.

Wish K.

Cooo lil spot!! Got a Fruity Pebbles milkshake, Ground Beef Sliders and the veggie fries. To split with my girl. Definitely a munchie spot. If they did a secret menu that would be dope. My fries were kinda cold buhh....I definitely enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Definitely trying the strawberry shake and the burger when I get a chance. Service was friendly af.

Laura L.

Hella good food. A hidden gem of Stockton. The milkshakes are bomb, very creamy with unique flavors.


Shakes are good but they are not $7.25 each good. Fun spot with a lot of traffic in and out of here. Could easily see it being long waits if you come on busy weekend

Tony R.

Love this place!! Used to be my go to donut shop before school as a kid and now it's one of my favorite late night spots as an adult. Never disappointed with anything i order here. From the weekly specials or menu regulars, you can't go wrong!! And make sure you get a milkshake for after your meal!! Owner and staff are always a pleasure to talk with. I was going to try saying my favorite order when I come, but everything is delicious. Have to love the hours too, it really is "Stockton's Joint". Just want to say that anyone leaving negative reviews or comments about burnies doesn't get it. This place is always packed and they are always doing their best! Yeah the wait times can be long late at night, but that's because so many people are there trying to get their fix!! I'd much rather wait here than the 40 car long line for in n out. Where else in stockton do we have something like this offered to us on the late night?!?! This place is the perfect example of the melting pot stockton is. All types of people, walks of life, young and old, sober or not, can be found here enjoying good food. Always love randomly running into friends or family when I come to pick up some food or even a late night milkshake. So to sum it up, if you're being a hater, please Take your negative reviews and vibes elsewhere, burnies has been A1 since day 1!!!

Maria D.

Drove out to Stockton and on the way back home my kids were hungry. We searched quickly to see what was nearby and Midnight Burnie's Drive Up came up. I'm originally from Stockton, but so much has changed since I've moved some years ago. This place had pretty good reviews and I'm always willing to give something new a try. Glad I dropped by with my little family. I ordered Vegetarian Burnie Fries, not because I'm vegetarian but simply because they sounded great. The fries had cheese, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, and a sauce. I ordered a half order and it was filling. Fries were crispy outside, hot and perfect inside. Toppings tasted fresh. It was just the right amount and not overly priced at 6 bucks and change. I tried my husband's order of Burnie Fries and they were good, but in my opinion not as good as the fries I ordered. My oldest kiddo shared a slider and it wasn't great but it was good. I really loved the Hawaiian roll. I think what I liked most was that it was familiar. It tasted a bit like the Hawaiian sliders we make at home with "Sloppy Joe", minus the saucy. My boys also ordered a milkshake each. Initially, seeing the 12 oz cup on the counter, I thought it was a bit small. However, they fill the shake to the top, add some whipped cream, and a topping, all covered with a lid. Presentation impressed for sure! And most importantly, my boys loved their shakes! As far as the dining room itself, there's a lot going on with the decor and in their display case up front. The place looked pretty clean though. We just sat and waited for our order, so it wasn't a big deal. We ordered 'to-go'. If the ambiance all works for their regular customers, then it's all good. While waiting, we enjoyed the music playing. They had some good jams playing, and you can't go wrong with a good game on TV. The A's game was on. The menu was posted on frames right at the entrance. They were simple to read, not crazy overwhelming either. Customer service was beyond great! We were greeted right away and cashier was polite and well spoken. The flow of patrons on a Thursday evening was pretty consistent. My kids, husband, and I really enjoyed their food and service. We won't be coming here often simply because we don't live in Stockton, but wouldn't mind dropping in from time to time in the future.

Jose Gonzalez

Bacon cheeseburger was great, the fries were awesome; but the banana split topped with fruity pebbles was phenomenal!! Definitely a place I'd enjoy again.

Alexander S.

Tried to call in my order. All I wanted to order was veggie fries which I stated when the phone was answered. Was still put on hold. Was left on hold over 10min. At that point I arrived at the restaurant and there was a complete disregard for the person left on hold not to mention it might have been 3 people waiting on their food an 2 in line when I walked in. I told the girl at the register she can end the call she left on hold I've already placed my order.

Jonathan P.

Hungry, late night snack? Burnies does not disappoint. Beware though due to covid not all menu items are there like hot dogs. But burgers, fries and shakes... I drive all the way just for this... long live Burnie Fries!!!!

Rachel S.

Late Saturday night after the movies...looking for some kinda food to go with our fireball shots. My friend mentioned Midnight at Bernie's and I said I was down. I've seen their food on social media and it seemed like decent late night-intoxicated food. We headed over there around 11:40 and there was a large group of teenagers waiting outside. There was only one couple in front of us ordering. They have an extensive menu of burgers, fries and shakes. The Swiss and mushroom burger sounded good to me, which is what I ended up ordering. My friend ordered the sliders and then we got an order of the Bernie fries to share. It did take about 25 minutes to get our order, but it was worth it! The burger was good, but the Bernie fries is where it's at! I finished them off after eating my burger. We've gone back a couple times since this first time. Their mint shakes are really good too. They're beginning to let some people eat inside again, I'm sure once the state is fully open again, this spot will be packed.

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