Gokoku Vegetarian Ramen Shop

4147 Lankershim Blvd, Studio City
(818) 505-8113

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cintya franco

Great service, food is very delicious. I am not vegan and this place is on point if I can give it a 20/10 I would. Kaden He was polite friendly and courteous to our first time being here. Your in and your out no wait time and the menu, everything on it I will say is gonna be unbelievable best place in Hollywood/Studio City. George is always on top of it and making sure everyone gets there food. Marisol is great and always willing to help great customer service, everyone who works here is on top of everything.

James Goetz

Having a vegan ramen and sushi spot in the valley is so great to have. It was our first time going to Gokoku today and I had a spicy "tuna" cut roll and the mushroom ramen. I was very happy with the sushi roll and look forward to trying different types next time. The ramen was pretty darn good but i hope they add other non miso bases in the future. Anyways 5/5 solid lunch place with lots more to explore on the menu! Service was good too!Vegetarian options: All vegan!Dietary restrictions: Its all vegan!


The food was really good and had a lot of flavor. We got the mushroom ramen and hot hot sushi roll. Big portions, reasonable prices and full of flavor. Definitely would come back!

Andre Hopkins

Vegan and vegetarians come on down to the best ramen and sushi experience on this side of the hill. Great sushi options. Ramen is good. Yes they have vegan cheese. Get the crunchy shrimp roll! Thai tea, why not. Banana smoothie, sure thing.

crystal cardenas

This place is so delicious! The broth in the ramen has so much flavor! I got the mushroom ramen, vegan spicy tuna roll and the avocado smoothie. The food was great but the smoothie didn’t have any flavor. It tasted like crushed ice. It had a little nut flavor but that was towards the end of the smoothie.I didn’t know it was vegan until I saw the menu. I just happen to pass by because my work is close to this place. I was craving ramen. I usually go to another popular ramen place but don’t think it’s that other place is that good.

Mansi D.

Best sushi in the world. Worth the $45 uber in an hour of LA traffic! I am sad that I have to go catch a flight back home tomorrow and can't eat this sushi any time I am craving some. Portions are huge and filling and prices are reasonable!!

Dan B.

First of all, I'm obsessed with the fact that this place is all vegan. Some of these dishes are not even easy to make non-vegan! So I applaud the creativity and work put into making these delicious foods available to people of all dietary restrictions. The crispy rice vegan spicy tuna was amazing! So delightfully spicy but still flavorful. The texture of the rice ball was crispy and chewy at the same time. The crunchy and spicy tuna mixture on top was unlike anything I've ever tasted. The vegan bulgogi bao was ok. A little sweet for my taste and the bun was kinda dry. But I think that's how most bao are. The vegan chicken teriyaki and broccoli were also ok but I surprisingly liked the texture. It wasn't necessarily the most similar chicken substitute I've had, but it was still enjoyable. I think if you are vegan or just like non meat options for a change, this place will satisfy and surprise you. Would recommend.

Elmira A.

The restaurant is so cute and the workers are so nice. I ordered the spicy tofu it was so yummy and a little sweet which is perfect. I definitely would go again and try the ramen, they also have sushi but I'm not much of a sushi girl

Laurie L.

This place is crack. I don't know what they do to make their Dynamite Roll so freaking delicious but it's out of control amazing. It's my favorite thing on the menu. It's better than any cooked sushi I've had even before I went vegan. My partner loves the curry ramen the best. I don't love the ramen because I think it's way too salty. We've also tried the other ramens, the Pokemon Tofu Bento, the Volcano Roll, the heart attack, the bibimbap and the poke. I definitely recommend this place whether you are vegan or not. The only issues I have is I am pretty sure none of this food is exactly healthy. It's very high in salt and oil and I have no idea what things are made out of. They aren't cheap and the wait is often over an hour for take out. I've never eaten there. It looks tiny inside. Because their food is so rich and high fat, I try to only order once in a while but I tell you, I crave that dynamite roll almost every darn day!

Huzaifah H.

Gokoku Vegetarian Ramen was great and the customer service was even better. Khos took care of us immediately without hesitation. He was polite, kind, and had good mannerisms. He also kind to the people that help serve his business and community. A delivery driver came in and he offered him a free drink on a hot Sunny day. Everyone was all laughs and smile. This guy is amazing. Truly an extraordinary gentleman with great style. I see how it transitions into the food, restaurant aesthetics, and staff personality. Good job!!!!

࿐ྂ hannya ཻུ۪

I first saw Gokoku on YouTube being reviewed by Tasty! Parking was terrible due to the traffic going in and out of Universal. Going in and out of the restaurant for pickup/takeout was super quick and the food tastes impeccable! Good portions, lovely flavor, and a cozy meal. :')

Casey G

Just by the looks of this place… I’m already excited about my order. They accommodated a late night walk-in as they were closing and I appreciate the heck out of it. Been wanting to try this place for a while and I’m so glad I stopped.

Amanda J.

Delicious and right next to Universal Studios. We got the garlic mushroom Ramen, spicy tofu appetizer, not chicken skewers, and volcano roll. Will definitely be coming here again! Our son loved the skewers.

Jesse S.

Khos was the best! So helpful! The food was good as always I recommend the crunchy shrimp roll!

Claire L.

Love love love this place!!! The food is so good! Try the popcorn chicken and Kabocha Ramen!

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