El Dorado Mexican Food

29000 Old Town Front St, Temecula
(951) 308-1803

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Negative: Minus 4 stars for “.75 Convenience Fee” and not warning the customers. It takes 30 seconds to create a poster, “75 CENTS Extra for CREDIT CARD PURCHASES”.

P Loux

Just a take out place . Owner is so sweet and makes amazing food. The best mexican food around. The chicken flauta have so much flavor. And Friday and Saturday night they are open till midnight.

Byron McDermott

Great food! We go there often.


THIS ISNT THE RESTAURANT. This is the drive thru place next to it. Don’t listen to the reviews that bash that terrible restaurant. El Dorado has some dope burritos. Anything there but the seafood is good. The fish is really iffy but the carne asada is really flavorful.


Good food, I ordered a surf and turf burrito and said no pico twice, still got pico lol

Neenah Saucedo

The best surf & turf and CA burritos in town.

Randy Bruce

Always great burritos and tacos. Never disappointed

Alan Dingwall

Great burritos


I did not like this restaurant at all. I went based off of other reviews some around 35 or so. All we're almost five stars for this restaurant but I'm afraid I can agree with that. Might be at 3-star but this place was somewhat disappointing. I went in a Sunday not knowing they had brunch. I still took a look at the menu and it may be the dishes might be better but the brunch had no selection. Some of the food look old and the fruit was disgusting. It look like it had been frozen and stored for several days and yet they still try to serve it like that. What was Moses pointing was the branch selection. Not much to go on especially for the price. Ended up spending about $45 -$50 for one adult and two kids. The bar looks interesting maybe for the nightlife but not for the food. I would really give it one stars but I'll be generous since I didn't try any of the off menu plates.


Super burrito was good

David Escamilla

Good food

Brian Herbin

2 thumbs up

Sheila fozo

Very good food fast service employees are nice

Sheila fozo

Very good food fast service employees are nice

Josh Graves

Very good food good size food

Sharon Brown

Say "hi" to Alex the owner as you are trying to decide from the diverse menu. You can't go wrong from the daily plate specials to the burritos. One of my favorites is the chicken chimi w/ green sauce. The carne asada burrito is full of steak. Husband goes for the breakfast burritos served all day & the rolled tacos w/ cheese & guac. The chips are freshly made, only wish they did nachos. Best Mexican food in Temecula! Get off the I-15. Worth it. Oh, & don't forget the salsa.

Jacob Collins

Best Mexican food in town.

Quinn Hawkins

Carne asada plate is freaking delicious

D L.

This is D' Sotos now. Possibly similar menu but reviews on this site pertain to El Dorado. I was a bit disappointed.

Glo B.

Our first time here today. We wanted to try the chile rellenos but they were out of them. :( We tried the taquito plate and a carnitas burrito. Both were good. Especially the carnitas burrito. It was a generous size, the carnitas were crispy and flavorful. The tortilla was just a bit crispy on the outside so it wouldn't get too soggy. Great idea. It comes with pico de gallo and guacamole, just as it should, with no other fillers. Their sauces weren't spicy enough for us but I always carry some dried crushed hot red peppers in my purse for those occasions. I asked for the taquitos w/no cheese. The rice and beans were ok, nothing exceptional. This is a walk up take-out or sit outside place. No inside seating. It was very windy today so it was challenging to keep paper plates and napkins on the outside table. I have pics if I can find how to post them here.

John C.

Taco Tuesday 1.00 tacos. Great all the way around. Hot tortilla chips. Order at the window. Legit.

Randy S.

I bought the 2.2 and my gf liked it, I got my breakfast burrito with bacon and with French fries in it...so the menu says... Our tortillas were burnt!! It's not rocket science that you guys lie about the French fries in the breakfast burrito I got, cause it was plain as day they were some kind of disgusting potato, but besides that it's pretty wrong to serve ham as bacon. Im not in the meat business but I do know ham is a different cut than bacon, and NO just because it's pig doesn't make it bacon. I feel ripped off for the $13+ I spent on 2 burritos, definitely was not worth the money and definitely won't be coming back!

TheDiva Rodriguez

The food is delicious, good portions and the staff is very nice☺

billy kernkamp

Great, authentic mexican food. Portions are massive. The only vegetarian burrito that can fill me up and the horchata is the best I've ever had.

Shauna B.

Amazing!!!!! I had a pollo asada super quesadilla. It was so large!! Definitely enough for 2 people. Skip the lettuce as they only use it under the guacamole which takes away from your guacamole. This place looks like a little hole in the wall. The menu has at least 50 items on it. The customer service was great.

Allen R.

We love this place! Inexpensive, authentic. Only outdoor seating. But it's darn good. The whole family is excited when we visit. It's not upscale, Lienzo Charro next door is that. We love that place too, but this place is our favorite.


Takes to long to get the food but it is worth the wait. The old guy that wears the headset is good people. Food is always amazing--Get a helper to speed up the process! Even if you don't ill be coming back

Kevin N.

Did not think quantity and quality could intersect . Huge burrito, and absolutely delicious too.

Nancy Herrera

They make bomb ass breakfast burritos and they are huge. I would recommend this place if you are around the area. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could. We are from out of state, so it was nice to find an authentic Mexican food place. :)

Adam Burgess

This place is great and right down the street from work. Great service and friendly staff.

Ana P.

Love their food, haven't been disappointed with anything I order, and the customer service is outstanding

Sandy M.

I am very accustomed to my Grandma's homemade Mexican food, but this is the BEST Mexican fast food in Temecula. I definitely prefer it to Aztek Tacos and Albertos. Everything I have tried is on point and delicious.

Bradd P.

Don't go anywhere else. My friends and I go there all the time. First off the food is huge. Secondly, the flavor is on point. Everything is made as soon as you order it. Go there hungry!

Julia B.

Absolutely, hands down, best authentic Mexican food in town. The meat and beans are fresh and flavorful. My husband and I have tried a handful of things and are never disappointed. There's only a few outdoor seats and a drive through but if you're a true foodie and/or you want awesome food in a timely manner give this place a shot.

Janet S.

Meh- I have had better, I expected at the very least there be a decent amount of shrimp. The tostada came wrapped in foil and was given 1 tostada per tub. I will not be visiting here again but do recommend if you are going to sell ceviche please add some fish.

Kylee P.

Free nachos to hold us over while we wait for our order! Great food and customer service!

Nancy Murbach

They make bomb ass breakfast burritos and they are huge. I would recommend this place if you are around the area. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could. We are from out of state, so it was nice to find an authentic Mexican food place. :)

Jon L.

Great little taco shop. The family had the California and super burrito, beef taco, cheese enchilada, and chips with guac. Everything was excellent and the portions were huge. Would definitely come back again. Only outside seating and they take debit/credit cards.

Lauren T.

The Mexican food here is very good and fresh. The service wasn't too bad either. I ordered pretty much everything they had, rolled tacos, shrimp burritos, quesadillas, and carne asada nachos with everything. Firstly, they don't skimp on the thick shreds of cheese. They melt everything that is melt-able and you can tell they marinate their meats. The shrimp burrito had plenty of plump and juicy shrimp, along with a creamy white chipotle sauce. We are coming back here for our SoCal mexican food fix. Best fast food Mexican so far in the IE.

Lisa F.

We love this little spot on the side of the road , it's walk up or drive through. One guy running the whole show so don't expect rapid speed although we have never had to wait too long. The food is very good and you get a lot for your money in our mind . Plus we didn't shower and I did my put on make up today so sitting outside where no one can see us is a plus !!! don't want to scare any customers away !!